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What is CTET

The implementation of the 2009 Law, the right of the child to free and compulsory education requires the hiring of a large number of teachers across the country over time. Despite the enormity of the task, it is desirable to ensure that quality requirements for hiring teachers are not diluted at all costs. It is therefore necessary to ensure that those hired as teachers possess the essential aptitude and ability to meet the challenges of primary and higher education.

Pursuant to Article 23 (1) of the TTE Act, the National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE) had forwarded notification dated 23 August 2010 setting the minimum requirements for a person to be eligible for appointment As a teacher in classes I to VIII. In particular, it is expected that one of the essential conditions for a person to be appointed as a teacher in one of the schools referred to in paragraph 2 n) of the Act is that RTE must master eligibility test (TET) carried out By the appropriate government in accordance with the guidelines issued by the NCTE.

The reason for including TET as a minimum qualification for a person to be eligible to be designated as a teacher is:

It will bring standards and benchmark quality of teachers into the national recruitment process.
This would encourage training institutions for teachers and students of these institutions to further improve their level of performance.
It would give a positive signal to all concerned that the government focuses on the quality of teachers.
The Department of Human Resources Development, Gov. India has assumed responsibility for conducting the Central Eligibility Testing (CTET) teaching to the Central Board of Secondary Education to be held on 06.26.2011.


The CTET applies to central government schools (KVS, NVS, Tibetan schools, etc.) and schools under the administrative control of UT Chandigarh and the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.
CTET may also be applied to non-subsidized private schools, which may exercise the option to consider CTET.
Schools owned and administered by the state government / local bodies and aided schools should consider the TET carried out by the state government. However, a state government may also consider CTET if it chooses not to conduct the TET State.
Frequency of CTET conduct and the period of validity of the CTET certificate:

The CTET is now held annually. The period of validity of the certificate of proficiency for the CTET exercise is seven years for all categories.

There is no restriction on the number of attempts a person may take to acquire a CTET certificate. A person who has obtained the CTET qualification may also reappear to improve their score.

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