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About Autumn Season Essay in India: As the rain peters out the season of autumn sets in. The season comes as a relief within the wake of the ill-natured rain. During the autumn season, the cloud seems uninterested in descending. It’s weary and recent. It drifts across the sky leisurely with its silvery head that appears sort of a large mass of cotton. The sky has erased its last trace of black stain and turns deep blue. The world’s surface is roofed with whereas ‘shiuli’ flowers.

Festivals of autumn: The crowning glory of the season is its procession of festivals. It’s a special that means for the folks of this state. Mahalaya, Durga Puja, Hindu deity Puja, Kali Puja, Bhratri Dwitiya fill the hearts of the folks with joyousness and delight. Clad in new clothes wealthy and poor, young and recent visit the pandals and have ‘darshan’ of the pictures of deities. It’s a time for traveling and trekking. It’s a happening for a family reunion too.

Commercial importance: It’s a season of nice industrial importance. The clay modelers, decorators, tailors, dealers of textiles, sweetmeat-sellers, and drummers wait throughout the year for brisk business. The folks lay by one thing monthly of nice spending throughout the pujas.

But this can be not enough. A fat quantity comes from the puja bonus to satisfy the budget. Some quantity is spent on traveling and sight-seeing. Therefore the Railways and also the vehicle traffic have busy days.

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Essay on Autumn Season

During the post-monsoon months of October to December, a distinct monsoon cycle, the northeast (or “retreating”) monsoon, brings dry, cool, and dense air plenty to giant components of the Republic of India. it’s referred to as fall.

Winds spill across the Himalaya Mountains and flow to the southwest across the country, leading to clear, sunny skies. although the India meteoric Department (IMD) and different sources refer to the present amount as a fourth (“post-monsoon”) season, different sources designate solely 3 seasons.


Counting on location, this era lasts from October to November, once the southwest monsoon has peaked. Less and fewer precipitation falls, and vegetation begins to dry out. In most components of India, this era marks the transition from wet to dry seasonal conditions. Average daily most temperatures vary between twenty-eight and 34 °C (82 and 93 °F).


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