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How to become a Commercial Pilot Courses after 12th Science  

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High Salary Commercial Pilot Courses After 12th: Commercial pilots are cargo pilots, tour pilots, or backcountry pilots. They will be flight instructors, ferry pilots or glider tow pilots. A commercial pilot is only one who is allowed by the authority to charge money for services.

To fly a regularly scheduled passenger service, or to fly for an airline, you will additionally get to gain the additional needs for those specific jobs. For example, an airline pilot has to have a commercial pilot certificate together with an Airline Transport Certificate (ATP) and should work for a regularly scheduled air carrier or some certified operator to charge money.

If you are interested in becoming a commercial pilot, do not be intimidated by thoughts of airline pilot training. Commercial pilot training isn’t usually done in a jet, although it can be.

Fitness (Medical) Standards to be Met by Candidates:

A Commercial Pilot has to be fit- physically and mentally. That’s why, during the selection method, numerous stress is laid on the medical status of the candidate. Here are some medical standards set by authorities, that interested candidates need to satisfy so as to urge selected into the CPL training program:

Class one Medical certificate is required before joining the CPL training course.

Eyesight specifics- one eye has to have perfect eyesight, with no defects (6/6). It’s allowed to have certain imperfection within the eyesight of the other eye (6/9). However, this imperfection ought to be correctable to 6/6.

Candidate should not have any serious physical deformity. Also, he/she shouldn’t have any kind of mental disorder or any history of having such mental illness.

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How to Become Commercial Pilot after 12th Science?

In case you have passed 12th Science, you may join a CPL training program if you meet the above mentioned academic and medical standards. You will approach private institutes, fill forms and get started.

Most institutes have a Pilot aptitude test, that a candidate should clear, so as to get selected. The aptitude test could be a three-stage method, comprising of- written examination, Interview, and aptitude test. The written examination deals with subjects like- Mathematics, Geography, General Knowledge, English skills, etc. This is often followed by an Interview.

Candidates who manage to clear these 2 stages are called for the third stage- Pilot aptitude test. after the final stage, a medical examination is conducted. Finally, a merit list is prepared, based on the performance of candidates in each stage of the selection method as well as the medical. based on merit, meriting candidates are going to be chosen and trained to become commercial Pilots.

Once selected for the CPL training, students with no prior flying experience are given initially CPL coaching. The period of the whole program could vary from one institute to another. On average, it might last anywhere between 15-18 months. Most flying schools offer a combination of Ground coaching and Flying training. simulator training is additionally given to candidates.

Ground training consists of subjects like Air Navigation, Aviation Meteorology, Air regulations, RTR, aircraft General and Technical knowledge.

Flying training, at first, is going to be supervised. A flight teacher can assist and guide the candidate at start. to get the CPL, a candidate should complete two hundred hours of flight time. This flight time is usually made of time as pilot in command, cross-country flight time as pilot in command, instrument time and flight time by night.

After clocking the required flying hours, one could apply for the CPL. after passing the exams held by the DGCA (subjects are- Air Navigation, Air Regulation, Aviation Meteorology, craft Technical and aircraft Specific knowledge), successful candidates are going to be awarded the CPL. Passing marks (or percentage) for these exams held by DGCA are seventieth.

Once a candidate completes the coaching and has the CPL, he/she could apply for a job at commercial airlines or charter companies. However, possessing CPL isn’t the end of it. after obtaining CPL, you will even have to pay cash for the type rating. based on the airline that you just join and the craft you’ll fly, you’ll be specific training (keeping that aircraft in mind). you’ll be asked to pay expenses of this type rating by the airlines.

Airlines these days prefer pilots possessing the ATPL (Airline Transport Pilot License). For possessing the ATPL, the candidate should have at least 1500 hours of flight time beneath his/her belt. He/she additionally has got to pass four of the exams mentioned in the previous paragraph.


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