Continents of the World : 7 Continents of the World

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Continents of the World: Continents are the big landmasses that we see on our earth. These exhausting land masses wherever individuals and different living organisms walk or crawl and create a home are massive in size and are created from several countries. There are several little landmasses that we known as islands, however, continents are terribly massive in size compared to those islands. There are seven continents on earth.

Many of us mix the 2 continents Asia and Europe into one continent and call it Eurasia. Several others mix the 2 continents North America and South America into one and call it the American continent. However, normally there are seven massive land plenty on earth, particularly Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America and South America. you want to be curious to grasp what are the seven Continents of the globe. you’ll be able to get all the seven continents of the globe maps additionally. The details of the seven continents of the world are just given below:

  1. Asia Continent
  2. Africa Continent
  3. Antarctica Continent
  4. Australia Continent
  5. Europe Continent
  6. North America Continent
  7. South America Continent


Asia is the largest continent on earth covering concerning nine % of the earth’s surface. It’s conjointly the foremost populated continent on earth, home to a calculable population of around 4.3 billion folks. This huge population makes it a crucial part of the global economy.

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Asia is found principally within the northern and eastern hemispheres of the planet. It covers around a half-hour of the whole surface area and is understood to be home to the earliest human populations. Around an hour of the planet’s human population were during this continent. This continent is understood for the big size, dense settlements, and conjointly the huge space of barely populated regions.

The boundaries of Asia aren’t terribly clearly outlined. There’s really no geographical separation as such between Asia and Europe. the 2 continents form an oversized solid ground that is popularly referred to as Eurasia. On the east of Asia, you’ve got the Pacific Ocean, the Indian Ocean to the south and the Arctic Ocean to the north. The continent is understood for its large diversity in terms of culture, environments, ethnic teams, economics, historical background, and conjointly the govt systems. Continents of the World….


Africa is the second-largest continent in the world. It’s additionally the second largest continent in the world in terms of population. Africa is usually brought up as the black continent by several. This huge landmass contains fifty-four countries and is home to 1 billion individuals. regarding fifteen % of the global population lives during this continent, that constitutes concerning twenty % of the full area. Africa lies within the centre of the planet with the equator passing through its centre.

It’s the sole continent that stretches from the northern temperate to the southern temperate zones. The climate of Africa is essentially tropical in nature. The northern and southern components of Africa have a temperate atmospheric condition. Africa is additionally thought of to be the birthplace of humankind. The oldest fossils of human found until currently are from the eastern components of this continent. This huge and numerous continent is home to a heap of species.

Africa is encircled by the Mediterranean Sea within the north, the Indian Ocean to the south-east, the ship canal and also the Red Sea to the northeast right along the Sinai Peninsula, and also the Atlantic Ocean on the west. Madagascar and an oversized range of archipelagos are a part of the continent. The population of Africa is that the youngest within the whole world. Regarding five-hundredths of the residents within the continent are younger than nineteen years older. 


Antarctica is that the Southmost continent of all. The geographic South Pole of the planet is contained during this continent. It’s made from massive permanent glaciers that surround the South Pole. This can be one in all the foremost unliveable places on earth. With an awfully tiny population of fewer than 5000 residents, Antarctica is that the least inhabited continent on earth. It’s conjointly home to only a few plant and animal species. Antarctica is additionally the coldest land on earth and far of this continent is created of permanent glaciers. Around ninety-eight of the continent is roofed by ice of regarding 1.9 kilometres thick.

Antarctica is that the fifth largest among the seven continents. It’s really double the dimensions of the total of Australia. It’s better-known to be the driest, coldest, and conjointly the windiest continent. It’s the best elevation among all the continents and is considered to be a whole desert. The temperature here is understood to possess reached -89 degrees in addition. solely cold custom-made organisms have the capability to survive during this continent. Owing to the hostile atmosphere and therefore the lack of resources, this continent was mostly neglected and isolated.

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The continent of Australia may be a single country-continent. It’s the sixth-largest country by total space and is additionally the tiniest of all the seven continents. Due to its size, and isolated location, it’s conjointly known as an island continent. Covering a section of 7617930 sq. km Australia lies within the Indo- Australian Plate. This continent is enclosed by the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. Australia is one amongst the smallest amount populated continents and is wealthy in variety. The good coral reef, that is that the largest coral reef in the world is in Australia. It extends over 2000 km from the northeast coast of Australia. Australia is additionally home to the world’s largest stone, Mount Augustus.

Officially referred to as the Commonwealth of Australia, the country is an Oceanian country. It contains the entire of Australia, the island of Tasmania, and conjointly an oversized range of different smaller islands. The countries neighbour Australia are East Timor, Indonesia, and New Guinea island to the north, Republic of Vanuatu and also the Solomon Islands on the north-east, and New Zealand on the south-east.


Europe is the second smallest continent in the world. It includes the west peninsula of the large Eurasian earth. Covering nearly two % of the earth’s surface Europe takes 6.8 % of the world’s total surface area. Europe is home to nearly fifty countries and is that the third most inhabited continent within the world once Asia and Africa. concerning eleven % of the world’s population lives in Australia. Russia is the largest country in Europe and Vatican City is that the smallest. Russia has territory in each the continents of Europe and Asia, and it takes up around four-hundredth of the surface area of Europe.

Europe is split from Asia by the watershed divides of the Ural and mountain chain, the Ural stream, the Caspian Sea, Black Sea and also the waterways connecting the Black Sea and the Aegean Sea. Europe is edged by the Arctic Ocean within the side, the Atlantic Ocean on the side, the Mediterranean Sea to the south and the Black Sea and connected waterways that on the south-east.

Europe, particularly ancient Greece is thought to be the birthplace of the civilisation. From the first fifteenth century, Europe has been enjoying a predominant role in international affairs. It’s conjointly wherever the commercial revolution started. The countries of Europe had been controlled by America, some components of Africa, Oceania, and an outsized majority of the countries in Asia in the course of the days between the sixteenth and also the twentieth centuries.

Western Europe had been subject to plenty of radical cultural, economic, and social changes thanks to the commercial Revolution that began in the great United Kingdom. By the year 1900, Europe contributed to concerning twenty-fifths of the overall world population.


North America could be a continent that lies completely within the hemisphere. It’s edged by the Arctic Ocean within the north, the Atlantic Ocean to the east, the Pacific Ocean to the south and west, and South America and the Caribbean Sea within the south-east. North America lies nearly completely within the hemisphere. North America covers nearly 4.8 % of the earth’s surface and includes around 16.5 % of the entire surface area on earth.

North America is home to almost 565 million individuals. About 7.5 % of the world’s population lives here. It’s the third-largest continent within the world by space and fourth largest continent by population. Most of the land and space of the continent is dominated by North American country, united states of America, Greenland and the United Mexican States. There are several smaller states within the Central America and Caribbean regions. Continents of the World…


South America could be a continent placed within the western hemisphere with most of its area lying within the southern hemisphere and a comparatively tiny portion of the northern hemisphere. It’s the Pacific Ocean to its western aspect, the Atlantic Ocean within the north and eastern aspect, and North America and the Caribbean Sea within the Northside. With a region covering 17,840,000 sq. km and a population of over three billion, South America is the fourth largest continent in terms of size and fifth in terms of population. South America is home to 12 sovereign states and 2 non-sovereign states. It’s typically thought of to be a landmass of dry land. Continents of the World….

South America could be a continent that is various in terms of geographics and diverseness. The world’s highest uninterrupted water, Angel Falls is located in the Republic of Venezuela in South America. The Amazon River, that is that the largest stream within the world in terms of volume is additionally during this continent. The Atacama Desert, that is that the driest non-polar place on earth, and therefore the Amazon forest that is that the largest rain forest on earth, is settled during this continent.

It’s additionally home to several fascinating and distinctive species of animals like anaconda, piranha, jaguar etc. The Amazon rainforests contain a significant proportion of the earth’s species. Brazil is that the largest country in South America occupying over 1/2 the continent’s area and population.

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