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Abraham Lincoln Essay: Abraham Lincoln was America’s most well known President of all time. He had assumed the main part in stopping slavery in America, and in the whole world. Abraham Lincoln’s childhood was spent in such poverty that his family had to struggle for a house. His father did not even have enough money to send him to school. Abraham studied from the old books of other Students. He started earning his wages from his childhood only to feed himself.

Once a companion of Abraham Lincoln wanted to know his religious views, he said that he felt good when did something good, and felt bad when he did something bad, that was his religion. Abraham Lincoln was the 16th and greatest President of America. Today it has been more than 200 years since the birth of Abraham Lincoln, but whenever we talk about the Presidents of America, the name of Abraham Lincoln comes on top. Abraham Lincoln almost gave his life to save America from being dismembered in the civil war and for the unity of the country.

About Abraham Lincoln:

Abraham Lincoln was born on 12 February 1809 in a wooden house in Sinking Spring Farm close to Hodgenville, Kentucky. His dad’s name was Thomas Lincoln and his mom’s name was Nancy Lincoln. His folks came from England and later moved to New Jersey. Abraham Lincoln’s family was extremely poor and he acquired his work by cultivating. Lincoln’s family was ousted from their territory because of a land question and they had to leave the city.

In 1811, their family moved to Knob Creek Farm, they made that land fit for cultivating and began developing it. In 1816, the Abraham family got comfortable Indiana, where they cleared up backwoods and began cultivating. Indeed, even today, his structure has been kept as a commemoration. At the point when Abraham was 9, his mom, Nancy, kicked the bucket. After this, his dad wedded another lady named Sara. Abraham grew up, he needed business that returned more benefits through less work. He fabricated a boat and began filling in as a boatman, which gave him great benefits. After this, Abraham Lincoln began filling in as a chief in a store.

Abraham Lincoln Education and Politics:

Abraham Lincoln finished his regulation investigations while working in this store. After some time he turned into the postmaster in the town, because of which individuals began knowing him and began regarding him. Then, at that point, he considered going into governmental issues, keeping in view the difficulties of the nearby individuals on the grounds that around then subjection was at its pinnacle.

Abraham Lincoln detested the monstrosities on slaves since forever ago and needed to annul bondage. With this thought, he entered governmental issues and challenged the MLA, yet he confronted rout in that political race. Then again, while challenging decisions, he had additionally left the post expert’s work, because of which he had a lack of cash. Everything in Abraham Lincoln’s life was conflicting with him. There was a period in his life when he was discouraged to such an extent that he used to avoid blades since he was worried about the possibility that that he could commit suicide.

A friend of his around then helped his assurance and drove him out of discouragement. Abraham Lincoln challenged again with the assistance of his companion and this time he won the political decision. After this triumph, he was counted among the most youthful MLAs. He then, at that point, roused the young and they turned into his vigorous adherents. Abraham Lincoln was presently authorized to turn into a legal counselor and afterward he met a well known attorney. The two of them began cooperating however after some time his companion left him. Abraham Lincoln was likewise coming up short in backing since he didn’t take cash to battle the instances of poor people. He rehearsed for quite some time.

Struggles and Death:

In 1860, Abraham Lincoln challenged for the Presidency of the United States of America and in the long run made the best progress of his life by turning into the sixteenth President of the United States. Subsequent to turning into the sixteenth President of America on November 6, 1860, Abraham did a ton of significant works that poor person just public yet worldwide significance too. Abraham Lincoln’s most prominent accomplishment was the development of America from the Civil War.

The credit for the annulment of subjugation by revising the Constitution of America likewise goes to Abraham Lincoln. On April 14, 1865, President Abraham Lincoln and his significant other were in Washington DC to watch a play in the Ford’s Theater, where he was shot by a popular entertainer John Wilkes Booth and on the following day, on April 15, 1865, Abraham kicked the bucket.


The life story of Abraham Lincoln is a source of inspiration for all of us. The struggles after which Abraham Lincoln achieved such great success, teaches us to move forward with a never-say-positive attitude in life.

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