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The Deccan Policy of Essay on Alauddin Khilji was based totally on economic motives. When his huge success within the North, Alauddin Khilji currently turned his mighty hands to overcome the states lay in South and South-West Asian countries.

The Deccan Policies, campaigns, and military operations were principally administered by leader Kafur the good noteworthy general of Alauddin Khilji, and therefore the success in these operations was in the main thanks to him. However, at identical times Alauddin ought to be attributable as a result of he was the primary ruler of Old Delhi who directed his army to cross the Vindhyas and establish his sway over the foremost portion of the Southern earth.

Essay on Alauddin Khilji Deccan Policy:

Devagiri was conquered by Alauddin Khilji in 1294 whereas he was the governor of Kara. The Yadava king Ramachandra had ceded the annual revenue of Ilichpur province. It happened that for 3 serial years the king failed to send the annual revenue and thus so as to penalize the king, a second invasion was created to Devagiri within the year 1306.

One more reason for the invasion was that the king had additionally given shelter to Karan Singh the ex-king of Gujrat and his daughter Debal Devi. The later was needed by her mother Kamala Devi whom Alauddin himself married.

The dominion was attacked by 2 sides one being led by leader Kafur and different by alp Khan of Gujarat. Alp Khan defeated Karan Singh and sent his girl Debal Devi to Old Delhi wherever she was given a wedding to prince Khijir Khan. Leader Kafur defeated Ramachandradeva.

He was additionally captured and sent to Old Delhi wherever he acknowledged the sovereignty of Alauddin Khilji and paid a large ransom for his unharness. The 3rd campaign against Devagiri was created throughout the reign of Shankardeva, the son of Ramachandra throughout 1313. Leader Kafur was once more the leader of the campaign. Now Shankardeva was defeated and killed.

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Essay on Alauddin Khilji

Next leader Kafur marched towards Warangal. The Kakatiya ruler Prataparudradeva of Warangal, the Capital of Telangana was a really brave king. On the earlier occasion, an expedition below leader Chhajju was sent against him in 1303 through Bengal and state, however, he couldn’t achieve success. Prataparudradeva had inflicted a serious defeat on the Sultan’s army. thence this point leader Kafur was sent to defeat Prataparudradeva in 1308. Kafur took the king all at once because the later was unprepared.

The king submitted and paid large war indemnity consisting of three hundred elephants, 7000 horses and a large amount of money and jewels. He was reduced to vassalage and conjointly united to pay annual tributes. Then leader Kafur raided Dwar-Samudra, the Hoysala Capital in 1310 A.D. and plundered its temples and stripped of their material resource and wealth. The country was reduced to vassaldom.

From Dwar-Samudra Kafur advanced to the Pandya Capital of Madura. There a war of succession was happening between the brothers break up Pandya and Vira Pandya. break up Pandya invited Kafur to assist his cause. thence the expedition was created in 1313. Vira Pandya was defeated and wiped out.

In the South leader, Kafur additionally captured Gulbarga and therefore the region between river Krishna and Tungabhadra wherever he established garrisons at Raichur and Mudgal. He additionally with success taken possession of the ocean ports of Dabhol and Chaul. The conquest of Deccan was currently complete. Virtually the entire of a Southern Asian country was currently brought underneath the suzerainty of Delhi. However, Southern India wasn’t annexed to the empire of Delhi. Solely some garrison of troops, principally Turkish, were stationed in necessary cities.

The objects of Alauddin Khilji’s northern and southern campaigns weren’t identical. Thence the Deccan policy of Alauddin Khilji was completely different from the policy he followed in the Northern Asian country. North Indian campaigns were directed principally with the motive of a philosophy. The conquered states were annexed to the Delhi land and a mighty empire was therefore designed upon. The South but was invaded with quite a completely different import.

Here the thing was primarily economic. Alauddin had seen in his initial campaign in Devagiri huge wealth and wealth were hold on within the state treasury. He badly required the money to keep up his army and to bribe his antagonists in Delhi. The motive was political too. Essay on Alauddin Khilji’s dream of world conquest couldn’t be materialized. However, he desired to be known as an excellent victor.

Winning campaigns to the south whereas extended his sway over the territory additionally brought status to his arms. His policy wasn’t to assimilate the Southern States into the land however solely to scale back them to the slavery, on the condition of obtaining their kings acknowledge the sovereignty of Delhi and paying annual tributes. This was so a wise and politician like policy. the gap of the Southern States from Delhi additionally due to such a policy to be followed. Between stream Krishna and Tungabhadra wherever he established garrisons at Raichur and Mudgal.


He additionally with success taken possession of the ocean ports of Dabhol and Chaul. The conquest of Deccan was currently complete. Virtually the entire of a Southern Asian country was currently brought underneath the suzerainty of Delhi. However Southern Asian country wasn’t annexed to the empire of Delhi. Solely some garrison of troops, principally Turkish, were stationed in necessary cities.


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