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Essay on Annie Besant: Annie Besant, was a British socialist, theosophist, women’s rights activist, author and speaker and supporter of Irish and Indian self-determination.

Personal Life of Annie Besant:

In 1867, Annie at age twenty, married Frank Besant, a clergyman, and that they had 2 kids, however, Annie’s progressively anti-religious views led to a legal separation in 1873. She then became an outstanding speaker for the National Secular Society (NSS) and author and an in-depth friend of Charles Bradlaugh. In 1877 they have prosecuted for publication a book by contraception politician Charles Knowlton. The scandal created them notable, and Bradlaugh was elective M.P. for Northampton in 1880.

She became committed union actions together with the Bloody Sunday demonstration and therefore the London matchgirls strike of 1888. She was the number one speaker for the Fabian Society and therefore the Marxist Social Democratic Federation (SDF). She was nonappointive to the London board of education for Tower Hamlets, topping the poll even if few girls were qualified to vote at that point. Essay on Annie Besant….

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The early life of Annie Besant:

Annie Wood was born in 1847 in London into a lower-middle-class family of Irish origin. She was happy with her heritage and supported the reason for Irish self-determination throughout her adult life. Her father died once she was 5 years recent, going the family nearly penurious. Her mother supported the family by running a boarding house for boys at Harrow faculty. However, she was unable to support Annie and persuaded her friend Ellen Marryat to worry for her.

Marryat created positive that she had an honest education. Annie was given a robust sense of duty to society and an equally strong sense of what freelance ladies might succeed. As a miss, she was additionally able to travel widely in Europe. There she nonheritable a style for Roman Catholic color and ceremony that ne’er left her.

In 1867, at age twenty, she married 26-year-old spiritual leader Frank Besant (1840–1917), younger brother of Walter Besant. He was an evangelical Anglican who appeared to share several of her considerations. On the eve of her wedding, she had become additionally politicized through a visit to friends in Manchester, who brought her into contact with each English radicals and also the Manchester Martyrs of Irish Republican Fenian Brotherhood, in addition like the conditions of the urban poor. 

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Secularist & Reformer:

She fought for the causes she thought were right, beginning with freedom of thought, women’s rights, secularism, contraception, Fabian socialism, and workers’ rights. She was the number one member of the National profane Society aboard Charles Bradlaugh and also the South Place moral Society.

Divorce was impossible for Frank and wasn’t very among the reach of even lower-middle-class individuals. Annie was to stay Mrs. Besant for the remainder of her life. At first, she was ready to keep in contact with each kid and to own Mabel suffer her; she additionally got a little allowance from her husband.

Once freed from Frank Besant and exposed to new currents of thought, she began to question not solely her long-held non-secular beliefs however additionally the full of standard thinking. She began to write down attacks on the churches and also the means they controlled people’s lives. Particularly she attacked the standing of the Church of a European country as a state-sponsored religion.

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Soon she was earning a little weekly wage by writing a column for the National Reformer, the newspaper of the NSS. The NSS argued for a profane state and a finish to the special standing of Christianity and allowed her to act united of its public speakers. Public lectures were extremely popular recreation in Victorian times. Besant was an excellent speaker and was shortly in nice demand. Victimization of the railway, she crisscrossed the country, speaking on all of the foremost necessary problems with the day, forever hard improvement, reform, and freedom. 

Contribution in the Politics of India:

Essay on Annie Besant: Along with her belief activities, Besant continued to actively participate in political matters. She had joined the Indian National Congress. Because the name instructed, this was originally a debating body, that met every year to think about resolutions on political problems.

Principally it demanded additional of a say for middle-class Indians in the British Indian government. It had not however developed into a permanent mass movement with the native organization. Concerning now her colleague Leadbeater moved to Sydney.

In the 1914 world war I bust out, and the United Kingdom asked for the support of its Empire within the fight against Germany. Echoing an Irish nationalist motto, Besant declared, “England’s want is India’s opportunity”. As editor of the New India newspaper, she attacked the colonial government of the Republic of India and needed clear and decisive moves towards self-government. like Ireland, the govt refused to debate any changes whereas the war lasted.

In 1916 Besant launched the All India self-rule League together with Lokmanya Tilak, yet again modeling demands for the Republic of India on Irish nationalist practices. This was the primary party in India to possess regime modification as its main goal. In contrast to the Congress itself, the League worked all year round.

It engineered a structure of native branches, facultative it to mobilize demonstrations, public conferences, and agitations. In June 1917 Besant was arrested and interned at a hill station, wherever she rebelliously flew a red and inexperienced flag. The Congress and also the Muslims get together vulnerable to launch protests if she weren’t set free; Besant’s arrest had created a spotlight for protest.


The government was forced to allow method and to form obscure however important concessions. It had been proclaimed that the last word’s aim of British rule was Indian autonomy, and moves in this direction were secure. Besant was freed in Sep 1917, welcome by crowds everywhere India, and in Dec she took over as president of the Indian National Congress for a year.

Death of Annie Besant:

Besant tried as an individual, theosophist, and president of the belief Society, to accommodate Krishnamurti’s views into her life, while not a success; she vowed to in-person follow him in his new direction though she apparently had hassle understanding each his motives and his new message. The 2 remained friends till the tip of her life.

In 1931 she became sick in India. Besant died on twenty September 1933, at age 85, in Adyar, Madras Presidency, British India. Her body was cremated.

She was survived by her daughter, Mabel. Once her death, colleagues Jiddu Krishnamurti, Aldous Leonard Huxley, Guido Ferrando, and Rosalind Rajagopal, engineered the Happy valley faculty in California, currently renamed the Besant Hill faculty of Happy vale in her honor.

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