Essay on Biodiversity In English For Students & Teachers

Biodiversity Essay: Biodiversity is a term comprised of two words – Bio meaning Life, and Diversity meaning Variety. The term biodiversity refers to the variety of life on Earth. Plants, animals, microbes, and fungi are largely instances of living species in the world.

Types of Biodiversity:

  1. Species Biodiversity- Species Diversity is the variety of species within a habitat or a region. It is the biodiversity observed within a community.
  2. Ecosystem Biodiversity- Ecological biodiversity refers to the variations in the plant and animal species living together and connected by food chains and food webs.
  3. Genetic Biodiversity- Genetic diversity is the variation in genes and genotypes within a species, e.g., every human looks different from the other.

Importance of Biodiversity:

Biodiversity is an integral part of cultural identity. Human societies co-evolve with their environment and protection is really important for cultural character. Biodiversity is utilized for Medicinal purposes.

Many plants and creatures are utilized for restorative purposes, similar to nutrients and pain relievers. It adds to environment steadiness. It helps in controlling the impacts of environmental change and overseeing ozone harming substances.

Biodiversity gives more food assets. It supplies numerous essential biological systems, for example, making and keeping up with soil quality, controlling vermin, and giving environment to untamed life. Biodiversity has a relationship with Industry. Natural sources give numerous Industrial materials including elastic, cotton, cowhide, food, paper, and so forth

There are numerous monetary advantages of Biodiversity. Biodiversity additionally helps in controlling contamination. Biodiversity helps in framing a solid biological system. Biodiversity likewise goes about as a wellspring of amusement. Alongside different elements, biodiversity helps in further developing soil quality.

Long Essay on Biodiversity:

There are numerous financial advantages of Biodiversity. Biodiversity is a wellspring of financial abundance for some locales of the world. Biodiversity works with Tourism and the Recreational business. Normal Reserves and National Parks benefit a great deal from it. Woodland, natural life, biosphere hold, safe-havens are prime spots for ecotourism, photography, painting, filmmaking, and abstract works.

Biodiversity assumes an essential part in the upkeep of the vaporous arrangement of the climate, breakdown of waste material, and evacuation of toxins.

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Conservation of Biodiversity:

Biodiversity is vital for human life as all living things are interlinked with one another and one single unsettling influence can effectsly affect another. Assuming we neglect to safeguard our biodiversity, we can imperil our plants, creatures, and climate, as well as human existence. In this manner, it is important to safeguard our biodiversity no matter what. Preservation of Biodiversity should be possible by teaching individuals to take on greater climate agreeable techniques and exercises and foster a more amicable and sympathetic nature towards the climate. The contribution and collaboration of networks are vital. The course of ceaseless insurance of Biodiversity is the need of great importance.

The Government of India, alongside 155 different countries, has marked the show of Biodiversity at the Earth Summit to safeguard it. As indicated by the culmination, endeavors ought to be made in safeguarding jeopardized species.

The protection and appropriate administration techniques for natural life ought to be made. Food harvests, creatures, and plants ought to be saved. Utilization of different food harvests ought to be kept at any rate. Each nation should understand the significance of safeguarding the biological system and shielding the territory.

The Government of India has sent off the Wild Life Protection Act 1972 to secure, safeguard, and spread an assortment of animal categories. The Government has likewise sent off a plan to safeguard public parks and asylums. There are 12 nations – Mexico, Columbia, Peru, Brasil, Ecuador, Democratic Republic of Congo, Madagascar, India, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Australia, in which Mega Diversity Centers are found. These nations are tropical and they have countless the world’s species.

Different areas of interest have been made to safeguard the vegetation. There are different strategies for moderating biodiversity.


If biodiversity conservation is not done efficiently, every species would eventually become wiped out to a lack of appetite and hunger. This scenario has been a major issue for the last few decades, and many unique species have already become extinct. As a result of a lack of biodiversity protection, several species are still on the verge of extinction.


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