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Camel Essay: A camel is a domestic herbivorous animal also known as ‘the ship of the desert’. It has been domesticated for more than 3500 years now. In a camel essay, we should make reference to that camels are valuable to people in various ways. They are also loved for their obedience, intelligence and friendly nature

This is a short paragraph on camel in English which is going to discuss the animal’s physical features, adaptations, distribution, and economic importance to humans.

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Camel Topic: Physical Features:

The striking highlights of camels are their long thin legs. The feet of the camel are cushioned. This prepares the camel to run and stroll on sand. In an essay on camel in English, it is essential to make reference to that their body is covered with thick hair. Camels have two nostrils which they can close during dust storms.

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The eyes of the camels are watched by thick eyebrows and long lashes; these safeguard the eyes from sand. They have a long neck which works with them to benefit from leaves on branches. In a camel article, we should specify that they have a couple huge hunches on their back. These protuberances are essentially kept fats.

Oxidation of these fats assists camel with making due during food shortage. In a paper on camel in English, we ought to make reference to that camels have a water-putting away sack in their stomach. Due to this extraordinary transformation, camels can get by in the desert without water and nourishment for an extensive stretch of time.

In an article on camel in English, we ought to feature that when camels drink water, they ingest water like a wipe. For instance, a 600 kg camel can drink 200 liters of water in a short time! Likewise, camels are ruminants.

Distribution: In a Camel Essay in English

The Arabian camels have a single hump while the Bactrian camels possess two humps. The former is found in Africa and South-Western Asia while the latter is found in the Gobi desert of Mongolia and China.

5 Sentences about Camel in English:

  1. Camels are known for their knowledge.
  2. It is said that camels remember a way it has navigated once. Subsequently, they don’t become mixed up in deserts.
  3. They are quiet and don’t hurt anyone.
  4. Camels feed on green vegetation, thistles, and twigs.
  5. The normal life expectancy of this warm blooded creature is around 40 to 50 years.

In a camel essay in English, we should mention that camels have been used for various purposes by man since ages.

10 Sentences about Camel in English: The Uses 

  1. The most common usage of a camel is as a mode of transportation in the desert.
  2. Camel’s hair is used in the textile industry.
  3. They are used for drawing water from wells and a perform lot more work.
  4. Camels can grow up to 7 feet in height.
  5. Camel’s laid-back look is quite deceptive. They are good runners.
  6. Camel skin is used for the manufacture of leather.
  7. Camels are used in agriculture extensively.
  8. Camel milk is a staple in the desert. It’s said to be highly nutritious.
  9. A female camel can produce up to 7 litres of milk per day.
  10. Because of their desert adaption, camels are known as the ‘Ship of the desert.’

Thus, these are only a couple of sentences about camels. In a camel essay in English, we ought to likewise zero in on the way that camels have become fundamentally jeopardized. To save them from abuse, we should act mindfully and not make them exhaust. The Government of India has set up the National Research Center on a camel in Bikaner, Rajasthan.

A Camel Essay in English with Key Highlights:

Camel is known as ‘the ship of the desert’. This amicable homegrown warm blooded creature is herbivorous and benefits from leaves and vegetation. Camels are incredibly valuable to people. They are utilized for farming, transportation and for their milk and meat.

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If we are to write 10 lines on camel in English, we must mention that-

  1. Camels are quadruped creatures with incline long legs and cushioned feet, which empower them to walk and run on sand.
  2. Camels have exceptional water-putting away cells in the stomach which store water for sometime in the future.
  3. Camels have a couple of mounds on their back which stores fat.
  4. Camels can satisfy numerous days in the desert without food and water.
  5. Camels take care of their body with hair and their skin is thick to save them from the extreme hotness of the desert.
  6. Camels are known to be astute creatures. They remember the way they have voyaged once. Subsequently, they don’t lose all sense of direction in the desert.
  7. They are utilized as a method of transport in the desert locale.
  8. They are likewise utilized for planting the field, conveying loads, drawing water and significantly more various works.
  9. Camel milk is proposed for individuals having high diabetes, cholesterol, dengue and lactose bigotry.
  10. Camels are incredibly quick sprinters.

In a short essay on camels, we should likewise specify that camels are of agreeable nature, polite and smart. They incur no mischief to people. They ought to be preserved, utilized capably and saved from double-dealing.

Expounding on creatures regularly comes as a progression of themes to write in English essays for primary younger students. This theme appears to be simple for some in the event that they have an exhaustive information on the creature. Nonetheless, it very well may be written in an aimless way with no construction.

Be it on the subject of camels or some other creature, kids are educated to compose an essay that ought to be tedious and syntactically right; in any case, they need to get the reason for composing this paper. Might it be said that they are keeping in touch with feature their insight about the creature or offer their viewpoints in English all the more obviously? All things considered, it must be a blend of both.

Steps and Approaches while Writing an Essay:

  • Not a Fictional Essay

Kids should be told unequivocally that it’s anything but a made up paper. They are not composing a particular tale about a camel. The subject covers general realities and data about the creature camel. On the off chance that this guidance isn’t explained to the understudies from previously, they could see the paper in an alternate way through and through. The distinction between an effective paper and a brief tale composing ought to be instructed to youngsters as both have different composing styles.

  • Their own Viewpoint

Albeit the paper subject tests the understudies’ capacity to introduce data about the camel in English’s most precise linguistic manner, there ought to be an extent of inventiveness in the article. This can be fused in the end part of the article where the youngsters can be gotten some information about the camel or the issues it is looking in its living space. The end segment of the essay could show how the children can communicate their thoughts in English smoothly and accurately.

Points to Remember while Writing an Essay on Camel:

  • The Beginning of the Essay

The paper can start with the presentation of the collective of animals. It could discuss the different species that possess the Earth. This point can be trailed by a few sentences about the vertebrates who live in the wilderness, mountains, and deserts and how they adjust to their environmental elements.

  • Writing about the Camel

After the basic passage, the kids need to expound on the camel. Giving each segment of the essay a structure is better. This should be possible by asking the five W inquiries about the camel-What is a camel? Where does it reside? What does it eat and drink? For what reason in all actuality do individuals in the desert ride a camel?

       Your essay will get a logical structure, with each section answering the questions.

  • The Physiological Aspects of the Camel

A few areas of the article’s body need to introduce the physiological part of the camel. It could discuss the camel’s body structure, particularly about the bumped back and hooves that make it simple for them to stroll in the sand without sinking their feet. The food and the eating regimen of the camel can likewise be examined in the accompanying passage with data on how it stores food and water to get by in the desert.

  • Present your knowledge about Geography

Whenever you answer the viewpoint about where camels live, as opposed to just placing it in one line that it is found in the deserts, one can likewise say why the desert is a reasonable climate for the camel. You can likewise grandstand your overall information about the deserts in the existence where camels are found on a huge scale.

  • Domestication of Camels

This piece of the essay will come not long before the resolution. You can expound on how voyagers have utilized camels to cross deserts since antiquated times as they can stroll in the sand and effectively convey a tremendous burden. Random data about how camel milk is utilized in many Middle Eastern nations and how camel meat is the saltiest would make your article more advanced and energizing to peruse.