Essay on Disaster Management in India for Students of Colleges and School

Essay on Disaster Management: A disaster is a terribly serious disturbance within the functioning of a community and society as a fall-out widespread human, material, or environmental losses that exceed the power of the affected population to address its own resources.

To manage this disaster is that the discipline by that man needs to create continuous efforts to reduce the damage caused by disasters. India may be a disaster-prone country. In fact, there’s no such country that is safe from disasters. There are 2 varieties of disasters, natural disasters, and unreal disasters.

Natural disasters are the disasters caused thanks to natural reasons that are on the far side the control of humans together with floods, hurricanes, earthquakes and volcano eruptions that have immediate impacts on human lives.

Man-made disasters are referred to as advanced emergencies are the disasters caused because of major accidents like fires, road accidents, murders, terrorism, etc.

Disaster management is that the primary and secondary plans created by peoples to scale back the danger of disasters and to cope up with disasters.

Disaster Management in India Essay:

National disaster management authority (NDMA) is that the apex body that is remitted to get down the policies and guidelines for disaster management to confirm timely a good response towards disasters. A separate fund known as “national disaster management fund” (NDMF) is additionally there for exclusive mitigation.

Functions performed by the NDMA are
Policies formation for disaster management.
Mitigation of disasters, Approval of the plans arranged down
Formation of funds for the aim of mitigation of disasters
Running numerous programs and impartation tips.

Effects of Disaster:

There is each direct and indirect impact of the disaster that has been deadly harmful and damaging effects on human life. there’s a loss of life moreover as livestock.

Control and Prevention of Natural Disaster:

The natural disaster is inevitable, even though we’ve got measures to predict or forecast the disaster we tend to can’t stop them from happening. the simplest which might be done is to avoid the practices that are venturesome for the surroundings that are resulting in environmental degradation whereas getting ready plans for our disaster management.

Once a disaster has occurred it ends up in vast destruction and loss of life. just in case of the disaster like earthquakes, floods, etc. wherever a variety of humans area unit displaced and post-disaster there are a variety of causalities. this is often the time once the particular emergency comes into result by giving attention to the scraped ones, providing the rescue operations and relief operations to the victims.

The most vulnerable sections in these disasters are the poor. Therefore it’s necessary to mobilize them towards preparation. the short and timely response is that the essence in providing immediate relief and rescue operations to save lots of the human lives and mitigate miseries as shortly as potential. The response mechanism envisages that on receiving signals of a disaster happening or possible to happen, all activities associated with the mitigation method are activated without loss of your time.


Disaster management may be a collective and coordinated effort. A variety of activities got to be performed within the event of a disaster. This involves the coordination, command, and full management, speedy assessment of harm, restoration of power, telecommunication and surface transport, the preparation of search and rescue groups, medicals and para-medical groups, water for drinking and food material, putting in of temporary shelters, sanitation, and hygiene identification and earmarking of resources, last however not the least, maintenance of law and order is equally necessary.

And each person should take a full of life part in disaster management to cut back the danger of human life. the right disaster management team which might head as shortly as potential once the disaster strikes.

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