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Essay on Eutrophication presents the united of the foremost serious environmental issues of open water sources like lakes, oceans, and reservoirs. It’s characterized by dense protoctist and plant growth because of the enrichment by phosphorus and gas nutrients required for chemical change. As a result, it usually contributes to the formation of intensive mats of floating plants. samples of the plants embrace algal blooms, Nile River cabbage, and water hyacinths.

What Is Eutrophication?

The nutrients come back from animal wastes, fertilizers, and sewerage that are washed by rain or irrigation into the water bodies through surface runoff. Eutrophication can even occur naturally over thousands of years because the lakes get older and find crammed with sediments. Human activities prime the list that hastens the degree and rate of eutrophication through each point-source and non-point supply discharges of the chemical nutrients (phosphates and nitrates) into water systems Essay on Eutrophication.

What are the causes of Eutrophication?


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Natural events like floods and also the natural flow of rivers and streams can even wash excess nutrients off the land into the water systems so inflicting excessive growth of protoctist blooms. Also, as lakes become old, they naturally accumulate sediments similarly as phosphorus and element nutrients that contribute to the explosive growth of flora and cyanophyte blooms.


Aquaculture could be a technique of growing shellfish, fish and even aquatic plants (without soil) in water containing dissolved nutrients. As an extremely embraced follow within recent times, it conjointly qualifies a high ranking contributor to eutrophication.

If farming isn’t properly managed, the unconsumed food particles at the side of the fish excretion will considerably increase the degree of an element and chemical element within the water thereby leading to a dense growth of microscopic floating plants Essay on Eutrophication.


In some components of the planet, particularly the developing nations, waste material water is directly discharged into water bodies like rivers, lakes, and oceans. As a result, it introduces high amounts of chemical nutrients thereby stimulating the dense growth of protoctist blooms and alternative aquatic plants that threatens the survival of aquatic life in some ways.

Some countries might also treat the sewerage water, however they still discharge it into water bodies when treatment. the maximum amount because the water is treated, it will still cause the buildup of excess nutrients, ultimately delivery concerning eutrophication. The direct discharge of business wastewater into water bodies presents similar outcomes.

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Concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs) are similarly the main contributor of phosphorus and nitrogen nutrients accountable for eutrophication. The focused animal feeding operations unremarkably discharge high immeasurable the nutrients that realize approach into rivers, streams, lakes, and oceans wherever they accumulate in high concentrations thereby plaguing the water bodies by revenant class and protoctist blooms Essay on Eutrophication.


Eutrophication is preponderantly caused by a human activity because of the dependence on exploitation nitrate and phosphate fertilizers. Agricultural practices and therefore the use of fertilizers on lawns, golf courses, and different fields contribute to phosphate and nitrate nutrient accumulation.

When these nutrients are washed by surface runoff into lakes, rivers, oceans and different surface waters once it rains the hungry organism, alga, and different vascular plant life are well fed and their chemical process activity is inflated. This causes a dense growth of protoctist blooms and vegetation like the water hyacinths within the aquatic environments.Essay on Eutrophication

What are the effects of Eutrophication?


One of the most characteristic of eutrophication, as noted earlier, is that the inflated growth of minute floating plants like alga and chemical change bacterium and therefore the development of in-depth and dense mats of floating plants like Nile cabbage and water hyacinths. Whenever this happens on a water body, fishing is vulnerable. It merely becomes troublesome to line the fishing nets in the water and therefore the plants floating on water limit the quality of boats and different fishing vessels.


The main drawback of eutrophication is that the algal blooms and different aquatic plants that float on an intensive space of the water surface. It reduces the transparency and navigation within the water that lessens the recreational values and opportunities of the lakes, particularly for water travel and swimming. Nile cabbage, protoctist blooms, and water orchid will cover an intensive space on the shores and may generally float over the complete surface into the area.


The blue-green algae, conjointly brought up as dinoflagellates that generate seawater, unleash terribly powerful toxins with high poison levels within the water even at terribly low concentrations. The anaerobic conditions created by explosive plant growth within the water conjointly leads to the doubling of the unhealthful compounds.

It may also cause death in humans and animals even at the smallest amount of concentration once eaten in water. Fresh protoctist blooms will threaten placental health. The unhealthful compounds may also build their far the organic phenomenon, contributing to numerous negative health impacts like cancers.

Biotoxins are joined to an inflated incidence of toxin, paralytic, diarrhoeic shellfish poisoning in humans, which may result in death. The shellfish accumulate the poison in their muscles then poison humans upon consumption. High N concentration in water is related to the flexibility of inhibiting blood circulation in infants, a condition referred to as infant syndrome.


Algal blooms are extremely poisonous and once the water reaches the anaerobic conditions, the expansion of a lot of poisonous microorganisms is promoted. The consequence is an in-depth deterioration of water quality and declines within the handiness of fresh beverages. The dense growth of algal blooms and chemical change microorganisms in surface waters can even block water systems, therefore, limiting the supply of piped water.

In this regard, poisonous algal blooms have stopped working on various installation systems across the world. In 2007, for example, over a pair of million residents of Wuxi, China couldn’t access piped drinks for over per week owing to severe attack by protoctist blooms on Lake Taihu.



Essay on Eutrophication: When aquatic ecosystems expertise inflated nutrients, the plant and different chemical process plants grow explosively, ordinarily referred to as algal blooms. As an outcome, the protoctist blooms limit the number of dissolved chemical elements needed for respiration by different animal and plant species within the water. Chemical element depletion happens once the algae/plant life dies and decomposes.

When the dissolve chemical element reaches hypoxic levels, the animal and plant species below the water like shrimp, fish and different aquatic aggregation suffocate to death. In extreme cases, the anaerobic conditions encourage the expansion of bacterium that produces toxins that are deadly to marine mammals and birds. This will create aquatic dead zones and lessens variety.

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