Essay on Farmer for Students and Children, Short Paragraph on the Life of a Farmer

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Essay on Farmer Life: Who is that the farmer? India is the land of farming. The farmer is the most helpful person to grow agriculture within the country. The farmers grow the crops on the lands for us. The farmers live in the village.

There are times, like once an extended day of labor, once the thought of a simple drive-through is engaging. then again I keep in mind however crappy I felt once I Ate fast food within the past, and it conjures up me to go to the food market or my native farmer’s market and whips up a simple however healthier possibility.

The farmers have large fields to growing the crop. He includes a plow or bullocks. He gets up early within the morning. He’s employed terribly hard the whole day. He keeps the animals. For the farmer, the rain, cold or sons doesn’t matter in any method.

He frequently offers water to their fields. He invariably cares for his or her crops. He protects the plants from the pellets of frozen rain that falls in showers from cumulonimbus clouds. It additionally protects from the deposit of small white ice crystals shaped on the bottom or different surfaces once the temperature falls below phase transition.

What is the life of the farmer?
The farmer’s life is an extremely straightforward life.

Difficulties in Farmer’s life:

The farmers invariably do the hard work day and night all told season. within the lifetime of a farmer have various challenges. He’s employed with none long rest and works underneath the warmth of the sun throughout the summer months. He gets the wet whereas the tilling of fields throughout the winter months. He doesn’t consider the remainder of the winter months and carries on his exertions in spite of the boring and cold wind.

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Dependent on nature
The lifetime of a farmer altogether depends on quality. Throughout the season, he gets real agriculture. He needs adequate monsoon for agriculture. For the particular output farming, the rain should be adequate.

During the shortage of rain and also the long spell of a scarceness of water could result in an aridity scenario. It happens terribly expeditiously on agriculture, and it generates the shortage of food resulting in famines.

Economic factors
The farmer’s business is extremely low. They earn cash whereas marketing the crops. He remains happy if the plants are real. Once the plants don’t grow properly, then it becomes miserable for the farmer’s life.

In such cases, the costs of the crops get into the lower and farmers suffers the numerous loss of their life. The remains crops of the farmer got harm and wasted throughout the worth down of crops. It’s the abnormal increase within the production homogeneously in any respect places.

Illiteracy in farmers
In India, most of the farmers are illiterate. They can’t scan and write. in order that they haven’t the right education. They’re not responsive to their rights of agriculture that have recognized by the Indian Government. In fact, they principally cheated by the money-lenders.

Less hygiene and sanitation
The farmers haven’t the right information regarding nice hygiene and sanitation. They’re very little aware and educated about maintaining good health. They don’t get the good thing about their health.

Drinking water
Most of the farmers don’t understand the very fact of drinkable and that they haven’t any data of the raw drinkable could lead issue for the health.

Inadequate sewerage
It is additionally the large downside for the farmers by the inadequate disposal system within the villages.

Medical facility
There is the less medical facility within the villages, that the farmers don’t seem to be obtaining the cure for his or her ill health. There’s poor medical service as a result of there don’t seem to be smart nurses and doctors within the communities.

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In India, we all are counting on the farmers, as a result of by them we are getting the crops. They live terribly merely life. They’re terribly hard-working, sincere, and honest folks. They depend upon nature and God for his or her agriculture.

In the present time, the govt has recognized the various rules for the farmers’ facility. Seldom the farmers get the good thing about that every one rules, and that we have the hope it’ll reach to them.

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