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In the starting of the fourth century A.D., the increase of Essay on Gupta Empire (Gupta Kingdom) started a brand new era within the history of India. Varied native powers who bust far from the Kushana authority shaped independent kingdoms, a number of whom wherever monarchies, whereas the others Republicans. The kings of Gupta family established an empire and therefore united India.

The Gupta inscriptions just like the Allahabad Prasasti of Samudragupta composed by the author Harishena, the Eran inscriptions, the Udayagiri cave inscriptions, Sanchi stone inscriptions, the Bhitari Pillar inscriptions.

History of Gupta Empire:

There is the numismatic proof additionally. The coins of King Chandragupta I, Samudragupta and of Chandragupta II have considerably highlighted the Gupta history and also the extent of foreign influence on the Guptas coins.

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The Essay on Gupta Empire records mention the names of initial 3 rulers of the family as prince Sri Gupta, prince Sri Ghatotkacha Gupta, and Maharajadhiraja Chandragupta.

Historians offer completely different opinions concerning the caste of the Gupta Kings. Some historians recommend that they the Gupta’s were the person tribes of Punjab, although his theory wasn’t accepted. However, most historians persist with the conclusion that the Gupta’s were of Kshatriya origin.

However, the primary 3 Gupta rulers were Sri Gupta, Ghatotkacha Gupta and Chandragupta I. Of those 3 the third king, the great Chandragupta was a lot of powerful than his father and grandparent. The primary 2 kings were ‘Maharajas’ that as per the Gupta records of the fourth century A.D. was a title bestowed on the subordinate chiefs.

However the records “Maharajadhiraja” because the freelance sovereigns and King Chandragupta had assumed that title, clearly meant that he was a freelance king. However, a difference of opinion still remains if really the first 2 Gupta rulers were feudatories to any body politic. Within the third century B.C. several freelance rulers of Bharashiva, Magha and Lichchavi dynasties used the title prince. Maybe the first Gupta’s were freelance rulers of a little kingdom.

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The Chinese soul I-Tsing told us that Sri Gupta’s kingdom comprised of Bihar and a part of Bengal. He patronized the Buddhists and created a temple for the Chinese pilgrims close to Mrigashikavana. He conjointly gave twenty-four villages for his or her maintenance. Presumably, he reigned for twenty-five years, from 275-300 A.D.

Once his death his son Ghatotkachagupta ascended the throne. Although the Vakataka inscription marked him because the founding father of Gupta family line, this can’t be taken as granted. Nevertheless, he was a strong king of central Asian nation and Deccan wherever he dominated for twenty years from 300-320 A.D.

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It was his successor and son, King Chandragupta I who for the primary time repairs the glory of the Gupta family and opened a brand new chapter within the history of India. Chandragupta I is usually attributable to the increase of the Imperial Gupta Empire.

Great Chandragupta I married the Lichchavi patrician Kumaradevi. This married relation had brought 2 most powerful kingdoms of north India near one another. This wedding had vastly inflated King Chandragupta’s power. The profit what he derived from this wedding was additional political, then social or economic.

Kumaradevi obviously delivered to her husband as her dowery valuable influence, that secured to him a predominant position in Magadha and also the close countries. The Lichchavis and also the Gupta’s dominated over abutting kingdoms, that were united by this wedding and led to the sweetening of power and status of the Gupta family.

After King Chandragupta-I’s marital status alliance with the Lichchavis, he liberated Magadha from the Scythians. However, we don’t possess any proof to determine this proposition that Chandragupta had fought any war of liberation of Magadha with the Scythians. It’s additionally believed that Pundravardhana province was conquered by Chandragupta I. This is often as a result of the Allahabad Pillar inscription of Samudragupta doesn’t refer anyplace that the province of Pundravardhana was conquered by him, however, he was the master of that space.

Then naturally it derives that the world may need to be conquered by his father, Chandragupta I. However, basing on the proof of a Sanskrit literature passage, historians have urged that Chandragupta I’s kingdom had enclosed Saketa, Prayaga, and Magadha. The Magha kings of Kosala and Kausambi were defeated by him and these areas were additionally annexed in his kingdom. Therefore it may be same that Chandragupta I’s empire consisted of the entire of state, parts of Bengal and Oudh.


Though there’s distinction of opinion among the students relating to the queries who originated the Gupta era it’s usually accepted that Chandragupta I established this new era, the Gupta era, dating either from Dec 319 A.D. or from February twenty-six, 320 A.D. Therefore the inspiration of Gupta imperialism was set by Chandragupta I over a fertile and thickly settled territory that provided the family with not solely name however enough of fortune also.

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