Essay on Haritha Haram | Telangana Haritha Haram Essay for Children and Students

Essay on Haritha Haram: Telangana Haritha Haram may be a large-scale government tree-planting program of the Telangana Government to extend this pure gold tree cowl within the southern Indian State to thirty third of the entire geographical region. The program was formally launched by Telangana Chief Minister Sri Kalvakuntla Chandrasekhar Rao on July third that is one among the Telangana Flagship program Rejuvenating degraded forests, protective these forests from importation, encroachment, fire, and grazing further as utilizing intensive soil and wetness conservation measures following the watershed approach.

The major positive stimulus is wanted to run to Social biology for achieving the second objective. Within the areas outside the notified forest, large planting activities are concerned in areas such as; road-side avenues, watercourse and canal banks, barren hills, tank bunds and geological formation areas, institutional premises, non-secular places, housing colonies, community lands, municipalities, industrial parks, etc.

National Forest Policy of India envisages a minimum of thirty third of the entire geographic area underneath forest/tree cowl to keep up environmental stability and ecological balance, that are important for the substance of all life-forms, whether or not or not it’s human, animal, or plant. The main target of Haritha Haram is to plant 230 crores of plants in Telangana. Essay on Haritha Haram….

Why Mission Haritha Haram is Important:

Essay on Haritha Haram: This was a successful mission everywhere the globe. To create it one hundred percent booming government ought to embrace native individuals, villagers and community leaders. The govt. ought to offer all of them the responsibility for the expansion of trees. While not plants it’ll be troublesome for us to survive. Fifty years agone, not simply Telangana however the whole country was coated with sensible greenery. Even in alternative countries like South Korea, the Republic of South Africa, America, Australia and plenty of alternative countries there’s greenery everywhere.

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Over there the forest protection laws are terribly strict that’s the rationale they need plenty of greenery. The government ought to enforce strict conversion laws. Each leader until a date has the same only 1-factor plant a lot of trees to create the environment clean and green.

Gauthama Budha received enlightenment below a peepal tree by, he preached everybody to plant trees as while not them life is purposeless.  After paying attention to Gautham Budha’s teachings nice king Chakravarti Samrat Ashoka got impressed and had ordered everybody in there kingdom to plant a tree obligatory. He had planted trees everywhere within the villages and on the road.

I feel proud that I hail from Telangana and have an excellent visionary as Chief Minister. Those who board villages adjacent to the forest are healthy as they get fruits, water, recent air and medicative plants from the forest. Lack of forest cowl is move threat to their lives.


Animals even have all the rights to measure, with decreasing forest cowl most of the wild animals are getting into villages and cities in search of food that puts the lives of each animal and humans at risk. If the speed of animals isn’t reduced, it’ll have become terribly troublesome for the surroundings.

Trees create the soil fertile and since of it, crops grow well. It saves the surroundings from obtaining contaminated keeping humans healthy. Fruits are necessary for survival and that we get fruits from trees. Rains that are major supply of water in several areas have declined attributable to belittled forest cowl. The bottom water is additionally declining.


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