Essay on Karwa Chauth for Students & Children’s in English 

Karva Chauth / Essay on Karwa Chauth, one among several Hindu festivals, could be a fast ritual ascertained by all married Hindu ladies those who request the longevity, prosperity, and well-being of their husbands. This festival is incredibly fashionable amongst married Hindu ladies within the western and northern parts of the Asian country, primarily in Punjab, Rajasthan, Haryana, Gujarat, and Uttar Pradesh.

Throughout the essay on Karwa Chauth pageant, married Hindu ladies dedicate the day to their husbands. Normally, ladies who observe this pageant are referred to as “Saubhagyavati” which means “joyous and happy standing of wifehood.” The pageant was emerged conjointly as daily for celebrating the season. Hindu married ladies relish the corporate and company of relatives and friends. As of recently, the celebration has been given an additional nonsecular bit.

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What is Karwa Chauth?

Essay on Karwa Chauth is authorized and conjointly wide solemnized by Hindus and Sikh living within the Northwestern a part of Bharat. Karva means that clay pot whereas Chauth means that fourth. Karwa-Chauth commemorates the fourth day that follows the complete moon within the Kartik month of the Hindu calendar. This pageant is usually celebrated in real-time when the time of year harvest. 

This can be the most effective time to fulfill friends and relatives and exchange gifts. Throughout this festival, folks send numerous gifts to their married daughters. Karwa-Chauth is thought for its extraordinary observance rate among married girls ensure elements of Bharat. Karwa-Chauth is widely known in several ways that counting on the region wherever an individual lives.

Throughout this pageant, jewelry, garments, and gifts are received from each woman’s mother and mother. All married girls wear day outfits yet again and apply mehndi. There are several similar stories that are related to Karwa-Chauth from one a part of Bharat to a different. 

Throughout this explicit day numerous things like Karwa, which is a material pot that has spout are literally collected and worshiped, is obtainable to the god Parvati and Lord Shiva. sometimes the pageant doesn’t finish till the moon is totally seen at the hours of darkness. throughout this pageant, an old girl is meant to narrate a Karwa-Chauth story before this quick is over.

Karwa-Chauth could be important similarly as a tough fast that everyone married Hindu ladies observe. The competition begins simply before sunrise and ends when attending the moon and doing prayers at nighttime. No water or food may be consumed once the sun rises.


The quick is barely broken when seeing the moon and in spite of everything rituals of that exact day are performed. once the moon has appeared, ladies break the quick when they need to be offered water to the moon.

Women dress in special garments throughout this competition. A pink or red frock with a gold woven pattern is worn by many ladies as half their custom and is worn solely within the evening. New brides can wear their wedding costumes. The Karwa-Chauth quick sets a merry tone of frolic and fun, banqueting, and celebration and is amongst the most important festivals celebrated by Hindus.


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