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Essay on King Kanishka was a brave warrior and was a maker of the Kushan Empire: In the history of India, King Kanishka I used to be a brave mortal and is thought to be the best Kushan King.

Kushan King Kanishka was an excellent conqueror and a patron of Buddhism. He had each the military ability of Chandragupta Maurya and also the spiritual zeal of Samrat Ashoka. He’s additionally remembered for gathering the Fourth Buddhist Council that was presided by Asvaghosa.

After the death of Vima Kadphises, a struggle for dominance started among his governors and Kanishka won the battle to determine his authority in U.P. Then, he additionally conquered Punjab, Sind and also North-Western India and have become the emperor of a huge tract of land.

The numismatic proof and also the stratification of the remains of Taxila indicate that Kanishka so succeeded Vima Kadphises.

King Kanishka was a Brave Warrior and Empire, Builder:

Essay on King Kanishka was a brave warrior and won several successes in war. The Epigraphic records show that the U.P., Punjab, North Western Frontier Province and a region of Sind were dominated by him. Within the east Mathura was conjointly beneath his management. 

We’ve conjointly found his inscriptions at Banaras which of his immediate successors at Sanchi in Malwa. Possibly, Malwa was conjointly dominated by King Kanishka. There is varied literary evidence to testify his conquests. The notable Muslim author Alberuni told us that King Kanishka dominated over the Islamic State of Afghanistan and therefore the connected components of Central Asia.

The Chinese traveler Hiuen-Tsang told us that Kanishka’s territory enclosed Gandhara, Peshawar and therefore the east of Tsun-Ling Mountain. As per the records of Chinese and Tibetan historians, it seems that King Kanishka conquered the eastern Asian nation by annexing Ayodhya, Pataliputra and so pacified the country that shows that he had conquered province conjointly. Kalhan’s Rajatarangini and a few Buddhist Traditions conjointly told us that King Kanishka adscititious Jammu and Kashmir conjointly in his territory.

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Kanishka Stupa:

The Buddhist ancient records conjointly told us regarding his conquest of Eastern Asian nation up to the Kajangala of the Rajmahal hills. This clearly means a region of Bengal, not the complete, was beneath the rule of King-Kanishka. H.

However, Kanishka’s coins are discovered at Tamluk in the Midnapur district, Bogra, Murshidabad, and Maldah areas of Bengal. This proof powerfully shows that the entire of Bengal was enclosed in Kanishka’s kingdom.


Thus King-Kanishka was beyond any doubt an excellent empire builder. Among the Asian nation, his empire extended from Jammu and Kashmir within the North to Vindhyas within the South and from province within the east to the Indus vale of the West.

Outside the Asian nation, his empire extended up to the Trans-Pamir region including Khotan, Kashgar, etc. the Oxus vale region of Bactria and therefore the large tract of land lying between the Hindukush and therefore the Indus that consisted of areas like the capital of Afghanistan, Kandahar, Seistan, Islamic State of Afghanistan and Baluchistan.


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