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Life on Mars Essay: Mars, in the solar system, is the fourth planet from the sun. This planet is the second smallest planet in our entire solar system. The chance of life on mars has excited the interest of our researchers, presently for a long time.

A justification behind this interest is the closeness and for the nearness of the planet to the Earth. Mars, obviously, gives a few signs of the chance of life existing on this planet. In our paper, we will detail the chance of life on this planet, Mars.

Essay on Life on Mars:

Scientists and researchers have spent their years researching for evidence or any trace of life on the Red Planet, Mars. All these researches till now indicated that there is no previous trace of life on this planet. But the evidence of some elements like the frozen water, the liquid water, which traces the past, and the methane in the atmosphere of Mars have provided some lead in the research to find the existence of life on this Red deserted planet, Mars.

If I ever get a chance to go to Mars and have a life there, then I would definitely explore around. I would only wish that the planet changes its conditions to make itself fit for humans to live and survive. Also, this gives an insight for us. Humans should learn not to further pollute another planet the way they have polluted Earth.

Bio Signatures:

Some research data from Mars Global Surveyor indicates that liquid water may exist just below the surface in rare places on Mars. Water ice is present at the Martian poles, and these areas will be good zones to search for proof of the existence of life as well. Spach and Research Organizations will also look for life on Mars by searching for indicative markers, or biosignatures, of current and past life. The element carbon is an essential building block of life and comprehending where carbon is present and in what form would explain a lot about the type of existence that Mars had or has.

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Most of the current Martian atmosphere consists of carbon dioxide and if carbonate minerals were created on Mars’ surface by chemical reactions between water and the atmosphere, the existence of these minerals would be a giant clue that water had been present for a long time. One of the top needed explorations for Mars is the understanding of its present climate. Its climate is like in the distant past that drives climate change over time.

Biosignatures are the morphological, chemical which is organic, elemental, or mineral, and the isotopic traces of the organisms that are preserved in minerals, sediments, and rocks. They represent the physical presence of the organisms as well as the proof of their metabolic activities and their metabolites. A biosignature is also called a chemical or molecular fossil and is any given substance – such as an element, isotope, molecule, or phenomenon – that supplies scientific evidence of past or present life.

Measurable features of life contain the complex physical structures and chemical structures and also the utilisation of free energy and the production of biomass and wastes. It has unique characteristics, a biosignature can be interpreted as having been created by living organisms. However, it is important that they not be considered absolute because there is no way of knowing in advance which ones are omnipresent to life and which ones are personal to the strange occasions of life on Earth.


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