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Essay on Metamorphic rocks is the rocks shaped from alternative rocks. They’re a matter or igneous rocks that have undergone changes as a result of extreme pressure and warmth.

The name defines their formation whereby ‘meta’ means that modification and ‘morph’ means that ‘form.’ Hence, metamorphic rock is those whose forms are modified through natural action like massive tectonic movements and stone intrusions.

Formation of Metamorphic Rocks:

The changes that occur within the method of a geologic process are due to the changes in the physical pressure and temperature, that alters the mineral composition and texture of the pre-existing igneous and matter rocks to create an essay on Metamorphic rocks. So, all metamorphic processes involve solid-state changes in the minerals.

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What are Metamorphic Rocks?

Large tectonic movements and rock intrusions produce earth movements and afterward cause the pre-existing rocks to maneuver and shift. In turn, the movements subject alternative rocks buried deep below the earth’s surface to extreme pressure and warmth that contributes to changes and assemblage of the rock’s texture, mineralogy, and chemical composition.

The changes generally modify the rock’s crystal sort and sizes and should conjointly subject the rocks to more radical changes. Metamorphic processes take place at heats between 150° and 795° Celsius with the aptitude of manufacturing high energy that may break and reform the chemical compositions of the rocks. Pressure from the superimposed rocks conjointly will increase the method of transformation.

The heat from rock and friction on fault lines is that the major contributor to the warmth that brings concerning the rock changes. although the rocks don’t really melt, some mineral groupings distribute the weather among the initial minerals to create new compositions of minerals that are additional stable at the new temperatures and pressures.

The intense gradient between the country rocks and also the close melted rock is the driving issue for the changes in texture and chemical composition. As a result, the initial rocks are remodeled into metamorphic rock. Metamorphic rock shaped from direct rock heating and intrusions is termed as thermal or contact the metamorphic rock.

Those shaped as a result of cosmopolitan pressure and temperature changes elicited by tectonic movements are referred to as regional metamorphic rocks. Metamorphic rock is mostly sorted into foliated and non-foliated essay on Metamorphic rocks.

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Types of Metamorphic Rocks:

There are two types of Metamorphic Rocks which are given below:

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  1. Foliated Metamorphic Rock
  2. Non-foliated Metamorphic Rock

Foliated metamorphic rock is shaped form direct exposure to pressure and warmth. They’re the foremost important and largest groupings of metamorphic rock. Foliated metamorphic rock has four distinguishable styles of aligned textures and that they unremarkably have a banded or stratified look.

Examples embody slate, gneiss, phyllite, and schist. Non-foliated is shaped as a result of tectonic movements or direct pressure that makes their formation extremely addicted to their pre-existing conditions.

Non-foliated Essay on Metamorphic rocks doesn’t have a banned or stratified look. The extensively legendary example of a non-foliated stone is a marble. Alternative examples embody rock, hornfels, and novaculite.

Different types of Metamorphic Rocks:

Quartzite could be an exhausting metamorphic rock consisting basically of interlocking quartz crystals. It’s a non-foliated rock shaped throughout the geological process of sandstone.

Slate could be an inferior and fine-grained rock that may be separated into skinny items. It’s a kind of foliated rock that’s made by the geological process of shale. Slates are preponderantly realigned clay minerals.

Schist could be a foliated rock that’s well developed and contains substantial amounts of the mineral. Owing to the high concentrations of mineral, schist will without delay split into skinny layers. Geologists say it represents the intermediate metamorphic grade between metamorphic rock and phyllite. Typically schist would possibly contain high amounts of the mineral.

Soapstone could be a rock primarily created from talc with a saponaceous feel and ranging amounts of different minerals like mineral, pyroxenes, micas, carbonates, and amphiboles. It’s additionally an extremely dense, soft, and warmth resistant rock with high heat capability. Owing to its properties when a geological process, it’s thought-about extremely employed in a good vary of inventive and field of study works.

Hornfels could be a fine-grained stone shaped by the action of warmth on clay rocks, called contact geological process. It’s a non-foliated stone that has no specific composition. Hornstone is heated once close to heat supply like a sill, dike, or rock chamber.


Amphibolite is a non-foliated stone that’s composed mainly of feldspar and mineral (hornblende), often with little quartz. Amphibolite forms underneath conditions of directed pressure and high body through the method of recrystallization.

Gneiss could be a foliated stone created from granular mineral grains. It contains plenty of spar minerals and bands of quartz and generally mineral. It usually contains a branded look and is a style of laminated. It seems almost like granite.

Novaculite could be an exhausting, fine-grained, dense, siliceous rock. It’s a non-foliated metamorphic rock identified to interrupt with a conchoidal fracture. It forms in marine environments from sediment deposits wherever organisms like diatoms plentiful in water the one-celled alga that secret exhausting shells created from silicon oxide.

Marble is among the non-foliated metamorphic rock created from the geological process of dolostone or stone. It takes a high polish and is usually used for sculpture and as an artifact. Marble is especially composed of carbonate.


Phylite is usually created from terribly fine-grained mineral and generally mineral. It’s a foliated stone and its surface is mostly lustrous and inbound cases wrinkled. Geologists say it represents the intermediate state between slate and metamorphic rock.

Lapis Lazuli is one in every of the rarest metamorphic rock, particularly due to its blue color. Thus, an opaque gem is splendidly noted for its blue gem material and that they are used for adornment and to form beads within the sort of spherical tiny stones.

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