Essay on Money for Students and Children’s in English

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About Essay on Money: Money is that the most important demand of life without that one cannot fulfill his basic wants and necessities of the daily routine. We will ne’er compare the importance of the money with the importance of affection or care. Once one wants cash, love cannot fulfill this demand and if one wants love, cash cannot fulfill this demand.

Each is extremely needed for a healthy life however they need their significance and importance one by one. Each is needed by us on an urgent basis thus we cannot rank each on a similar scale. We want cash everyplace like to eat food, drink water or milk, to see TV, news, subscribe newspaper, wear a dress, get admission and lots of additional necessities.

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There is no doubt that cash is thus essential for our healthy living. Cash is nearly everything for us to measure life and maintain the great stats within society. It’s the money that fulfills the requirement of transfer necessary comforts and amenities of life. If one has cash, he/she will get something in his/her life. 

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It’s the money that helps us in developing sensible personality, up confidence, makes us able to trustworthiness, rising capability, increasing capabilities and enhancing our bravery to a good level. While not cash we tend to feel helpless and alone during this world wherever nobody is prepared to help and assist.

Within the current materialistic world, cash is an extremely necessary and powerful factor while not that one cannot live and survive. Nowadays, so as to earn more cash in the wrong ways, unhealthy individuals are taking the help of corruption, bribe, smuggling, murder wealthy individuals of the society, and different callous activities by degrading the ethical and moral values of the humanity. Lazy individuals follow the wrong ways in which to earn cash as they perceive that these ways are straightforward and simple but it’s not true.

One will earn more cash in less time and energy however not for long sure he would be lost within the close to future as he’s following wrong and weak manner. The people that are earning cash by following all the principles of humanity earn less cash except for the long term and that they become the position personality of the society.


People doing corruption save their cash as black cash in different countries to stay hidden from the common public and use that cash for unhealthy works or increasing their physical luxury. However, individuals of the society respect lots to the people earning cash exploitation wrong techniques as they need worry of them and a small bit greediness that they will get some cash in return whenever needed by giving them respect. 

They’re usually known as because of the bhai or dada or don. Cash cannot get or keep the time moreover as cannot provide true love and care but extremely needed by all people to run the life on the correct path. It cannot provide time and love but provides happiness, confidence, satisfaction, feeling of well being mentally and physically, makes life straight forward by finding all the difficulties, and plenty of additional.