Essay on Mughal Emperor Jahangir, Son of Akbar for Students

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Essay on Mughal Emperor Jahangir: Jahangir was the son of the great emperor Akbar and was the great Mughal Emperor. The first name of Jahangir was Nuruddin Muhammad Salim. Emperor Jahangir was the son of Akbar and Jodha Bai, Jodha Bai was the princess of Jaipur. The Jahangir was succeeded his father to the throne in 1605.

In 1605-1628, His reign coated twenty-three years. The importance of Jahangir’s reign lies within the undeniable fact that it saw, a lot of or less, a continuation of the policy and work of Akbar the great.

Jahangir wasn’t as liberal as farsighted and as tolerant as his illustrious father, however, he desired to adapt to his father’s policy as so much as attainable.

Jahangir was married to Manbai, the girl of Raja Bhagwant Das. prince Khusrav was the son of Jahangir and Manbai. Jahangir was dedicated to Manbai, who given the title of Shah Begum and who committed suicide in 1604 because of your child’s misconduct towards her husband. Jahangir was most suffering from this incident that he didn’t bit food or water for a full four days.

The Starting Period & Brief History of Mughal Emperor Jahangir:

The Jahangir was born on thirtieth August 1569 at Fatehpur Sikri. He was reign from 1605 to 1627.

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The Policy of Jahangir:

Jahangir not curious about the religious matter; he was solely specializing in his empire to run as a ruler.

His son followed the policy of Akbar, however, he allowed faith to urge the higher of politics and also the unwisdom of this modification created its influence felt within the reign of Aurangzeb with unfortunate consequences.

Jahangir adopted his father’s policy each in Northern and Southern India.

The Father of Jahangir, Akbar had begun an attack on the Mewar, once it completed the subjugation of Mewar.

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Conquest of Jahangir:

In 1615, the Rana of Mewar was forced to undergo the Emperor. Jahangir followed a conciliatory policy and to treat the Rana, he has provided a contingent of cavalry, however, it exempted from attending the imperial court face to face.
Emperor Akbar was the good warrior, and because the same of Mewar, he followed the conciliatory policy towards the Afghan rebels in Bengal.
He readies the land for the long run to finish the submission of the eastern province. However, Jahangir was failing from his father to feature to conquests and affected by him.
Jahangir was attempting to determine direct relations between the Mughal Government and also the East India Company, and he succeeded to create the association.
In 1615, Sir Thomas Roe arrived as an authorized ambassador or James I to the Mughal Court.
He obtained for the English merchants the privileges to change Gujarat as well as the right to line up factories at Agra and Ahmadabad.

Personal Life of Jahangir:

The personal life of the Jahangir was friendly. His nature terribly loved respect with each member of the family, however his mother most obtaining respect from him.

Salima Sultan begum and Ruquiya begum were the older women of the sultanate, and that they play a big role within the lifetime of Jahangir for his succession.

He rebelled against his father, Akbar and he remained rebellion for him for several years. He gets the high possession in his life once several of the thrones, in fact, thus evil impulses by him eventually done and a few selfish people also has suggested him.

He cherished the warm memory of Akbar, and in thought and expression, control him in high reverence. He would walk to his burial chamber at Sikandra and rub his forehead at its threshold.

Marriage life of Jahangir:

Jahangir was a faithful husband. tho’ he had several wives, he knew what it had been to like a woman.

He lamented the loss of his initial queen, the Jaipur princess and on her death refused to the touch food and drink for four days.

His devotion to Nur Jahan and she was terribly loveable by the Jahangir. While not consulting with the Nur Jahan, he wasn’t taking any call in his life.

Friendly Nature of Jahangir:

He was a decent friend and remembered and promoted all people who had rendered him any service in his prince-hood once he became king.

He needed the welfare of his subjects sincerely and endeavored to push their material and ethical interests.

Architecture and Arts by Jahangir:

Jahangir was a good painter, and his interest was additional within the painting. He prided himself, and his quote was that he might plainly establish, who painted the paintings from the joint labors of some artists. it had been the good talent of him.
He curious about the design, and he took part in contributory art to develop the painting interest.
Many of the buildings are erected by him and conjointly enclosed during this Akbar’s grave at Sikandra. He makes the good design and partially restored it.
Itimad-Ud-Daulah was the best building, that made below the direction of Nur Jahan. it had been impressive grave close to Agra.
In the Lahore, the grand musjid made below the Jahangir, his progress was very good within the art of painting.
Jahangir’s painting was conjointly notable for the gardens, and his paintings will see in gardens of Kashmir and Lahore.
He conjointly tried to create the currency with very little handwriting designs, and he superbly created medals and coins together with his portraits stamp.
He was a good and capable soldier and develops his mind by taking the information from his father. He learns a good shot with the rifle and with bow and arrow. He was conjointly dedicated to sports.
He wasn’t displayed his energy and devotion at an unneeded place, whereas he was the diplomatic person and bought sizeable expertise of both.

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The final term of Jahangir:

The health of Jahangir had totally weakened. So, he came back to Lahore. whereas he was however on the way, he was taken sick and died early within the morning of eighth November 1627 close to Bhimbar. He was then fifty-eight years old-time. He buried in a very lovely garden at Shahdara close to Lahore. His widowed queen Nur Jahan later erected a handsome burial chamber over his grave.

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