Essay on Parents, Roles, Responsibilities & Duties for Students & Children


Parents are the people whose role is to be the first caretakers and guardians of youngsters. Parenting is perhaps the most important responsibility and blessing, both at a similar time, during his life. Learning to become a parent is such a beautiful experience that you simply can only learn it by being one. Your life changes after you become a parent. Then your life starts revolving around the lives of your children – they consume all of your energy, attention – they become your world.

In the animal kingdom, generally, the parents pay attention to their babies for a comparatively shorter time as compared to human beings. The young ones learn to begin taking care of themselves in no time, and as soon as they are doingthey begin becoming independent.

Parents pay attention to their children for a really very long timefor several years. this is often because becoming an adult, who can survive within the adult world of individuals could be a long process within the human world. It’s not only the physical activities of learning to run, talk, etc. but the psychological growth and the emotional growth that takes a long time to become an independent adult.

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There are some sets of rules that ought to be adopted by parents: the right to be taken care of, the right to be fed when old, love, care, and time.

They spend their whole lives taking care of their children. They spend every penny of them to boost the quality of living for his or her kids. they have all of your respect and love. We all should remember that we all are here now due to our sweet and wonderful parents.

Being a parent is usually true happiness and an excellent feeling. a lady feels herself complete after the birth of her first child. It’s all the character of life, and that we should never ignore them. All they have is our time and unlimited gossips once they get old. They invest their entire life energy into raising their children, and youngsters too in-turn are the foremost affectionate towards their parents.

The role of parents for children’s:

Parents give their children the love and care that they have to mature happy and healthy, and packed with love themselves.

Material providers:
Parents provide all of the material things that a baby needs, including food and shelter.

A part of a parent’s role involves educating their children about everything from doing up coat buttons to learning the alphabet.

Moral guides:
Parents need to provide moral guidance as early as possible, in order that their children mature into upright citizens.

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Providers of emotional support:
Sympathy, empathy, and kindness need to be abundant in everything that oldsters do. there’s no point in providing material things for a baby if this is often not accompanied amorously and kindness, and a willingness to concentrate to and help with any problems that the kid may have.

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The responsibilities of parents for children’s:

Their children’s health:
It’s right down to the parents to make sure that their children are healthy and well-nourished.

Basic education:
Before children start school, it’s their parents who are answerable for their education. Once they are at college, parents still are liable for ensuring that their children attend classes and do their homework.

Moral examples:
Parents shouldn’t just tell their children what’s right and what’s wrong. they ought to even be an honest example to their children of what’s right and wrong.

Material necessities:
Parents are liable for ensuring that their children have enough to eat and drink, that they stay nice and warm in winter, and are protected against the sun in summer. they are doing not got to spoil their children, but they ought to make sure that they need a secure place to live and sleep and garments to wear also as toys to play with and books to read.

Love isn’t just an emotion – it also can be argued that it’s a parent’s responsibility to indicate love and individual affection to their children in the least times. Parental love is some things that come naturally – parents just got to confirm that they express this love in order that their children can see it clearly.

The duties of parents for children:

Choosing a name:
Parents are nearly always those who choose their child’s name, though a baby may prefer to pass a nickname or to vary their name once they become an adult.

A key parental duty is protecting their child from things that would harm them physically and emotionally. Of course, that doesn’t mean that a parent should mislead their child about the globe, or wrap them in cotton. However, they have to keep their child safe from danger – and to show their child the way to keep themselves safe also.

Children are often disciplined without the necessity for angry words or physical violence. one of the key parental duties is disciplining a baby in order that they will practice self-discipline later in life.

Financial support:
The duty of ensuring that a baby is supported financially in order that they need all of their material needs met is extremely often a legal requirement of parents.

Parents’ duties reach caring for kids both physically and emotionally. which means taking them to the doctor and getting their vaccinations, promoting a positive psychological state, and getting to any cuts and bruises with care – among other duties.



As you’ll see, there are many rights, duties, and responsibilities that are related to being a parent. These actions tend to spring spontaneously from parental love, however many of them also are enshrined during a country’s law. this is often done to safeguard children and to make sure that all of them get the most effective start in life.

If parents adhere to all or any of the points listed above during this article, then there’s no denying that their child is going to be ready to enjoy a cheerful, healthy childhood. this is often so important if a baby is to develop into a cheerful, well-educated adult who is ready to make strong friendships and relationships.

It doesn’t matter if a parent is rich or poor, if they’re one or married parent, or if they’re old or young. All parents should make sure to fulfill their roles, duties, and responsibilities towards their children. And, if for any reason they can’t fulfill all of their duties – for instance, if they have the financial backing to fulfill their child’s material needs – then a parent needs to seek the support of others. A child’s welfare is so important! But, parents should also pay attention to themselves, and seek help if the business of parenthood is proving emotionally, financially, or physically stressful for them.

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