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Essay on Samudragupta, also referred to as Samudragupta the great, was the son of Chandragupta I. He was the son of Chandragupta I’s Lichchavi queen Kumaradevi and probably wasn’t the eldest son.

From the “Allahabad Prasasthi” composed by Harishena, It’s learned that Chandragupta deliberately opts for Samudragupta to succeed him among his different brothers.

History of King Samudragupta:

The Great King of Gupta Empire, Samudra Gupta participated most in building the “The Golden Age of India”. Once King Samudragupta ascended the throne the condition of Northern Bharat was still terribly turbulent. Tho’ his father Chandragupta I had established an empire nonetheless there have been enough of scattered freelance kingdoms everywhere the Northern Bharat who were freelance and prepared to release for maintenance of their independence.

These freelance kingdoms, largely monarchical and a few republican rose to power on the rivers of the Kushana Empire. Eventually, Samudragupta had to fight at each step with them for spreading the Gupta empire and due to his military zeal that at each battle he was the victor. 

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The Allahabad Prasasthi of Harishena, the coins, and inscriptions of the native rulers who became vassals of the mighty emperor, the Kaushambhi inscription, the Bhita seal and therefore the coins of the Sakha and Kushana rulers are necessary sources for portraying the history of Samudragupta. The Hindu deity conjointly the Bhagavata Puranas also throw vital light on the modern political condition of Bharat.

In addition to those Kings, there have been a decent variety of Atavika Kings or forest kings who dominated several within the forest tracts, extending from the Ghazipore district of U.P to Jabbalpore in Central Province. Furthermore, outside U.P. Central Bharat and Bengal there have been 5 ‘Pratyanta rashtras’ or frontier kingdoms. Those were Samatata or South East Bengal, Davaka or portion of Assam, Kamrup or higher Assam, Nepal, and Kartipura in trendy Jalandhar district.

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These were all freelance and powerful kingdoms. However, these are up to now the Monarchies are involved. From Allahabad Prasasti we tend to came to understand the names of a decent variety of freelance additionally as powerful non-monarchical tribes who lived within the West and South-Western fringe of North Asian country correct, popularly known as in those days as “Aryavarta. ”

These were the Malavas, who tho’ originally from Punjab, were settled at that point in Rajputana, the Arjurayanas lived in the Bharatpur State of Rajputana, the Yaudheyas of Sutlej vale of East Punjab, the Madrakas of the vale between Ravi and Chenab in Punjab, the Abhiras of Western Rajputana, the Sanakanikas of Bhilsa, and also the 3 republican states of Kakas, Kharaparikas, and Prarjunas, Probably of Malwa and Central India. additionally to those the Kushana chiefs were there in Western Punjab and Afghanistan and also the Sikh chiefs dominated the Western Malwa and Kathiawar region.

This list of kings clearly shows that’s not a simple task for Samudragupta to line his empire on a sound footing. These political atoms had fragmented the full of the Northern Republic of India. So it absolutely was time for the emergence of an excellent superior like Chandragupta Maurya. Samudragupta appeared within the fullness of the time. He had transmitted a solid foundation of his sovereign authority in Bengal, Bihar and a part of U.P. from his father. Currently, he was absolved to hoist his flag elsewhere.

Thus Samudragupta became the unchallenged master of the entire Northern Bharat and a larger a part of Southern India. He currently ready himself to perform the standard horse sacrifice ceremony or the Aswamedha as a token of his absolute dominance. Although this incident isn’t recorded in his Allahabad Pillar inscription, nonetheless he’s painted within the inscription of his successors to own revived the horse-sacrifice that was long been suspended.

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The claims in favor of Essay on Samudragupta within the later inscriptions might not be absolutely correct, nonetheless, it may be aforesaid that he performed the sacrifice with full Sastric-injunction. That the Aswamedha was performed by Samudragupta may be corroborated by the actual fact that the king issued an “Aswamedha” variety of gold coin bearing the figure of the kill horse before a post on one aspect and on the reverse, the queen with the legend of “Aswamedha Parakramah.” it’s learned that these coins were minted to tend to the monks who performed the sacrifice. 

Throughout this ceremony, he distributed massive sums as a charity. It’s assumed that “the Aswamedha sacrifice might need to be performed by Samudragupta at the conclusion of his fighting days and once the incision of the Allahabad Pillar inscription, because it wasn’t mentioned in that.”

Samudragupta’s conquests, thus, had 2 distinct phases, his conquest within the North and his conquests of the Southern countries of the Republic of India. However, the terrible manner of his conquest of those 2 components of the Republic of India wasn’t identical. tho’ he conquered completely different countries of Deccan, nevertheless, he didn’t annex those kingdoms with the Gupta Empire as he did in Aryavarta. Samudragupta renovated these vanquished countries to their former position and showed them several favor when receiving formal allegiance from them.


Herein we discover the $64000 solon like perspective and policy of Essay on Samudragupta. presumably, Samudragupta had completed that it might not be potential for him to regulate and rule the southern countries attributable to its distance from his capital town and thanks to the communication difficulties.

At the identical time by native show of ability, he created a series of alliances and friendly terms to ban the progress of the Vakatakas, who had become formidable at now and therefore he safeguard the new Gupta Empire. tho’ his southern campaign was essentially Digvijaya it absolutely was actually Dharmavijayas. Therefore his northern campaign was Digvijaya, however, southern conquests were basically Dharmavijayas.

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