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Essay on Satyajit Ray: Satyajit Ray was an associate Indian producer, scriptwriter, artist, music musician, and author, widely considered one amongst the best filmmakers of the twentieth century. Ray was born within the town of Kolkata into a Bengali Brahmo family of Bengali Kayastha origin that was distinguished within the field of arts and literature.

Starting his career as a poster creative person, Ray was drawn into freelance filmmaking once meeting French movie maker Jean Renoir and viewing Vittorio Delaware Sica’s Italian neorealist film Bicycle Thieves during a visit to London. Ray directed thirty-six films, as well as feature films, documentaries, and shorts.

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He was additionally a fiction author, publisher, artist, skilled worker, music musician, graphic designer, and film critic. He authored many short stories and novels, meant primarily for young youngsters and teenagers. He was awarded a degree by Oxford University.

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Satyajit Ray received several major awards in his career, together with thirty-two Indian National Film Awards, a Golden Lion, a Golden Bear, two Silver Bears, variety of extra awards at international film festivals and award ceremonies, associated an Academy Honorary Award in 1992. the govt. of India honored him with the India Ratna, its highest civilian award, in 1992. Essay on Satyajit Ray….

Early Life and Background of Satyajit Ray:

Satyajit Ray’s ancestry will be copied back for a minimum of 10 generations. Ray’s granddad, Upendrakishore Ray was an author, artist, thinker, publisher, amateur astronomer and a leader of the Brahmo Samaj, a spiritual and front in nineteenth-century Bengal. He additionally created a machine by the name of U. Ray and Sons, that shaped a vital scenery to Satyajit’s life.

Sukumar Ray, Upendrakishore’s son, was a pioneering Bengali author of nonsense rhyme and children’s literature, an artist and a critic. Ray was born to Sukumar and Suprabha Ray in Kolkata.

Satyajit Ray’s family had acquired the name ‘Ray’ from the Mughals. though they were Bengali Kayasthas, the Rays were ‘Vaishnavas’ (worshippers of Vishnu) as against majority Bengali Kayasthas who were ‘Shaktos’ (worshippers of the Shakti) Sukumar Ray died when Satyajit was barely 3, and also the family survived on Suprabha Ray’s meager financial gain.

In 1940, his mother insisted that he study at the Visva-Bharati University at Santiniketan, supported by Rabindranath Tagore. Ray was reluctant because of his love of Kolkata, and also the low opinion of the intellectual life at Santiniketan. His mother’s persuasion and his respect for Tagore finally convinced him to do. In Santiniketan, Ray came to understand Oriental art. Essay on Satyajit Ray….


The Appu Years:
Ray determined to use Pather Panchali (1928), the classic Bildungsroman of Bengali literature because of the basis for his initial film. The semi-autobiographical novel describes the maturation of Apu, a little boy in a Bengal village.
Ray gathered an inexperienced crew, though each his camera operator Subrata Mitra and stage director Bansi Chandragupta went on to achieve nice acclaim. The solid consisted of largely amateur actors.

He started shooting in late 1952 along with his personal savings and hoped to lift more cash once he had some passages shot, however, he failed to succeed on his terms. As a result, Ray shot Pather Panchali over 3 years, a strangely long amount, based on when he or his production manager Anil Chowdhury may raise extra funds.

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He refused to fund from sources who wished a modification in a script or supervising overproduction. He additionally unnoticed recommendation from the govt. To include a cheerful ending, however, he did receive funding that allowed him to complete the film. Ray showed an early film passage to the American director film producer, who was in India reconnoitering locations for the person who Would Be King.

The passage was of the vision that Apu and his sister have of the train running through the country, the only sequence that Ray had however recorded because of his little budget. filmmaker notified Monroe Wheeler at the new york museum of contemporary Art that a serious talent was on the horizon.

Ray’s international career started in earnest when the success of his next film, Aparajito. This film shows the eternal struggle between the ambitions of a young man, Apu, and therefore the mother who loves him. Critics like Mrinal subunit and Ritwik Ghatak rank it above Ray’s 1st film.

Aparajito won the Golden Lion at the Venice festival, bringing Ray appreciable acclaim. Before finishing The Apu triad, Ray directed and released 2 different films: the comic Parash Pathar (The Philosopher’s Stone), and Jalsaghar (The Music Room), a movie regarding the decadence of the Zamindars, thought of one of his most vital works. Essay on Satyajit Ray……

Death of Satyajit Ray:

In 1983, while performing on Ghare Baire, Ray suffered a heart attack; it might severely limit his productivity within the remaining nine years of his life. Ghare Baire was completed in 1984 with the assistance of Ray’s son (who operated the camera from then on) due to his health condition.

He had needed to film this Tagore novel on the risks of fervent nationalism for a protracted time and wrote a primary draft of a script for it within the Nineteen Forties. In spite of rough patches because of Ray’s unwellness, the film did receive some crucial acclaim. It had the primary kiss totally pictured in Ray’s films. In 1987, he created a documentary on his father, Sukumar Ray.

Ray’s last 3 films, created when his recovery and with medical strictures in place, were shot largely inside, and have a particular style. they need a lot of dialogue than his earlier films and are usually considered inferior to his earlier body of labor. The primary, Ganashatru is an adaptation of the Henrik Johan Ibsen play and regarded the weakest of the Ray recovered a number of his type in his 1990 film Shakha Proshakha (Branches of the Tree).

In it, an old man, who has lived a life of honesty, involves learning of the corruption of 3 of his sons. The ultimate scene shows the daddy finding solace solely within the company of his fourth son, who is uncorrupted however unstable. Ray’s last film, Agantuk (The Stranger), is lighter in the mood however not in theme.

Once a long-lost uncle arrives to visit his niece in Kolkata, he arouses suspicion on his motive. This provokes far-ranging queries within the film regarding civilization. In 1992, Ray’s health deteriorated because of heart complications. He was admitted to a hospital, however ne’er recovered.

The Academy of Movie Arts and Sciences awarded him an unearned Academy Award. Ray is that the 1st and also the only Indian, yet, to receive the honor. 24 days before his death, Ray accepted the award in a very gravely unwell condition, calling it the “Best action of movie-making career.” He died on twenty-three April 1992 at the age of seventy-one. 

Awards Honours And Recognitions:

Essay on Satyajit Ray: Ray received several awards, as well as thirty-two National Film Awards by the govt. of India, and awards at international film festivals. At the eleventh Moscow International film festival in 1979, he was awarded the Honorable Prize for the contribution to cinema. At the Berlin International film festival, he was one amongst solely four filmmakers to win the Silver Bear for Best Director over once and holds the record for the foremost variety of Golden Bear nominations, with seven.

At the Venice film festival, wherever he had antecedently won a Golden Lion for Aparajito (1956), he was awarded the Golden Lion Honorary Award in 1982. Hommage a Satyajit Ray award in 1982 Cannes film festival in the very same year.

Ray is that the second film personality once film producer to possess been awarded an honorary degree by Oxford University. He was awarded the Dadasaheb Phalke Award in 1985 and therefore the Legion of Honor by the President of France in 1987. The govt. of India awarded him the Padma Bhushan in 1965 and therefore the highest civilian honor, Bharat Ratna, shortly before his death. The Academy of flick Arts and Sciences awarded Ray an unearned Oscar in 1992 for lifespan action.


It absolutely was one in all his favorite actresses, Audrey actress, who represented the Academy on it day in Kolkata. Ray, unable to attend the ceremony because of his sickness, gave his acceptance speech to the Academy via live video feed from the hospital bed. Ray Was Awarded the filmmaker award for lifespan action in directional at the San Francisco international film festival it absolutely was accepted on his behalf by actress Tagore In 1992.