Essay on Seasons in India for Students and children’s in English

Essay on Seasons in India:– Consistent with Hindu calendar there are six varied Indian seasons around the year. Seasons of Bharat are a lot of or less just like the other country within the world. The notable six seasons are Spring, Summer, Rainy, Early autumn, Late Autumn and Winter.

South India being near equator and tropical has harsh and long summers as is that the case with rainy too. In distinction, North India has the same seasons as that found in America or North Europe. All the seasons provide varied climate with totally different temperatures.

About Six Seasons In India:

There are six seasons in India which are also called as Shat Ruthu according to the Hindu tradition which is given below:

  1. Spring Season:– Vasantha Ruthu
  2. Summer Season:– Greeshma Ruthu
  3. Monsoon Season:– Varsha Ruthu
  4. Early Autumn:– Sharad Ruthu
  5. Winter Season:– Hemantha Ruthu
  6. Late Autumn:– Sishira Ruthu

Vasantha Ruthu:– Indian Spring Season:
Spring season is known as Vasantha Ruthu as per the Hindu calendar and is taken into account as “the King of Seasons” or “Rituraj” as per religious writing star divination. This season is either not thus cool or not thus hot in several areas of India. Nature offers several gifts throughout this season. The 2 Hindu months – Baisakh and Chaitra fall during this Essay on Seasons in India.

At the beginning of this season, the wind begins to blow during a soft manner and one will sense the refreshing state of mind and body. The village aspect seems to be embellished with inexperienced vegetation and adorned with lovely flowers. Bees hum within the greenhouse all day long and birds sing. Creepers and trees flanked with charming flowers. Time of year is treated to be the most-liked season by many of us.

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Greeshma Ruthu:– Indian Summer Season:
Summer is additionally referred to as Greeshma Ruthu as per the Hindu calendar. Throughout this season the Sun bombards along with his hot and sparkling rays. All pools and streams, wells and tanks dry up during this season. Such a lot of daylight are obligatory on human life, flora, and fauna likewise. This can be the season wherever fruits get ripen justly. Jackfruit and Mangoes get ripen in huge range lots of dine-in plenty throughout this season. In general, the quality temperature would be detected as 30°C, however, in some elements of Bharat temperature is recorded as 43°C. And in places like upland regions, 40°C is discovered, in Himalayan regions, it’d be 20°C.

In this season, the day seems to be longer than the night. And within the afternoon time heat seems to be ignitable and intolerable. It’s additionally discovered that in this season animals like dogs and cows seek a shady shelter because the heat would be intolerable by them too. And in mid-summer, it typically happens that water insufficiency issues could arise that wouldn’t be for an extended time.

Varsha Ruthu:– Indian Monsoon Season
The rainy season is additionally called Varsha Ruthu as per religious writing star divination. Rainy or Monsoon is of six seasons in Bharat and is thought-about to be the attractive season amongst all because it showers water in heaps of barrels. In fact, farmers wait thirstily for this season to arrive because it brings a ton of joy and happiness to them by wetting their agricultural lands and facilitate in yielding the crops with favorable conditions. Wells and tanks, ponds and pools that were dry throughout Summer become wet and stuffed with water. All the drylands become wet throughout this season creating the farmer boost up in his/her cultivation activities, jute and paddy are cultivated in massive range.

On the flip facet, serious rains spoil the normalcy of human life like transportation once roads are coated with flowing rainwater, health issues like cold and cough, country roads seem to be slippery and muddy, etc. Continuous rainfalls additionally make fewer folks shift from one place to a different, particularly those within the huts.

In 2017, Rainy/Monsoon season in Bharat starts from twentieth June and ends by twenty-second August

Sharad Ruthu:– Indian Early Autumn Season
The early season is additionally referred to as Sharad Ruthu as per the Hindu calendar. This season is treated as “the Season of Flowers” and imports the mellow fruitfulness. throughout this season, everyone enjoys a joyful mood, the sky seems to be truthful with uneven clouds that appear pleasant. you’re feeling just like the sky is smiling at you with its pleasant daylight.

Rains may be detected typically throughout this season whereby the water overflows into the rivers and fields. Water storage may be arranged because the water begins to flow at a moderate speed. At night times, a transparent vision of the idle the blue air with a smile on her face may be viewed. a listing of festivals that occur throughout this season area unit Diwali, Sri Ram Navami, Durga Puja, Laxmi Puja, etc.

In 2017, the Early Autumn season in India starts from twenty-second August to twenty-third Sep.

Hemantha Ruthu:– Indian Winter Season
Winter season is additionally named as Hemantha Ruthu as per religious writing star divination. This winter is of six seasons in Bharat starts at the top of the Late fall season. There’s a breezy cold that says the arrival of winter. In distinction to summer, the night seems to be longer than a day because of the current of air impacts over the country. It’s ascertained that the mornings are found to be glacial and a half-hour of daylight would offer us level of comfort. Winter in Bharat, Essay on Seasons in India.

In 2017, Early fall season in Bharat starts from twenty-third Sept and ends by twenty-first December

Sishira Ruthu:– Indian Late Autumn Season
Late autumn is additionally referred to as Sishira Ruthu as per the religious writing star divination. This can be conjointly thought of as “the Season of coming back Monsoon”. Throughout this season, within the night times, new paddy starts gathering water droplets on the shank of grass, fruits begin to ripen and vegetables grow in a huge variety. Because the rains find yourself technically, occasional rainfalls and violent storms are noticed owing to the cyclones advancing from the Bay of Bengal.

The early autumn season in the Republic of India starts from twenty-first Dec 2017 and ends by seventeenth February 2018.


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