Essay on Technology for Student and Children’s | | What is Advantage and Disadvantage of Technology

Essay on Technology: Technology has caused efficiency and quality within the producing sector. Technological advancement has reduced the danger concerned in producing enterprises. There has been tremendous improvement within the field of health the globe over not solely the typical age of individuals has inflated however the fatality rate has additionally declined significantly.

This could be attainable solely owing to technological advancement in the health sector. There’s maybe no field of human life that has not been stricken by technology. Agriculture, industry, profession, health, education, art, political processes, recreation, spiritual activities and way of life activities all are underneath the influence of technology.

But, it’s necessary to stay in mind that technological advancement has affected human life each completely yet as negatively. Not solely that life has become simple and comfy, there also are indications of many threats to life and society within the future owing to the use/misuse of recent technology. Essay on Technology…..

Some Advantages of Technology:

About Vehicle: Cars and different vehicles are currently without delay offered and are technologically advanced enough to be safe to be used daily and to figure as a reliable tool for obtaining individuals and merchandise from one place to a different in a very comparatively short space of your time. The advantages of cars are that they’re safe in which individuals will get too terribly specific places as per their own timeline.

Individuals don’t need to have faith in trains or planes so as to induce to wherever they require to travel, and that they will go away at their own time and arrive after they want while not having to figure around a train or plane schedule. Essay on Technology…

About Smartphones: They allow individuals to remain connected, even over long distances, and that they are comparatively safe and reliable to use. There are devices that will communicate with and at the opposite finish of the earth and obtaining and keeping in grips with others is incredibly straightforward.

About the Internet: The advantages are that folks will communicate over immense distances and might gain access to info and answers to their queries terribly quickly. The disadvantage is that the net isn’t qualified within the approach that folks suppose and plenty of it’s stuffed with info and outright lies.

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Some Disadvantages of Technology:

About Vehicles: The disadvantage is that each types of vehicle on our roads are polluting the atmosphere and are slowly killing the planet by adding to greenhouse gasses that don’t enable the sun’s heat to escape. Even electrical cars are powered by electricity generated by fossil fuels. Automotive accidents also are an awfully huge killer worldwide and plenty of lives are lost owing to automotive accidents/incidents.


About Smartphones: The disadvantages to the current is that it suggests that folks now not got to meet face to face as much, and social relationships are suffering worldwide as a result of folks are human activity through a tiny low hand-held device. Uncountable folks have Smartphones and that they use them nearly semi-continuously, together with publically settings after they may well be creating new friends, finding new lovers, and talking/interacting with their current friends.

About the Internet: Even brand-named websites that have plenty of trusts aren’t answerable for what seems on their own websites. Even revered and branded news sites have stories that have seen several people’s hands and originally started as lies with zero answerability throughout the dissemination method. For instance, that’s why numerous celebrities are according to dead on news sites after they were really alive.


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