Essay on Television for Students and Childrens, Advantages and Disadvantages of Television

Essay on Television: Television is the most significant invention that invented within the twentieth century. It’s the famed and medium of enjoyment for individuals. It entertains to the individuals from the dullness. In today’s world, the tv is larger than Radio.

We can get pleasure from the tv, as a result of it shows the cinema, a sports and cricket match, news and serials. It provides additional and a lot of amusement to the full family.

Nowadays, virtually at every home tv obtainable and it becomes acquainted. Some individuals have this facility. The TV programs are sources of enjoyment for young and previous, sick and disabled persons.

Television is sensible for everybody to care about his health as a result of its primary source is each diversion and education. the globe appears to possess become tiny due to tv. We will see with our eyes the events that surface hundred and thousands of kilometers far away from us. Thus, tv could be a powerful medium of mass communication.

History of the Television:

Television started in India in Sept 1959. the primary programs bestowed on tv mean for faculties and rural areas. the tv up delinked from the All-India Radio in April 1976.

The tv set up was known as Doordarshan. The Ninth Asian Games control in the Indian capital in Nov 1982. Doordarshan started video some programs in color. At present, our color television incorporates a distinctive charm for the general public.

Value of the Television:

It provides happiness to the full family by diversion and joy.
It provides the quantity of information to the students from the actual education TV channel.
It shows the sports channel, that brings such excitement to it one who is curious about it.

Uses of Television:

Television is beneficial for developing countries like India.
It plays a very important role to make our economy.
It is terribly useful for the farmer, those not educated regarding agriculture, and that they don’t understand the scientific ways of farming.
Tv is important to teach the Indian farmers regarding the right farming.
It is additionally profitable for that person, who doesn’t understand the tiny family. It shows the birth control theme advertises for everybody.
By the family planning system, individuals can know how to regulate the population of India.
Television helps to expand the large variety of information use between us.
The tv programmed chief is one and solely to convey information and promote national integration.
It additionally brings information about the cultural unity of the country.
India is that the immense country, and it’s an oversized variety of various religions, cultures, and languages.
Tv will simply promote national integration.
People will develop international understanding through tv programs.

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Advantages of TV:

Worldwide information
People will inform of all happenings and developments within the country in economic, industrial and political fields. Government activities for the welfare of the state will telecast.

Country Affairs Information:

We can have a glance at the conferences and seminars, giving aims, objectives, and achievements of the country in numerous fields. It terribly advantages in a position for us.

Source of Diversion:

It provides a diversion to the individuals of each age and has taken the place of cinema. Currently, we will get pleasure from movies, dramas, matches, cookery shows, etc. while not going anyplace. once all members of the family sit along for a program, it improves the relation.

Creates Awareness for college students
There also are special programs for college kids to make awareness regarding their careers. Students will gain plenty of knowledge by looking at informative programs like an animal planet, national geographic, etc.

Disadvantages of the Television:

Extra use of TV
Excessive use of the tv may also impact on the vision issues in early ages. it’s the largest drawback of the TV that creates issues for the full life.

Effects on the Student:

If students watch tv all night, they can not awake early within the morning so their college, faculty activities will be affected. It additionally creates an unhealthy habit by the excessive watch of the tv.

TV Domestic Drawback:

If homemakers watch tv all day, then they can not complete their house responsibilities at a time which may end in domestic issues and make unneeded violence within the home.

Harmful impact by completely different TV shows:

Different movies and dramas will severely have an effect on one’s ethical values, as a result of generally the film or show is barely fantasy however one will take it seriously.


Conclusion on TV:

Television ought to be utilized in a moderate means, as a result of it additionally makes a lot of electricity together with all the disadvantages. The excessive use of tv will be harmful for us. everybody ought to select the restricted watch to the tv as a result of excessive use of tv is wrong socially, morally, and economically.


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