Facts of Arctic Ocean | Various Facts about the Arctic Ocean

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Facts of Arctic Ocean: The shallowest and smallest out of the 5 oceans, the Arctic, is found within the northern hemisphere. Its name comes from the word ‘’Arktos’’ which suggests bear in Greek. Despite the cold, the territory in these waters has been fairly inhabited for around twenty thousand years agone by Eskimos that in fact, are physically and physiologically ready to support life in extreme conditions.

Although it’s the tiniest ocean, it’s far away from little as compared to our continents and countries. With 15,558,999 sq. kilometers and 45.389 of possession among the lineation, 3.17 % of the entire Earth’s territory belongs to the Arctic Ocean. Its waters drench the northern regions of the North American nation, Alaska, Norway, Russia, Iceland, and Greenland.

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Numerous islands belong to the current freeze ocean additionally, such as the sea, Baffin Bay, the White Sea, the Chukchi ocean, the Laptev Sea, the sea, Hudson Bay, the Greenland Sea, Hudson Strait, the ocean of Siberia the seat al… The affiliation between the Pacific and the Arctic Ocean is that the Atlantic Ocean over the sea and the Greenland Sea and also the Bering Strait. The polar circle is its southern boundary.

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Large ice sheets are sometimes floating within the Arctic. They’re two or three meters thick, endlessly displaced by ocean currents and winds. Once these caps collide, ice forms an irregular line of ice items, that is understood as pressure ridge and will be three times thicker than isolated ice caps.

Main Facts of Arctic Ocean:

During the melting of Arctic’s ice, a large number of organisms and nutrients are being discharged into the water. This event promotes algae’s growth.
The living creatures below Arctic’s ice serve to feed the lowest dwellers. a number of them are sponges and anemones.
The explorers have found additional fish species within the Arctic Ocean than the other place within the world.
It is believed that over twenty-fifths of the crude oil that are nonetheless to find, is settled within the Arctic Ocean.
The Arctic Ocean has a rock bottom level of salinity out of the five world’s oceans. the explanation is its low evaporation, restricted association to different oceans and enormous fresh influx.
The exact level of salinity depends on the chilling and melting of the ice covers.
As a consequence of the pollution and heating, the ice might utterly disappear over the Arctic Ocean by 2040.
In case the ice disappears from these regions, the polar bears and different species reckoning on it’ll disappear moreover. Their lives are supported by the ice platform that helps them hunt and feed.
The iceberg is guilty of Titanic’s crash stone-broke far from Arctic Ocean’s ice mass.
It’s the tiniest ocean within the world.
At least once a year, an entire day of sunshine throughout the summer and whole twenty-four hours of darkness throughout the winter occur within the polar circle.
In the event of a meltdown of Arctic’s ice, the world water level would increase more or less twenty-four. If an equivalent occurred with Antarctic ice, it’d be two hundred feet.
It’s the coldest ocean on Earth and solely species custom-made to their temperatures area unit trained to inhabit.

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The size of the ocean is around 5,427,000 sq. miles, that is nearly adequate to the dimensions of Russian territory.
The known pole is an element of the Arctic Circle.
There are 3 styles of ice covering the Arctic Ocean: quick ice, pack ice, and polar ice.
The polar ice doesn’t soften. It may be two meters skinny throughout the summer and up to fifty meters thick throughout the winter.
The ice freezes entirely solely throughout the winter. It may be found at the sting of the polar ice.
The quick ice forms within the winter. It may be found around Arctic Ocean’s land and the pack ice.
The Arctic Ocean is that the home of the many completely different species, like whales, jellyfish, seals, fish, and walruses.
Polar bears are placed on Arctic Ocean’s ice. They hunt and live in these surroundings.
4 whale species may be found in the Arctic Ocean: gray whale, Greenland whale, beluga whale, and narwhale.
6 seal species may be found within the ocean, like ribbon seal, earless seal, ringed seal, harp seal, noticed seal and also the true seal.

Its cold conditions don’t seem to impede the prosperity of the many species. The waters of the Arctic Ocean are owner-occupied by walruses, seals, narwhals, Lion’s Mane Jellyfishes, belugas, and Greenland whales. Algae, plankton, polar bears and various completely different fish species may be found.

There are deposits of fossil fuel, oil, and gravel, within the ground, that are profitable resources for several countries. The ice covers the key a part of the ocean between March and Apr. The Arctic Ocean is extremely necessary because it is believed that there may well be over twenty-five % of gas and oil activity within the depths of its waters.


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The Arctic Ocean features a visible involvement within the temperature change as a result of its ice thins bit by bit as a consequence of the rising temperatures. This might cause serious flooding and alternative problems within the future and utter cowl and colly several countries.

For this reason, special attention is being paid to the Arctic Ocean and its protection. International campaigns and organizations try to seek out an adequate answer which will stop ice melting and general problems caused by the world warming and pollution. Each individual is often enclosed and does its best to contribute to the salvation of this ocean and our planet.