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IIT Ropar the Indian Institute of Technology Ropar also named IIT-RPR is situated in Rupnagar, Punjab in India and is an Engineering and Technology education institute. The IIT Rupar was launched by the Ministry of Human Resource Development MHRD, Govt. of India and is one of the 8th new institutes that was established under The Institutes of Technology Act, 2011. The Act for the IITs was passed on Mar 2011 in the Lok Sabha and in April 2012 in the Rajya Sabha. The motto of IIT-Ropar is “Guide in the Right Direction.” The IIT-Ropar was established in the year 2008.

History of IIT Ropar:

The Institute of IIT-Ropar was started by the Ministry of Human Resource Development in the year 2008. The Institute’s first academic classes were done at IIT Delhi for the year 2008 to 2009. The main session was functioned in Aug 2009 in its original transit campus in Rupnagar. The IIT-Ropar is situated in Rupnagar town in the district Rupnagar and was named after Raja Rokeshar’s son’s name as Rup Sen. The History of the Rupnagar has a very rich historical and religious touch.

The campus of IIT-Ropar:

The headquarter of the district is Rupnagar town and is situated around 42 Km from the state capital Chandigarh. The road connected by the Indian Institute of Technology Ropar is National Highway no. 21. It also has rail connectivity such as the Delhi, Ambala and Una Train passes through Rupnagar. The Airport facility is around 60 Km from Chandigarh Airport nearest to Rupnagar and the nearest river passes to Rupnagar is the Satluj river. The IIT-Ropar consists of two campuses the Permanent campus and the Temporary campus. The campus has a beautiful and peaceful environment.

Permanent Campus
: The permanent campus of the Indian Institute of Technology Ropar is situated in Birla Seed Farms in Rupnagar. The IIT-Ropar has around 525 acres of land which was given and approved by the Govt. of Punjab for the permanent campus in the Rupnagar. The first Foundation stone was kept by Mr. Arjun Singh who was the former Union Human Resource Development Minister on FEB 2009. The contract for the construction of the campus was given to CPWD and a Bangkok-based construction company and is assigned the construction to finish the first phase of construction.

Temporary Campus
: The IIT Ropar temporary campus is for women’s Polytechnic Rupnagar. To accommodate all the use of the Institute the academic and the administrative departments of the polytechnics were completely renovated. To run all the academics programs, it has all basics departments specially designed by the IIT Delhi. The temporary campus consists of special advanced laboratories, state of the art lecture halls with all maintained playgrounds to refresh the mind of students and their overall development.

Academics of IIT Ropar:

With an aim to produce quality Engineers and Scientists, the IIT-Ropar provides science-based engineering education. To conduct and carry out research projects, the students are allowed to go beyond the classrooms and also to join the research programs which are done by the faculty members.

Academics programs of IIT Ropar:

Candidates after completing 12 have to go through the JEE Advanced exam for the admission of the undergraduate programs; the programs are as follows:

Bachelor’s Degree:

  1. Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical Engineering
  2. Bachelor of Technology in Electrical Engineering
  3. Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science & Engineering
  4. Bachelor of Technology in Civil Engineering

Master’s Degree:

  1. The institutes of IIT-Ropar provide M. Tech in Mechanical Engineering
  2. in Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics & Linguistics.

 Ph.D. Degree:

Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science & Engineering, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics & Philosophy.

Departments of IIT Ropar:

The IIT-Ropar has started with the following ten departments of which four are of engineering departments & six are departments which offer Ph.D. programs:

  1. Physics
  2. Mathematics
  3. Chemistry
  4. Mechanical Engineering
  5. Electrical Engineering
  6. Civil Engineering
  7. Computer Science & Engineering
  8. Humanities & Social Science
  9. Center for Biomedical Engineering
  10. Center for Materials & Energy Engineering.

Rankings: In 2016 by the Minister of Human Resource Development the IIT-Ropar was ranked as 9th in the National Institutes of Ranking.

 Research of IIT-Ropar:

  1. Development of Erosion-Corrosion resistant thermal spray coating for power plants boilers.
  2. Characterization & Machining Performance of Cryogenically Treated Cutting Tools.
  3. Investigations on the Role of Cold Spray Coatings to Control Hot Corrosion of Steam Generating plants.
  4. Development & Performance Evaluation of Bioactive Coatings for Biomedical Applications.
  5. Development of Slurry Erosion Resistant Coating for Hydro-turbines.
  6. Surface Engineering to Control Erosion-Corrosion of Steam Generating Plants by Nanoparticle Coating.
  7. Experimental Investigation of Concentrated Direct Absorption Solar Collector Using Nanofluids.
  8. Characterization of a biological system using the time-resolved optical technique.
  9. Development of Magnesium Alloy based In-situ Nanocomposites for Improved Material Properties using Friction Stir Processing.
  10. Surface Engineering of Cutting Tools for Sustainable Machining.
  11. Design & develop of Modular Robotic Manipulators with varying degrees of freedom.
  12. A study of New Forming Techniques for Metals at Macro & Micro Scale.
  13. Sustainable Energy Fellowship Workshop & Collaborative Projects.
  14. Hypervelocity impact-induced deformation of the target projectile system.
  15. Active Vibration Control of Smart Structures Using Micro/Nano Fibre composites.
  16. Technology survey for solar energy.

Students Life of IIT-Ropar:

The students who are accommodating at IIT-Ropar Hostels has good accommodation with around 550 students. The IIT-Ropar hostels have five buildings of which four are for boy’s accommodation, and one is for girl’s accommodation. The names of the buildings are Mercury wings, A, B & C, Jupiter & Neptune are for boys and the Venus House is for girls. All the Buildings of IIT-Ropar are having water coolers and RO water purifying systems. Every building has a common room that has a facility for indoor programs and games.

The hostels also have two laundry centers and the building is provided by high-speed wireless internet which is spread in the complete campus areas and LAN connections which are provided by the BSNL India. For the staff and students, the institute has its post office and a branch of SBI State Bank of India for banking purpose of students and the faculty members.

Medical Facility: The Institute has given a separate department building for the medical facility which joins the hostel complex. For attending medical emergencies of the students residing a doctor and a nurse is appointed. Beyond this medical facility, the Institute is also in touch with super-specialty hospitals that are there in the city for providing medical care.

Sports Facility: The IIT-Ropar campus has several sports facilities for the students such as Cricket Field, Three Tennis Courts, a Football Field, a Gymnasium, a Basketball Court, two Volleyball Court and also with a number of several athletics facility. It also consists of different clubs such as Music club, Dance club, and the fine art club and also has a well-equipped gymnasium room for the students.

Central Library: The Indian Institute of Technology Ropar has a Central Library which runs as the primary knowledge resource and repository for all research and teaching activities at the institutes. It also has great reading books that consist of more than 4000 on shelves and hundreds of journals of electronics subscriptions and many more collections such as research monographs, reports, dictionaries, encyclopedias, and multi-volume reference works.

Championship Events of IIT Ropar:

All the events of the institutes were inaugurated in the year 2014 to make competition among the students so their skills for different events may come out:

  1. Saaz:              It is Solo singing competition
  2. Sur:                It is Duet singing competition
  3. Rashmi:        It is Kavi mammalian
  4. Torque:         It is Rockband competition
  5. Symphony:   It is Western instrumental competition
  6. Raag:             It is an Indian instrumental competition
  7. Zeitgeist:      It is a cultural festival
  8. Samagam:    It is weekend cultural activities
  9. Conclave:     It is an English debate
  10. Viruddh:      It is Hindi debate

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