MH CET Law Syllabus 2020 – Get Complete Syllabus Here

MH CET Law Syllabus is completely different for three years and five years of LLB programs. Maharashtra Common Entrance Test is organized beneath the guidance of the State Level Common Entrance Test. The exam was 1st initiated in 2016 and from then on it became famous amongst the aspirants who are seeking a profession in Law. candidates on high level opt for the LL.B 3 year and LL.B 5-year courses.

Getting through this entrance test, there’ll not be unemployment. The govt. and private law colleges are established to put the students to check their level of interpretation and skills alongside providing them with a bright and glorious career. During this article, candidates can check the entire MH CET Law 2020 Eligibility Criteria very well. To induce admission, you’ll be needed to have 10+2 passing certificate from Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education with the marks achieving forty fifth within the examination.

MH CET Law 2020 Syllabus:

The examination are going to be distributed in 5 sections including Legal Aptitude and Logical Reasoning, general knowledge, Logical and Analytical Reasoning and Current Affairs. The negative marking isn’t included within the question paper. You’ll be given 2 hours in order to be finished with the exam. The marks are going to be distributed as per section. The students should finish the exam among the given time. The exam consists of English and Marathi language.

MH CET Law Syllabus for 3/5 Year LL.B Course:

It is up to you to decide on the subjects. The medium through that the exam are going to be held is on-line. There’ll be Multiple type queries thus it’s informed to the aspirants that they have to prepare with the help of syllabus and to not skip a single question within the exam as above mentioned, there’s no negative marking within the exam.

It is essential to go through the solved last year papers for better and effective preparation. Without knowing the topics, it’s not possible to prepare for the MH CET 2020 exam. The syllabus is comprising of topics thus read every topic. If you have become acquainted with the syllabus, then passing the exam with good marks is a cup of tea.

Mentioned above, queries in MH CET law 2020 for 3-year and 5-year integrated law programmes are going to be quite similar. To prepare well for the test, candidates should confirm they’re familiar with the contents of MH CET law syllabus 2020. To understand more concerning the MH CET law 2020 syllabus, check the points given below:

Legal Aptitude: This section can have queries that may challenge the candidate’s interest towards the study of Law, Legal aptitude, and ability to solve problems. Based on a set of facts and legal prepositions, queries are going to be framed. Candidates are required to answer the queries considering the provided prepositions with strong conclusions.

General Knowledge of Current Affairs: To prepare for this section, aspirants should have knowledge of History (ancient, medieval and modern), Geography, civics economics, etc. Also, candidates should follow the newspapers regularly to stay updated with the latest events.

Logical and Analytical Reasoning: The queries during this section can test candidate’s ability to identify patterns, logical links and correct illogical arguments. queries can include wide analogies, competing arguments, to draw well-supported conclusions, applying rules and reasoning by analogy.


English: During this section, queries are going to be based on topics like synonyms, antonyms, analogies, idioms and phrases, one-word substitution, sentence improvement and rearrangement, fill in the blanks, common errors, spotting errors, inappropriate usage of words, spelling mistakes etc. Also, queries there’ll be queries based on a comprehension passage.

Mathematical Aptitude: Queries here are going to be challenging the numerical ability of candidates. to prepare for this section, aspirants will go through category ten level Mathematical queries like Speed and Distance, Venn’s diagram, Profit and Loss, Time and Work, Algebra, Average etc.

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