MICAT Syllabus 2022 – Get Complete Syllabus Here

The MICAT has been structured to interpret the analytical and verbal ability, logical reasoning, divergent thinking, written communication skills, creative potential, and general awareness concerning the modern society and industry matters consisting of the subject over media, marketing, advertising, and business.

The syllabus of the MICAT 2022 is consisting of topics that you may be required to go through for better exam preparation. Without knowing the topics and chapters as well as the syllabus, it becomes too difficult to analyze the level of preparation and it can’t be identified how much progress can you be making with your exam study.

The last year’s question papers coaching institutes are recommending the topics that are very important for the examination. so as to understand the better understanding and secure high marks within the exam, should prepare the list as per the section covering the syllabus and must begin their preparation with the one they find it difficult to deal with. The syllabus has been made out there on this page for anyone looking for it.

MICAT 2022 Syllabus:

The Syllabus has been distributed into six parts:

Psychometric test
Descriptive test.
Verbal Ability.
Quantitative Ability.
General Awareness.
Divergent-Convergent Reasoning.

MICAT Syllabus for Psychometric Test:

The psychometric test measures the behavioral and characteristic attributes of the students. Based on the last year’s question paper, this section included a total of thirty-five queries.
The psychometric test consists of multiple-choice queries (MCQs) and also the students can have an obligation to answer all the queries. The psychometric test fundamentally are comprising of 3 types of queries. The queries are a pattern as per statement not having any correct or incorrect answer.
Students could choose the options like strongly Agree, strongly disagree, and Moderately Agree among others. The test can also include the queries on personality attributes wherever students will choose the foremost applicable one. Further, psychology tests are consisting of the queries wherever students need to put their answers as per priority.

MICAT Syllabus for Verbal Ability:

Verbal ability will be including the queries based on English usage or grammar, Sentence correction, Synonyms and antonyms, Fill in the blanks, Analogies, Idioms, One-word substitution, disorderly paragraphs.

MICAT Syllabus for Quantitative Ability:

·         Geometry, (Lines, angles, Triangles, Spheres, Rectangles, Cube, Cone etc)
·         Heights & Distance
·         Profit & Loss
·         Work and time
·         HCF – LCM
·         Arithmetic progression
·         Geometric mean
·         Ratios and Proportion
·         Percentages
·         Averages, Time-Speed-Distance
·         Number system
·         Geometric Progression
·         Arithmetic mean
·         Harmonic mean
·         Number Base System
·         Venn Diagram
·         Permutations & Combinations
·         Binomial Expansion,
·         Logarithm
·         Maxima & Minima Progression

 MICAT Syllabus 2022 for General Awareness:

In this section, students are estimated on the basis of data of GK and cent matters. they must be well-familiar with this affairs of the last 3 months or six months. The queries are asked on the topics provided below:

·         Politics
·         Business
·         Finance
·         History
·         Sports
·         Geography
·         Indian Constitution, Nation, and states


MICAT Syllabus for Divergent – Convergent Reasoning:

This section is comprised of the queries that are structured to assist the students to have the problem-solving approach. There’ll be queries asked on verbal and non-verbal reasoning. The queries can have a designation on the subsequent topics:

·         Data Sufficiency
·         Statement – Assumption
·         Sequence and Series
·         Visual Reasoning and Word Association

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