My Family Essay for Students and Children’s in English and Hindi

About My Family Essay: My Family is the beautiful family of the world and a very important unit of society. A small or a giant family become of nice importance to its members and regarded because the strongest unit of the society as a result of numerous families along build a pleasant society. A family becomes 1st faculty to the youngsters wherever they receive all the cultures, traditions and most significantly the essential values of life.

A family plays nice roles in teaching personal manners and habits to the newcomers within the family. It helps in alimentary a stronger character person within the society. I’m very feeling my smart lucky to change state in a very tiny nice family wherever I learned everything within the babyhood.

Essay on My Family:

My Family Essay: Actually, I belong to the middle category family having six members (mother, father, grandparents, me and my younger sister). All people follow the orders of my granddaddy as a result of he’s the pinnacle of the family. We actually respect and luxuriate in his commanding position within the family.

He’s the nice person as a result of he had performed numerous adventurous activities in his time. He perpetually cares about our well-being and takes the right call for us. His call becomes final altogether the family matters. He sits on the front chair on the board. He takes our category within the early morning and evening to show us Indian cultures and traditions.

He’s an awfully cool temperament and friendly person of the family but everybody people don’t have dare to go against him. He’s terribly effective person and wins everyone’s heart through nice speak. He’s terribly recent but helps us in doing our home works as a result of he was a teacher. He teaches us regarding the tools of success within the life-like discipline, timing, cleanliness, morals, diligence, and continuity.

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My granny is additionally a pleasant lady and tells us nice stories nightly. My father is a principal of the college and like discipline substantially. He’s terribly timely, sincere and hardworking in nature. He teaches us additionally that once you eat time, time can really eat you therefore ne’er waste time and use it in positive ways that. My mamma is a sweet and really straightforward wife.

She cares for each member of the family and makes cheerful surroundings within the family each day. She offers special care to the grandparents and youngsters further as continually helps poor and needy individuals within the society. We’ve continually been instructed from our childhood to like and respect elders and facilitate poor individuals in the manner. My sweet little family is actually packed with love, care, peace, prosperity, and discipline.

My Family Essay in Hindi | हिंदी में मेरा परिवार निबंध:

परिवार के बिना एक व्यक्ति इस दुनिया में पूर्ण नहीं है क्योंकि परिवार हमारे सभी का अभिन्न अंग है। मनुष्य को समूह में रहने वाले सामाजिक जानवरों के रूप में माना जाता है जिसे परिवार कहा जाता है। परिवार पूरे जीवन में कई महत्वपूर्ण भूमिका निभाता है एक परिवार छोटा परिवार, छोटे परमाणु, बड़ा परमाणु या संयुक्त परिवार हो सकता है। दादा दादी, माता-पिता, पत्नी, पति, भाई, बहन, चचेरा भाई, चाचा, चाची, आदि जैसे परिवार में कई रिश्ते हैं। एक सकारात्मक परिवार अपने सभी सदस्यों को बहुत सारे लाभ प्रदान करता है जहां परिवार में सभी समान जिम्मेदारियां साझा करते हैं। परिवार के प्रत्येक सदस्य भावनात्मक रूप से उनकी खुशी और उदासी में एक-दूसरे को संलग्न करते हैं। वे अपने बुरे समय में एक दूसरे की मदद करते हैं जो सुरक्षा की भावना देते हैं। एक परिवार पूरे जीवन के सभी सदस्यों को प्रेम, गर्मी और सुरक्षा प्रदान करता है जिससे यह एक पूर्ण परिवार बना देता है एक अच्छा और स्वस्थ परिवार एक अच्छा समाज बनाता है और अंत में एक अच्छा समाज एक अच्छा देश बनाने में शामिल है।

Some of the Benefits of the Joint Family:

It provides an improved pattern of living that extremely contributes to the right growth.
The joint family follows principles of just economy and teaches quality discipline to respect and share the burden of alternative members.
Members of the joint family have an understanding of mutual adjustment.
In a massive joint family, kids get happy surroundings and same age bracket friends forever so a new generation of the family goes higher within the study, sports and alternative activities with none hesitation.
Children developing within the joint family develop the sensation of sociability suggests that they become additional sociable and free from any discrimination.
Members of the joint family become accountable and disciplined moreover as everybody follows the orders of the head of the family.


Some of the Benefits of the Joint Family:

My Family Essay: Sometimes due to the shortage of correct rules within the joint family, some members live as parasites and become habitual of feeding on other’s financial gain. They begin exploiting alternative smart and innocent members of the family.
In some cases, status and cash earning members of the joint family usually insult status or low cash earning members.
Sometimes, members earning extra money provide higher and smart study to their youngsters within the pricey faculties but ne’er share the burden of study of low financial gain members thus there could also be a feeling of discrimination among children of joint family.
There is a giant likelihood of separation within the joint families due to an imbalance of feelings of generosity, shared aims, and feeling of indistinguishability.


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