Bihar TET Syllabus 2022, Download Free PDF – Get Complete Syllabus Here

Bihar TET Syllabus has been released by the official and also Syllabus plays a very important role in scoring higher marks in the Bihar TET exam.  Bihar TET is also referred to as Bihar Teacher Eligibility Test and this test is conducted by the Bihar School Education Board (BSEB) to provide the position of teachers in Govt. and private Run schools. Candidates are going to be recruited within the private and government schools of Bihar on the basis of their Eligibility Criteria.

There are many of the applicants may appear within the Bihar TET Examination and that they must need to obtain qualified marks within the Bihar TET 2022 Examination. Through this content, candidates will get detailed information on Bihar Teacher Eligibility Test during which includes Bihar TET Syllabus.

Bihar TET 2022 Syllabus:

The Bihar TET syllabus is going to be prescribed through Bihar School Education Board (BSEB) and those applicants have applied within the Bihar TET Examination, they need to have to prefer the syllabus for the higher Preparation of Examination. The syllabus details mentioned below.

Child Development and Pedagogy:

  • The concept of Development and its relationship with learning
  • Child-centered and progressive education
  • Multidimensional Intelligence
  • Principles of Child Development and Stages (6-11 years)
  • Influence of Genetics and the Environment
  • Process of socialization
  • Creativity
  • Language and Thought
  • Individual variation
  • Continuous comprehensive evaluation

The teaching of Special Needs Children:

  • Physically Disabled, Learning Disabled
  • Why and how do children fail in school achievement?
  • Basic Learning Teaching Processes
  • Learning how to have a social activity?
  • Visually impaired, hearing-impaired, reading-disrupted, talented children
  • Learning & Education Science- 10 questions
  • How do babies think and learn?
  • The child is a problem solver and a scientific investigator.
  • The concept of Alternative Learning
  • Cognition and Emotion
  • Motivation and Learning

Language- I (30 questions):

  • Grammar – practical grammatical terms for nouns, nouns, pronouns, adjectives, sex, verb, factor, tense, inverse, synonyms, idioms, expressions, word-combination, etc
  • Understanding language and understanding of listening, speaking, reading, writing, language skills
  • Development of communication skills
  • Education Scholar Dimensions Principles and methods of language learning
  • Language skills Understanding language and understanding of listening, speaking, reading, writing, language skills
  • Understanding of practical grammar
  • Resolving difficulties/discrepancies in language teaching
  • Teaching material
  • Remedial Teaching

Mathematics (30 questions):

  • Geometry – Shapes and their local understanding
  • Numbers – Numbers and Operations
  • Importance of Maths teaching
  • Methods of Mathematics Teaching
  • Math’s language
  • Currency – Money Resolve Problem
  • Measurement – Length, Mass, Weight, Volume Time
  • Game of statistics
  • Mental Math Pattern
  • Nature and Nature of Mathematics
  • Mathematical location in the curriculum
  • Math teaching problems
  • Diagnostic and therapeutic teaching and assessment
  • Analysis of errors
  • Learning-related dimensions


Environmental Studies (30 Questions):

  • Family and Friends – Relationships, Bears, Plants, Work, and Sports
  • Food – Foods obtained from plants and animals, animal feeding, cooking meals, eating in the family, eating animals
  • Automation and Behavior of Objects- Soil-Building Vastu
  • Nature of environmental studies
  • Importance of Environmental Studies
  • Education about the environment
  • Education through the environment
  • Education for the conservation of the environment
  • Shelter – Accommodation and its type, neighborhood and its mapping, home decor and cleaning, your family and domestic animals
  • Water-Water sources, Water for families, Water storage, Our life and water, Lack of water, Water drift, Water requirement for plants and animals
  • Travel – Destination Location (Location, Water, Space), Travel Equipment, Communication-Communication, Letter Communication
  • Relation from science to science and social sciences
  • Ways to learn
  • Activities / practical work
  • General evaluation
  • Teaching-ingredient Problems

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