CENTAC Syllabus 2022 – Get CENTAC 2022 Complete Syllabus Here

CENTAC Syllabus: The aspirants of the CENTAC will provide this examination to urge admission within the central universities so that they need to be ready for this examination by selecting the syllabus of particular courses, what they have chosen.

It’s necessary for appeared candidates to go through the CENTAC syllabus for better preparation of examination. Without knowing the CENTAC program it’s insignificant to prepare for the examination. Therefore, candidates need to check the information prescribed by the conducting authority. Throughout this post, candidates can check the elaborate CENTAC Syllabus 2022.

CENTAC 2022 Syllabus:

Colligative Properties The liquid state, elevation of boiling point, depression of freezing point, vapour pressure, ideal & real solutions. Raoult’s law, osmotic pressure, determination of molecular weight based on colligative properties.

Electrochemistry Properties of electrolyte solutions, electrolysis. Faraday’s law of electrolysis, electron transport, electrical cell, Nernst equation, salt bridge, electromotive series, standard potential, SHE. Measuring the relative voltage of half cells, single electrode potential, concentration cells, half-cells & half cell potential, types of half cells, sign convention, Calculation of standard potential. Reference & indicator electrodes. Standard oxidation-reduction potential.

Phase Rule One, two, & three-component systems along with their applications. Solid- solid, solid-liquid, & liquid-liquid systems. Azeotropic mixtures, steam, Distillation of binary systems, vacuum, & fractional distillation.

Thermochemical laws, work of expansion, heat content, enthalpy, isothermic & adiabatic processes, reversible processes, heat capacity.

Refractive index, molar refractivity, specific refractivity, refractometers.

Composition & physical states of matter Intermolecular forces & their impact on the state of the matter. Physical properties of matter, aerosols, dielectric constant, dipole moment, liquefaction of gases, Van Der Waal’s equation & critical phenomenon.


Solutions Solubility, factors affecting solubility, solubility curves. The solubility of gases in liquids, the law of partitioning & its applications. Solute-solvent interactions. Molarity, molality, liquids in liquids, & solids in liquids, critical solution temperature, mole fraction & percentage expressions.

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