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Aryabhatta Essay: Aryabhatta was the first mathematician and astronomer of India. He had obtained huge knowledge in the field of mathematics. He also discovered several things for which Indians feel proud of even now. His renowned discoveries were algebraic identities, trigonometric functions, the value of pi, and the place value system, etc. Aryabhatta wrote many famous books which are treated as Bible in Mathematics. Many youngsters were inspired by Aryabhatta in the field of maths. His contribution to society is profoundly acclaimed to date.

Early Life of Aryabhatta :

Aryabhatta was brought into the world in 475 A.D. in an obscure spot. But according to his book ‘Aryabhatiya’, he lived in Kusumpura, the modernday Patna. The archeologists hold this conviction till today that he proceeded with his examinations in Kusumpura. The explanation for the convictions is his critical works of stargazing were found in Kusumpura.

Consequently, it tends to be accepted that Aryabhatta went through a large portion of his time on earth here. Other than this, it is accepted by certain history specialists that he was the top of the Nalanda University in Kusumpura. All of the previously mentioned speculations depend on surmises and theories in light of the fact that no appropriate proof is there with the exception of the books composed by Aryabhatta. A portion of the records were lost and are not found up to this point.

Contributions of Aryabhatta :

The significant commitment of Aryabhatta was in the field of math. Different geometrical capacities were found by him which are a lot of important in modern arithmetic. Aryabhatta’s creation with respect to the worth of ‘pi’ annihilates the difficulties in arithmetic. Yet, his innovation of spot worth and zero is the masterstroke in the area of science. There are numerous galactic speculations written in the book ‘Aryabhatiya‘.

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Aryabhatta was effective in Mathematics as well as had massive information on space science. As per his heliocentric hypothesis, planets spin around the sun. He determined the speed of the different planets concerning the Sun with the assistance of his hypothesis. The sidereal revolution was likewise determined by him. One of his significant disclosures in the field of space science was the sidereal year which expresses that it should be 365 days, 6 hours, 12 minutes, and 30 seconds in a year. This goes amiss from the present-day esteem by just 3 minutes and 20 seconds.

It was Aryabhatta who accurately found the way that the earth turns on its hub. He additionally expected the geocentric model of the planetary group which said the earth to be the focal point of the universe. The sun, the moon, and the planets pivot around it. Sun powered and lunar obscurations were additionally portrayed in his book. The way that sun powered overshadow and lunar obscuration happen because of the shadow-projecting of the earth and the moon was clarified in his book.

One might say that the approximations made by Aryabhatta in the field of stargazing were particularly precise. The center of the computational worldview is produced by the hypotheses of Aryabhatta. As Indian residents, we should feel glad for Aryabhatta in light of the fact that he had designed such things which can’t be envisioned in the current day without the offices of present day hardware.

The Legacy of Aryabhatta:

Aryabhatta left a legacy of wisdom not only in Indian culture but also in the neighbouring cultures. His astronomical perceptions were extremely accepted and converted into different languages of the adjoining nations. The modern world disclosures demonstrated that he was correct about the place of the sun being in the focal point of the planetary group and his hypothesis on every one of the planets spinning around the middle. Aryabhatta likewise gave a short prologue to why and how a lunar shroud happens. His tradition of information is all around commended in the modern world for every one of the commitments he made in cosmology.


Aryabhatta is very notable as the father of Indian Mathematics. He made different numerical disclosures. The most notable is the worth of pi. Aryabhatta is the person who gave every one of the digits of the worth of pi. These revelations might appear to be minor however they redirected the advancement of ideas of an intricate subject like science.


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