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Essay on Brain Drain: Brain Drain refers to matters when extremely qualified and trained individuals leave a country to permanently settle in another country. It’s additionally mentioned as Human capital flight. Highly educated skilled individuals immigrate to different advanced countries for higher opportunities and a snug lifestyle.

The problem of Brain-drain, in our age, has become terribly elusive. The developing countries like the Republic of India are urgently in want of abilities, particularly within the field of science and technology except for one reason or the other the skills and fleeing their countries, exploit their native lands impoverished within the process.

What is a Brain Drain?

Essay on Brain Drain: Brain Drain is an oft-heard expression utilized in India. This refers to the export or going out of India of the Indian brains to totally different foreign countries. We tend to term it as a drain of the brains as a result of, it’s believed that, with the going out these best brains us, as a country is at a loss as. With our greatest brains operating for alternative countries, we are left solely with mediocre and therefore the lesser brains to figure and develop with.

At the commencement, allow us to analyze why there’s most of this exodus of the brain from India and, while not creating a lot of excitement concerning the brains try and check the drain. It’s but, a matter of pride for all people Indians to comprehend that the globe has, as of these days recognized the Indian brain among the simplest brains of the globe.

This is why foreign countries encourage commerce in the Indian brain. On the opposite hand, our brains are happy to travel out as a result of they get a congenial operating atmosphere out there. There, in foreign lands, there’s an appreciation of fine work, and therefore the surroundings of labor are friendly in contrast to the prevailing conditions in India. Besides this, the handsome pay packets there aren’t any match to the slim counterpart of pay come here in India. Essay on Brain Drain….

About Brain Drain:

With this case during which each the Indian brains and therefore the foreign countries realize the business moneymaking and extremely satisfying however and why ought to it’s stopped. Regarding the why of the question, I feel that it ought to be curtailed if not stopped as a result of, if the simplest exit, what are the prospects of development in our own country? For his once more we, ourselves are guilty. If we tend to build the atmosphere healthier permanently work, I feel a minimum of some of the brains might keep back in India.

With all their experience being out, we’ve to simply accept that the Asian nation is at a loss however, we cannot extremely blame the individuals going out as, who will need to boost the commonplace of life? the very fact of their going out will on the face of it seem to be unfair to India after we have the ability, the experience, why ought to we tend to not reap the good thing about it all.

However, so as to require this advantage of the brains, we’ve to try and do one thing to lure them to remain among – that I daresay, India needs to do plenty of labor. Regarding the matter of however this drain is often stopped, the answer isn’t easy however nonetheless it’s not possible. The govt. should see that the operating setting provided, and appreciation tend to smart work.

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The solution to Brain Drain:

As for the pay packets, they’ll even be increased so as to draw in a minimum of a couple of the brains who is also less bold and additional nationalistic. For, I think that many brains could favor keeping back in India if the requisite changes are created for them within the entire system of the operating pattern.

Thus, to stop a drain from Bharat it’s not enough to simply shout regarding it and build difficulty of it. We should work towards the goal of providing them with a minimum of the close to amenities to them of what they might get in any of the foreign lands they’ll select to travel to. If we tend to do that, we could reach holding back a minimum of a couple of them, for serving us to develop India. The drain is also inflicting concern to us as the most effective of our Indian brains leave of the country, however, there’s not solely a black cloud of missing out on our greatest, there’s additionally a bright side to the drain.


The brains that leave of India are by currently such a considerable range that they type a large community in themselves, known as the Non-Resident Indians. This NRIs are a continuing supply of financial gain for India in terms of exchange. With their remittances home, they contribute considerably to assembling up the country’s exchange.

Thus, this drain is and can continue unless we tend to place a stopper by providing them with additional operating facilities reception and provides them quite the opposite standard brains in terms of the medium of exchange hedges. As long as we do that for them or do not do that for them the drain can’t be stopped and also the better of Indians will still notice homes abroad. Whereas they still leave us, the Indians can need to continue being pleased with the actual fact that they need a minimum of becoming a force to reckon with and that they get plenty of name and fame.


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