Essay on Communal Harmony, Meaning, Values and Example for Students

Essay on Communal Harmony: Communal Harmony is that the great nature of India and India is that community, wherever a numerous sort of religion and belief live within the country.

“The nation voted us to power to examine unity and communal harmony, not for any division of commonality”. “We should understand our own roles. we must always conjointly understand the roles that others play, and also the rules such roles follow. during this manner, social harmony is maintained. it’s after we overstep our roles or act without knowing them, that social disorder ensues”.

It is an awfully necessary nature of the country, within which the community takes place and reduces the stress and friction of the country. In countries like India, it’s important, being a Precondition to internal peace, that is important for the progress and development of the country.

As we know, India possesses the multiplicity of religions and the extreme nature of the culture is composite. However, faith has ne’er been a source of co between the communities in Indian society. Mutual tolerance and regard for different religions is an old tradition of the country. Still, the unconditional interests have continuously been active to make inharmoniousness be them.

Religious Obstruction:

There was, however, not one instance some years back wherever obstruction in spiritual performance has been an explanation for communal. This development within the Indian context is politically motivated and perpetually been built by unconditional interests. it absolutely was there at the foreign rule similarly as in the post-independence era.

Communal Harmony Values in Traditional:

Communal harmony as such is a very sensitive problem and can’t be soft-pedaled any longer insight of our ancient value, com cultural heritage and secular character of our state.


For the sake of maintaining communal harmony, Akbar started a new faith Din-e-Iiahi. He made a Hindu girl his partner gave equal respect to his Hindu faith.

During the time of Bahadur Zafar, the last king of the Mughal dynasty, a function, Foolwalon-ki Sai: accustomed be organized often in Delhi, wherever individuals of each the faith idolized in temples and mosques along.

Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar, who was the founders of our constitution conjointly underlined the necessity of co harmony and provided for equal rights to all or any Indians regardless of caste, color, and creed.

It created our democracy system stronger main downside is the way to maintain communal harmony at the body and social levels.

There is an absence of political consciousness armor, folk because of illiteracy. Secondly, delinquent and skilled criminals are enjoying a key role in communal riots and happening as agents of unconditional interests and their hirelings. Finally, there’s a desire for an efficient mechanism to subsume it. The present mechanism is smooth. It lacks coordination and people’s involvement.

The intelligent agencies report earlier to the District and State authorities concerning the communal tension and also the component actively related to growing tension and potential of disturbances etc. But typically, no action is and authorities look forward to the riots. it’s solely thenceforth that police move in and a curfew is clamped to regulate matters. throughout curfew arrests created for violations.

For the last 10 years Ram Janambhoomi – Babri mosque issue could be a major root of communal dissonance Muslims and Hindus are face to every different on this issue. within the early, the communal riots on this issue have taken several lives in Gujarat.

Three bogies of a train within which Ramsevaks were coming back from Ayodhya were burnt by a mob of 2000 Muslim fundamentalists at Godhra train station. within which fifty-eight persons were burnt alive.

Suddenly in an exceedingly reaction to that, Hindu started burning the properties and men and ladies in numerous areas of Gujarat.

To being with, therefore, the primary factor is to possess a recent examine it and change our approach consequently. Foremost within the method so is resolute toil on the part of a government to guard the inspiration pillar of the Indian state.

With the recent approach to the matter, recent measures are to be taken to subsume it effectively. The life would come with the appropriate change within the existing applicable law, referring to a terror of breach of peace and criminal conspiracy against the state and other people of India.

A new mechanism involving people and social organizations on completely different levels to look at and vigil over matters exchange existing native peace committees can need to be evolved to assist the executive machinery in taking preventive and follow-up action in cases of tries and conspiracy of breach of communal harmony.



It is an excellent conception that India becomes a great country. It makes a potential numerous sort of method and development of the country if communal harmony can maintain within the country by everybody.


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