Essay on Jalaluddin Muhammad Shah for Students & Children’s in English

Essay on Jalaluddin Muhammad Shah was the ruler of Bengal. He was the son of Raja Ganesa. His early name was Jadu. In 1418, he ascended the throne of Bengal in his Muslim name: Jalaluddin Muhammad Shah. He dominated for an extended time, from 1418 to 1433 A.D.

During the time of Jalaluddin Muhammad Shah, the entire Bengal together with eastern Bengal and Chittagong was underneath his authority. The coins issued by Jalaluddin Muhammad Shah established the actual fact that his kingdom had extended from Kusi-river within the north-west to Chittagong within the south-east and from Fatabad and Satgaon within the south to stream Karatoa within the north-east. Even a district of Tripura and Rotasgarh in South province were annexed by him.

Jalaluddin Muhammad Shah was beyond question a good king of this family. He had healthy diplomatic relations with the rulers of Egypt, the Asian country, and China. He was a good patron of art and design and lots of lovely buildings mosques and inns were in-built his time.

He maintained sensible relations with each of the Muslims and also the Hindus. He patronized learning and lots of Hindu students throughout his time found his favor. Inline with Cunningham, the Eklakhi construction of Pandua that was assumed as his burial chamber doubtless was the gorgeous specimen of Pathan design in Bengal.

After seventeen years of reign, Jalaluddin Muhammad Shah died in 1431 and was succeeded by his son Shams-ud-din Ahmad Shah who dominated for an additional eleven years.

Essay on Jalaluddin Muhammad Shah

Several undatable problems with his silver coins and an enormous ceremonial occasion silver coin minted in Pandua in 1421 bear the stylized figure of a lion. Another theory says that they were issued to celebrate the arrival of a Chinese ambassador and one more theory says that they marked the withdrawal of Jaunpur’s threatening army.

Asides from him, the lion-motif coins were additionally issued by Nasiruddin Mahmud Shah I and Jalaluddin Fateh Shah. Such types of coins were additionally issued by the dominion of Tripura in 1464, so precluding the chance that Jalaluddin was following the kingdom’s custom.

Since the lion is seen because the vehicle of the divinity as Chandi in whose name the Sena phratry rebelled from 1416 18, it’s attainable he tried to attractiveness to the deeply-rooted sentiments of Goddess-worship. In 1427, he had represented himself during a description on a masjid because the most exalted of the good sultans, the Islamist of Supreme Being within the universe.


Having tested this, in 1430 he took a bolder step by together with” Caliph of Allah” (Khalifat al-Allah) jointly of his titles on his coins. In 1431 AD he issued a brand new coin inscribing Kalema-tut-Shahadat. so he reintroduced on his coins the Kalimah, which had disappeared from Bengal state coins for many centuries.

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