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Dog Essay: The dog is a pet animal and is considered to be one of the most obedient animals. There are various types of dogs, and some of them are known to be very friendly while some are dangerous.

There are varied species of dogs that we come across, and some have slippery shiny skin, while others have rough skin. Dogs are carnivorous animals and they like eating meat. Dogs have four legs, two ears, and a tail. 

General Facts of Dog:

Dogs have a place with the wolf family. Dogs are trained carnivores having a place with the group of Canidae. They have a place with the vertebrate classification as female Dogs can bring forth young doggies. They additionally have mammary organs, and support the little dogs with milk.

Dogs are known to be great swimmers and furthermore cordial and supportive to people. Dogs are supposed to be exceptionally astute and touchy creatures. All Dogs are prepared to perform various undertakings. The police take the assistance of Sniffer Dogs to uncover and track down secret things. Dogs are the most steadfast homegrown creatures on the planet.


Dogs have a solid feeling of smell and are known to always remember anybody they experience as a result of this trademark.

Exceptionally insightful, Dogs have the ability of communicating their satisfaction and joy by swaying their tails.

They are known to be the most steadfast of creatures. Dogs can detect your aggravation and can be your dearest companion. They can detect feelings, and when you are miserable, they become miserable and when you are cheerful, they are blissful.

The canine is a straightforward creature that shows no intricate qualities. Dogs are sacrificial creatures and they have no uncommon prerequisites. They search for little consideration and warmth. A canine turns into a decent ally for its proprietor.

Dogs are known to be quite possibly the most dependable and steadfast specie. Dogs need great treatment and great consideration from us people, and they are cheerful.

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How are Dogs Useful to Us?

  • Pets, particularly Dogs, can bring mental advantages. Investing energy with them can decrease your pressure and uneasiness. It can quiet you down when you are discouraged and furious. They empower exercise and fun loving nature which thusly work on your wellbeing. Dogs can assist you with facilitating identity disconnection.
  • Sniffer Dogs with their solid improvement of smell can assist people with identifying explosives, booty, and even sicknesses. They assist the police with getting criminals and different mavericks.
  • They likewise act as great safety officers and safeguard the climate.
  • A few Dogs are utilized for hunting.


There are many kinds of dog breeds. Some popular breeds of dogs are as follows.

  • Labrador Retrievers: They are a medium-large breed. They are very gentle and human-lover dogs. They make good companions and assistance dogs.
  • German Shepherd: They are basically sheepdogs. They are highly intelligent. This breed is known for its courage, loyalty, and guarding instincts. They make an excellent guard dog, police dog, and rescue dog. 
  • Bulldogs: They can be good pet dogs but they are very aggressive by nature. If things don’t go well with them they can show their aggression. 
  • Beagle: They are small built dogs. Their appearance is similar to larger foxhounds. They are affectionate, temperamental, and independent. 
  • Golden Retriever: They are even-tempered, affectionate, and intelligent. They normally don’t bark too much so that they are considered as good watchdogs.
  • Rottweiler: They are aggressive dogs and dominant dogs. They are highly active and intelligent. 

How is a Dog’s Age Calculated?

According to the common principles, the main year of a canine is equivalent to fifteen years of human age. The second year of a canine equivalents around nine years of human age. Therefore, every human year is around five years for a canine.

The Lifespan of a Dog:

Normally, a canine lives for 10 to 13 years, yet it relies upon the variety of the canine. The more modest measured Dogs live north of 15-16 years. The medium and enormous estimated Dogs live for 10-13 years and some monster canine varieties frequently live for 7-8 years.


Dogs are perhaps the most devoted and faithful specie. All they need is great treatment and care from people. There are many Dogs who don’t get legitimate safe house and care. We should go ahead and assist them and give them friendship. Consequently, they will cherish us genuinely.


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