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Hockey Essay: Field Hockey is the National Sport of our Country. The designation of ‘National Sport’ is either designated on the basis of the popularity of a Game, or on the basis of the Game’s historical background. Hockey has a well established rich inheritance, and this reality likewise provides this Sport with the believability of being the ‘National Game’ of our Country, India. Added to this, one more clear justification for assigning this Sport as the National Sport of the Country, for the pride that is generally evoked by the Countrymen.

To play this Game, this Game is expected to be led either on plain grass or on a mat-like material called the turf. India showed wonderful execution in Hockey at different International discussions during the 1920-1950s period and this was one more justification for tolerating this Game as a National Sport in this Country.

Essay on Hockey:

Battleground Hockey is a prominently played Sport in our Country, which is played by shaping groups. This Game is played on grass, on fake or watered turf, or on manufactured fields. The group has ten players altogether and a Goalkeeper.

Hockey is played with a bended stick as the letter ‘J’. The point here is to push the ball ahead to the Goal post with the bended finish of the stick and accordingly scoring a Goal. The strikers who play this Game are extraordinarily gifted at hitting the objectives, this will assist them with holding back nothing effectively and cause them to enter the Goal post. While the Goalkeeper gets the obligation of leaping and halting the Goals so they can prevent the contrary group from scoring.

Hockey is a Sport that requires a ton of training and devotion. The Game is played generally on a rectangular field, and this is viewed as an outside Sport. The Goalkeeper remains close to the Goal post wearing a vigorously cushioned pullover and protective caps additionally with a bended Hockey stick. The Goalkeeper is expected to wear defensive suits in light of the fact that the ball, hitting with the Hockey stick, surges towards the Goal post at an exceptionally sped up speed, in the event that the Goalkeeper doesn’t wear a cushioned suit this might make extreme wounds the Goalkeeper.

The Game beginnings with a throw between the commanders of the two unmistakable groups. The commander who wins the throw will either choose his side of the field where his group will play or he decides to pass. The Game is played for 75 minutes in a solitary meeting. There are two rounds of every 35 minutes and one break in the middle of the two meetings. The time period utilized for prescriptions, vital preparation, likewise for treatment.

My Favorite Game Hockey Essay in English:

Hockey is positioned as my #1 Game. The Game is the most intriguing open air Game with regards to my view, as there is an excessive amount of life and energy happening in the Game. Hockey keeps every one of the players occupied, both actually as well as intellectually. This is an exceptionally famous Game all around the world and considered as the National Sport of my Country, India.

In this Sport, there are two groups who play against one another and the two of them attempt to score by posting the Goal in the Goalpost. As of now, there are various types of Hockey i.e.- Field Hockey, Ice Hockey, Roller Hockey, Sledge Hockey, and even Street Hockey.

India made a great record with numerous Olympic gold decorations, in the year 1928-1956, this is known as the Golden Era of Hockey in India. India won 6 back to back gold decorations in this Olympic Games.

Short Note on Hockey:

Hockey is an antiquated Game that is being played in India year wide. In prior times, this Game was being played with a stick and a ball. Hockey is the National Sport of this Country. This is a famous and intriguing Game which numerous nations play.

The Game comprises of rules which are expected to be trailed by both the groups to lead fair play. There are a lot of changes of this Game that is played across the globe. While the essential principles continue as before at all spots. In India, the history is all in all an exclusion. Indian has won six gold decorations in the Olympics and in numerous other successive matches.

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