Essay on Environment For Students and Children’s in English

About Essay on Environment: An atmosphere is that the natural surroundings that help life to grow, nourish and destroy on this planet referred to as earth. Natural atmosphere plays an excellent role within the existence of life on earth and it helps folks, animals and alternative living things to grow and develop naturally.

However, as a result of some unhealthy and self-loving activities of the folks, our surroundings are getting affected. It’s the foremost necessary topic that everybody should know how to guard our surroundings to stay safe forever further as make sure nature’s balance on this planet to continue the existence of life.

All the natural things that make life attainable on the planet include underneath surroundings like water, air, sunlight, land, fire, forests, animals, plants, etc. it’s thought of that earth is that the sole planet within the universe having needed surroundings for the life existence.

Without an atmosphere, we cannot guess life here therefore we should always keep the environment safe and clean to confirm the life chance in the future. It’s the responsibility of every and each individual living on the planet worldwide. Everybody ought to come forth and be a part of the campaign for surroundings safety. 

Environment Essay:

There are numerous cycles that happen frequently between surroundings and living things to keep up nature’s balance. However, by any suggests that if such cycles get disturbed, nature’s balance conjointly gets disturbed that ultimately affects the human lives.

The environment helps us and alternative varieties of existence to grow, develop and flourish on the planet for thousands of years. As human beings are thought of as the most intelligent creature created by the character on the planet, they need a lot of keenness to understand things within the universe that lead them towards technological advancement.


Such technological advancement in everyone’s life places the life prospects on the world at risk day by day as the environment is destroying bit by bit. It looks that therefore it becomes so harmful always because the natural air, soil and water have gotten contaminated. Even it’s started showing its unhealthy effects on the health of souls, animals, plants and different living things.

Unnaturally ready fertilizers by victimization harmful chemicals are spoiling the soil that indirectly obtaining collected into our body through the food we tend to eat daily. Harmful smokes created from the commercial corporations on commonplace are polluting the natural air that affects our health to an excellent extent as we tend to breathe it each moment.

In such a busy, packed and advanced life we tend to should pay attention to such sorts of little unhealthy habits on the commonplace. It’s true that solely a little effort by the end of everybody will bring a significant positive modification towards our declining surroundings.

We must always not use natural resources in the wrong ways in which to simply our stinginess and fulfill our harmful needs. Continually we must always grow and develop science and technologies for the betterment of our lives however always make sure that it might not ruin the environment in the future in anyways. We must always make sure that new technologies would ne’er disturb the ecological balance. Essay on Environment….

An environment is everything that’s around us. It is living or inanimate things. It includes physical, chemical and alternative natural forces. Living things sleep in their surroundings. They perpetually move with it and alter in response to conditions in their surroundings. within the surroundings, there are interactions between animals, plants, soil, water, and alternative living and non-living things.


Since everything is a component of the surroundings of one thing else, the word ‘environment’ is employed to speak concerning several things. People in totally different fields of data (like history, geography or biology) use the word surroundings otherwise. magnetic force surroundings are radio waves and other electromagnetic radiation and magnetic fields. The galactic surroundings refer to conditions between the celebs.

In psychology and medicine, a person’s surroundings are that the folks, physical things, places, and prevents that the person lives with. The surroundings affect the expansion and development of the person. It affects a person’s behavior, body, mind, and heart.

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