Essay on Kalinga War for Students & Children’s in English

Essay on Kalinga War: Ashoka Priyadarsi ascended the Magadhan throne because the new Maurya ruler in 273 B.C. Ashoka was anxious to differentiate himself as a vanquisher.

Ashoka was ascended to the throne in 273 B.C. However, he was coronated four years later and within the ninth year of his reign when enthronization, he invaded Kalinga and conquered it.

Causes of Kalinga War:

According to Dr. H. C. Raychowdhury, Asoka attacked Kalinga as a result of Kalinga had declared its independence taking the chance of general revolt throughout the time of Bindusara’s rule. According to some historians, Kalinga had accumulated its military power from the time of Chandragupta to it of Asoka and Asoka couldn’t ignore the complexness of matters. Kalinga had a huge army and will be prejudicious for the protection of the Maurya Empire.

It had been additionally true that because of her business relationship with Malay, Java and Ceylon Kalinga had huge material prosperity. Probably this had additionally aggravated Asoka to invade Kalinga. According to Dr. R.S.Tripathy throughout that amount of confusion that followed the overthrow of the Nandas, Kalinga declared independence.

Chandragupta had no time to retake it and Bindusara had no significance for this. Furthermore, since its independence, Kalinga became an arch-enemy of Magadha and allied itself with Chola and Pandya countries of South against Magadha. Thus, Ashoka invaded Kalinga.

Effects of Kalinga War on Ashoka:

Essay on Kalinga War: The invasion of Kalinga was an enormous milestone within the history of Magadha, and of the Republic of India. It had prestigious consequences. It had an unbelievable influence on the non-public life and policy of Asoka. The despair and casualty that he had inflicted upon the individuals of Kalinga stuffed his heart with deep sorrow and regret.

The cry of the wives and girls of the deads, the tears of the kids, the terrific sufferings of the dying men, all had modified his heart and mind. He found his consolation in Buddhism. He was repenting for his deeds. He embraced Buddhism and took the vow of inculcating ‘Dhamma’ to any or all men throughout his life. King Asoka left behind the policy of Digvijay and adopted the policy of Dhamma-Vijaya.

There were important changes in state policy. It concluded the policy of Magadhan imperialism. Asoka concluded the age recent policy of aggression and conquest of the Magadhan Kings. a replacement policy of Peace and non-violence began to be adopted within the realm of inter-state relations.

The call of Dharma wherever all are equal and wherever all feel for all began to flourish. The blood-thirsty tyrant became an exponent of humanity who preached non-violence.

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Severe Losses of Kalinga War:

Ashoka invaded Kalinga and when a fierce battle Kalinga was conquered. Kalinga suffered from horrible loss. Asoka himself had represented the horrible story of killing, death, and deportation of the Kalinga folks. Thousands had died, about 100,000 men were slain and 1, 50,000 folks deported.

Infinite folks suffered as a result of the brutality, severance and different eventualities of war. There have been Blood and tears all over and therefore the magnificence of the globe becomes the flaming pits of hell. Asoka himself witnessed the brutality of the Kalinga war.


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