Essay on Mother in English for Students and Children, Short Paragraph on my Mother

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Essay on Mother Love: A mother is the female parent of a baby. God can’t be present everywhere then he created mother. A mother’s Love is unconditional. She cares and loves her kids. A mother’s love will never be represented in words. She carries her kids for nine months in pain simply to examine her child’s face.

A mother is a most significant and most stunning person in the world. She nourishes her kid and takes care of their food and health. She provides healthy and healthful food to her kids.

Role of a Mother in our Life:

She wakes her kids within the morning and makes them able to move to school. She provides her kid lunch and drops him to the stop. Within the afternoon, she waits for her kid to come from school then feeds them with a delicious lunch. In the night, when giving them dinner she tells them stories and makes them sleep.

The role and importance of a mother are incredibly totally different from the opposite folks concerned in our lives. Her love for us is unconditional. A mother doesn’t need anything back from us. She loves her kids with an open heart and provides them blessings throughout life. She is prepared to require pain however she never provides pain to her kids.

During our time of illness, she pays sleepless nights taking our excellent care. She is that the only 1 who remains with us in our sensible additionally as unhealthy times. She incorporates full information of our likes and dislikes.

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Mother is a Good Mentor for Children:

A mother could be a conjointly a good mentor. She teaches us the distinction between wrong and right. She is that the only 1 who provides us the most effective recommendation. She guides us at some stage in our life serving us to decide on the correct path. She cultivates manners into her kid and teaches them to behave in an exceedingly right manner. She conjointly helps us in understanding our responsibilities towards our family and society.

Our mother continually stays with us and take our excellent care. She carries her kid for nine months in her womb enduring numerous pain nonetheless she remains pleased with her child’s existence.

A mother’s love can’t be compared. We should always love and respect our mother. We should always feel lucky to own a mother in our lives and will respect her existence.

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Mother is Strong Lady of a Family:
A mother could be an unselfish lady who doesn’t think about her pain in front of her children’s happiness. She has a gorgeous soul and a kind heart that is packed with love and care.

They are a terribly strong woman who supports us in our powerful times and teaches us the most effective doable thanks to handling true. She is our 1st teacher who teaches us the fundamentals of life. A mother is thought for her kids and her teachings build us the great citizens of the country.

Mother is our Best Friend:
A Mother could be true and succor. She stands by us in each sensible and unhealthy times. She supports us in each stage of life and brings quality in our life.

Mother and kid share an awfully distinctive bond. A mother’s 1st priority is her kid. She is the one who is aware of what makes her kid happy and what makes him unhappy. For a child, his mother is that the whole world and for a mother, his child is that the whole world.

Happy Mother’s Day:
We all understand that one day isn’t sufficient to give thanks to our mothers nonetheless we celebrate mother’s day on thirteenth might to point out our feeling and appreciation towards her. We should always pay attention to her and will love her as she does.

A mother can’t be replaced by our hearts. She is the one who provides us everything while not expecting something from us in return. She takes care of her children.

A mother is the one whom we see 1st after we come back to the present world. She is our 1st teacher, 1st friend and most significantly our first love. ‘Mumma’ is the word that comes out for the primary time from a child’s mouth.

A Mother is usually out there for her kid although she is tired. She nurtures and pays attention to her kid within the best method doable. She sacrifices her whole life only for the well- being of her kids.

My mother conjointly helps me in my studies. each evening she helps me in finishing my schoolwork. She sits close to me teaching totally different ideas of maths and science. shortly she helps me in editing the ideas I learned in my schoolroom.

A mother is somebody who loves and cares for her child unintentionally. She is prepared to back her kid throughout any hardships and produce her kid on the right track. She listens to her child’s drawback and supplies the most effective advice. She ne’er restricts her kids and continually allows them to fly high.


We should be glad to God that he created mothers within the style of person to require care of everybody. Nothing is a lot of precious than a mother. A house is simply a bit of brick however mothers are those who build them home sweet home. A mother is a true example of sacrifice, care, and love.

Mothers provide us the most effective recommendation and philosophies of life. Her stories include mythological tales and historical stories that supply us truth thanks to living life. She is that the one who makes us mentally, socially and physically sturdy. She continually prays to God for our healthiness and bright future. She is that the one who scatters happiness in our life and removes all the disappointment.