Essay on Telephone for Students, Advantages and Disadvantages of Telephone

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Essay on Telephone Use: The telephone is that the great communication instrument, that has introduced by the great Alexander Graham Bell within the year of 1876 by an oversized assume. It’s an important connection, that connects to the individuals for talking about their happiness and sorrow with somebody special.

Meaning of Telephone:

The telephone is that device, that converts human sound into a kind that’s catching through wire or radio technology.

Before the invention of the phone, individuals were using the message system for communication. Individuals were conjointly using the envelope messages by the pigeon, that send the message from one person to a different person.

After a few years, the telephone has made-up for people and develops in the country with a new communication system. it’s a good invention for him. everybody becomes thus happy using this device.

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Types of Phones:

There are assorted kinds of a telephone within the country, which incorporates mounted landlines, conductor telephone, mobile phones, etc. it all changes with generation to generation.

Fixed Telephone
It is that telephone, that connected with the wire and it’s the mounted telephone like Land-line, corded telephones. It’s immobile.

Cordless Telephone
A conductor telephone may be a moveable telephone. It’s the wireless phone that uses radio technology to speak with the base station. the bottom station fixed at an area, and also the telephone wires connected thereto. These telephones are transportable, however within works among terribly restricted distances, generally among constant few floors from the bottom stations.

Mobile Phone
It advanced from a conductor phone. It’s a mobile phone and conjointly the wireless phone. This device will keep on the hands and pockets of the users. From this phone, users will decision and conjointly do the messages to a different user. It will move around the big selection of geographical areas.

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It is the fresh and additional advanced telephone system of the developed country. It’s portable with new enhances options comparable to those of computers. It’s sensible options like software system, browser, touchscreen, music player, etc.

Advantages of Telephone

The telephone is the most profit factor for individuals. Everyone seems to be taking this real advantage in their life. It’s the best mode for connecting with distant individuals. There are some advantage of the telephone is given below

Connection of people
It is a nice technique of communication, by this facility individuals will hook up with their loved ones and relatives. We can get additional of solutions from our relatives by the phone system if we are in any issues. It’s terribly useful for the individuals to attach their beloved.

Connection to the web
With the advanced functions of the trendy telephone system, like the VoIP, we will affordably contact individuals even in remote areas as long as connected to the net.

Facilitate numerous functions
There are various sorts of services within the smartphone, that is call forwarding, decision screening and lots of others that place ease in our means of human activity.

Wireless Communication
In the trendy time, most of the individuals have the power of a smartphone, and it’s the terribly audio system of the phone that it helps within the transmission of voice using wireless technologies. It’s the necessary invention of mobile phones.

Saves Time and Energy
The new sort of smartphones plays an important role in saves time and energy. It serves us as an honest servant altogether the fields as a result of it saves our valuable time and energy to a good extent.

Provides Security
In the major cities, there’s the ability of safety. It’s created for the individuals to facilitate, like if individuals have any drawback, then they will call the police for help. It protects and secures to the individuals.

Easy for Traveling
The smartphone plays a vital role conjointly within the time of traveling. By the smartphones, individuals will book the ticket of moving as an example of railway booking, vocation a taxi from the stand all are often done on the telephone.

Disadvantages of telephone

There is conjointly some drawback of telephone, that details given below:

Minimum Convenience of Telephone
In the neighborhood, a number of individuals had the phone communication system. Most of the individuals don’t have that facility for the decision of their loved one. in order that they square measure victimization another phone for vocation, and it became the explanation to pay the bill by the owner of the phone.

Disconnection of Network System
Sometimes, the phone system is disconnected, once somebody is talking with people. It creates the incorrect image in the mind of individuals at that point. individuals try once more for connecting with the individuals, thus it conjointly becomes the cause of the wasting of your time.

It’s conjointly a proven fact that factor, we cannot call if a recipient of the call is unavailable or engaged in speech somebody else.

The bitterness of Neighbors by Ringing of Phone
Some of the neighbors are thus frank and free that they offer your variety to their relatives and friends. If you fail to decide the friend at an odd hour once the phone rings for him, he can become angry, and the sweetness of the neighborhood would grow to be the bitterness. They fail to think about your comfort.

Disturbance in Calls
Sometimes the individuals call to the opposite person terribly forced to attend several calls and, that disturbed the peace of mind. Individuals waste a lot of time on the phone. It’s the terribly habit for everyone those are talking a lot of on the phone.


Misuse by telemarketers, several of the individuals might use the telephone system by the incorrect means. The telemarketers typically abuse the telephone. Very often, telemarketers build uninvited calls and disturb individuals throughout office hours.

Excessive use of Telephone
It will a lot of cause if we’ll value more highly to do the excessive use of phones and it can also become part of wasting time.

The use of the telephone is extremely high within ancient times, and it’s a superb communication mode within the country. The communication technique of the country is developing day by day. within the present time, the new invention has are available in the country for higher communication.