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Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati also named as IITG is an independent public institute settled by the Govt. of India and is located in the state of Assam in Guwahati India. The IIT-Guwahati is the sixth IIT that was launched in India in the year 1994 and was called the Institute of National Importance by the Govt. of India.

History of IIT Guwahati:

The Indian Institute of Technology IITs are located in India and it is an independent public institute of higher education studies. The parliament of India declared IIT-Guwahati as an Institute of National Importance and passed the Indian Institute of Technology ACT. To add the new IIT’s the Indian Institute of Technology ACT was made in 1961.

In Assam, Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi promises the creation of new IIT in Assam to the students of Assam. In 1960 this was the sixth campus at Guwahati under the Assam record. The first batch of the IIT-Guwahati students was admitted into the Bachelor of Technology Programs in the year 1995 and the entry process was the same as of all IIT’s much through the Joint Entrance Examination. The first batch of the students was admitted to the Master of Technology department through the Graduate Aptitude Test of Engineering GATE.

The campus of IIT-Guwahati:

The Campus of IIT-Guwahati is situated on the northern banks of the Brahmaputra and the North Guwahati town of Amingaon. The campus of IIT-Guwahati consists of around 700 acres of land and is just about 20 KM from the heart of the city. The campus of the IIT-Guwahati is very beautiful because of one side it has the Brahmaputra and on the other side hills and big greenery.

The IIT-Guwahati campus has huge residential hostels for the student’s accommodation were the students stay in the hostel of the campus. The campus hostels are named after the rivers such as Manas, Dining, Kapil, Siang, Kameng, Barak, Subansiri, Umiam, Dibang, Brahmaputra, Dhansiri, and Lohit. These hostels are meant for both boys and girls in the different buildings and apart from this, there are married scholar hostels also for the married students who want to accommodate there.

Academic Department of IIT-Guwahati:

The IIT-Guwahati Departments courses are given below:

  1. Department of Mechanical Engineering
  2. Department of Mathematics
  3. Department of Physics
  4. Department of Humanities & Social Science
  5. Department of Electronics & Communication
  6. Department of Design
  7. Department of Computer Science & Engineering
  8. Department of Civil Engineering
  9. Department of Chemistry
  10. Department of Chemical Engineering
  11. Center of Excellence for Sustainable Polymers
  12. Department of Bioscience and Bioengineering

Research centers for IIT Guwahati:

Total there are nine centers in IIT-Guwahati. They are as follows:

  1. Department of Humanities and Social Sciences
  2. Center for Career Development
  3. Center for Computer & Communication Center
  4. Center for the Environment
  5. Center for Energy
  6. Center for Instruments Facility
  7. Center for Nanotechnology
  8. Center for Educational Technology
  9. Center for Linguistic Science & Tech

Annual Festival of IIT Guwahati:

The Administration and the students of IIT-Guwahati together arrange some festivals and competition programs every year. The IIT-Guwahati festivals that are arranged are Alcheringa, Technique and the IIT-Guwahati Entrepreneurship Summit are done on a very big scale.

ALCHERINGA: The Alcheringa is the annual cultural program of the Indian Institute of Technology and is also known as ‘Alcher’. The Archer program was started by the students in the year 1996 and was a non-profitable group for the sake of youth of the nation. The other is done on a very big scale around 50,000 peoples gathered in the program every year and it is held for three days and four nights.

TECHNISCHE: In IIT-Guwahati this is the Techno-management festival and is kept in September every year for over three days. The Technique program is also attended by some famous personalities such as R. Chidambaram, Kiran Bedi, H. C. Verma, Mike Fincke, John C. Mather and many others.

Rankings of IIT-Guwahati:

The QS World University ranked IIT-Guwahati as 451-460 in 2015. The QS Asian University ranked IIT-Guwahati as 89 in the year 2012. In the year 2016 for the subject Electronics & Electrical Engineering Department the QS World Universities ranked the IIT-Guwahati as 201-250 and the Mechanical department is ranked as 201-300, Chemistry Department is ranked as 301-400 and the Computer Science department is ranked as 401-500.

By India Today among Engineering colleges in India it is ranked as 10 and in 2012 by Outlook India the ranked was at 8 and in 2011 by Dataquest the ranked was at 7. IN 2012 the QS World University ranked the Chemical Engineering Department as 101-150.



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