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The Indian Institute of Technology Indore is also named as IIT Indore, or IITI is situated in Indore, Madhya Pradesh and was established in the year 2009. The IIT-Indore was one of the Eight new IITs which was established by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Govt. of India under the Law of The Institutes of Technology Act, of 2011. The Act for the Institutions was cleared on 24th Mar 2011 in the Lok Sabha and on 30th Apr 2012 in the Rajya Sabha.

On 17thFeb 2009 the Human Resource Development Minister Mr. Arjun Singh kept the foundation stone for the construction of the IIT-Indore permanent campus which is situated in Simrol, Indore in Madhya Pradesh. The IIT-Indore in the year 2009-10 started his education in a temporary school which was the Institute of Engineering & Technology of Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya under the leadership of IIT Bombay. The first Convocation Day was celebrated on 8th June 2013 for the first IIT-Indore batch which was graduated in the year of 2013. The IIT-Indore Institute is functioning on the permanent campus which is situated at Simrol from Jan 2016 onwards.

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Administrative Structure of IIT Indore:

Indian Institute of Technology Indore is an independent organization which is organized under the Institute of Technology Act. All the IITs are controlled centrally by the IIT’s Council which is an independent committee established by the Govt. of India. In IIT’s the Chairman of the Council is the Minister of Human Resource & Development, Govt. of India. The Board of Governors which are selected for the Institute are responsible for all its administration and education structure.

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In IIT the academic policies are decided by the Senate which is selected by the selection of the universities and all professors of IIT and student representatives. The Senate approves and controls the courses, examination, results and appoints a committee to look after the specific universities matters. To maintain the educational and university standard the Senate looks after the teaching and research programs of the Institute.

The ex-officio Chairman of the Senate is the Director of an IIT. The main person in the Institute activities is the Director and Deputy Director who are helped by the Dean which is from the Ministry of Research and Development, Dean which is from the Planning Department, and Dean which is from Student Affairs and the head of all department and the centers of universities. In IIT there are three sub-committees for the Senate which are named as the Board of Academic Research, the Board of Students and the Board of Academic Courses.

The campus of Indian Institute of Technology Indore:

The IIT-Indore has around 510 acres of land for his permanent campus which is located at Simrol Campus at Khandwa road. In Oct 2015 the IIT-Indore has shifted from his temporary campus which was the IET DAW campus to his new permanent Simrol campus at Khandwa road. The IIT-Indore is very careful about the safety of the students, campus and the residing areas thus they have conducted their IIT-Indore security department which conducts patrols personally on the campus and the accommodation area the whole day. Also, the IIT-Indore security staff maintain all the rules and regulation of the IIT and the country and are working cooperatively with the Indore Police Department to save all the incidents that may occur on the campus.

The campus of IIT-Indore also has a central library which emphasizes the use of Online Information Resources. The Indore Central Library also gives the students of school many of the documents and journals which can be helpful for the students such as nearly 4000 Electronics Journals as well as access to databases such as IEEE Xplore Digital Library, ACM Digital Library, JSTOR, SciFinder, Taylor & Francis, WILEY, Springer Science Direct, and MathSciNet, etc. In the library, there is a fully air-conditioned facility with the also service of WIFI enabled reading halls.

Academics and Departments of IIT Indore:

In IIT Indore the students are admitted after completing their higher secondary that is 12th and after giving the entrance exam as needed by the IITs. For 4- year program of Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech) in various engineering fields the applicants have to go through the (IIT-JEE) Indian Institute of Technology Joint Entrance Examination. In IIT-Indore the programs of postgraduate & graduate include M. Tech and Ph. D programs in engineering and M. Sc & Ph.D. in Basic Science & Humanities. In IIT-Indore there are scholarships for the students from various qualifications also.


About the department the IIT-Indore consist of three schools with around seventy of the faculty members and the interdisciplinary research areas all the details of the schools and research centers are given below:

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The schools of IIT Indore:

  • School of Engineering
  • School of Basic Science
  • School of Humanities & Social Sciences

School of Engineering has the following department:

  • Metallurgy Engineering & Material Science
  • Civil Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Computer Science & Engineering

School of Basic Sciences has the following department:

  • Mathematics
  • Chemistry
  • Physics

School of Humanities & Social Science has the following department:

  • English Language & Literature
  • Economics
  • Psychology
  • Philosophy
  • Sociology

The Inter-Disciplinary Research Areas has the following department:

  • Material Science & Engineering
  • Bio-Science & Bio-Medical Engineering
  • Astrophysics

Research of Indian Institute of Technology Indore:

The IIT Indore has world-class research programs and he is been consider as the international level who has participated in several international projects and with several joint ventures with foreign countries like Japan, South Korea, Portugal, France, Germany, the USA and many other countries. The research projects of the IIT-Indore and their departments are given below:

Department of Engineering:

A project of Computer Science & Engineering:

  • Indexing Multimodal Biometric Database for Fast & Accurate Person Authentication.

 A project of Electrical Engineering:

  • Analysis & Classification of EEG Signals based on Nonlinear & Nonstationary Signal model.
  • Synchrophasor Based Real-Time Wide Area Security Assessment.
  • Design, Fabrication & Characterization of high-quality zinc oxide (ZnO) nanostructure-based nanodevices.
  • Unified & Compact Analytical Modelling of Nanoscale Gate-all-Around Multigate MOSFETs.
  • Development of high sensitivity Organic Photo Transistors through fine control of film morphology & interfacial effects.
  • Evaluation of Junctionless Transistor Architecture for Next-Generation CMOS Devices & circuits.
  • Design, Fabrication & Ultrafast Electrical Switching of Nanoscale Ovonic Threshold-Switch (OTS) Selectors for High-Density Phase Change Memory (PCM) Applications.
  • Analytical & Simulation Study of Bidirectional Relaying Strategies on Cognitive Radio Network.
  • Development of ZnO-Heterostructure Based High-efficiency Bluish Light Emitting Diode.
  • Development of Hybrid ZnO based Multiple Quantum well Ultraviolet-Visible Light Emitting Diode by Dual Ion Beam Sputtering Deposition.
  • Development of Photoacoustic Imaging Techniques for non-Invasive Imaging of Solitary Thyroid Nodules.

Projects of Mechanical Engineering:

  • Experimental Investigations & Performance Optimization of High-Precision Finishing of Gears by Electro-Chemical Honing (ECH) Process.
  • Design, Development & Control of a New Three Degree of Freedom (3-DOF) Parallel Robot for X-Y Theta (XYO) Motion.
  • Evaluation of Mechanical Properties of Ti-B-N-SiC composite coating developed by self-propagating high-temperature synthesis & laser alloying.
  • Convective heat transfer enhancement from heated bluff bodies using nanofluids – Application to electronic cooling.
  • Fault detection of planetary gearboxes using vibration analysis
  • Development of Novel Falling Film Tower for Higher Performance.
  • Augmentation of Effective Thermal Conductivity of Metal Hydride Beds.

Department of Basic Science:

Projects of Chemistry:

  • Photophysical & Dynamical Behavior of Drug Molecules on Biological System.
  • Molecular Self-assembly Directed via Chemical Reactions for the Application in Biology & Nano Science.
  • Generation of Dynamic Peptide Libraries towards the Applications in Biology & Nanoscience.
  • Heteronuclear Coordination Polymers Inspired by Cycloaddition & Hydrogen Bonds: Towards Dynamic Porous Metal-Organic Frameworks.
  • Size & Shape-controlled Magneto-Optical Nanoparticles for Cancer Cell Imaging & Photothermal Therapy.
  • Synthesis of Non-Stoichiometric Metal Oxides (M-Ti, Nb, Zr, Ta, V) for Photocatalytic Activities.
  • Ferrocenyl Porphyrins as Optical Limiting Materials.
  • Studies on Targeted Organometallic Anticancer Drugs & their Mode of Action.
  • Perylenedimide derivatives as Two-photon Absorbing materials.
  • New Computer Modelling Techniques for Studying Nano alloy Clusters.
  • Study of Half Sandwich Ru & Rh Complexes based on Nitrogen & Phosphorous Donors Ligand.
  • Atomistic Modelling of Cathode Electrode for PEM Fuel Cells.

A project of Mathematics:

  • Perturbation Analysis of Singular Multiparameter Eigenvalue Problems with Various Structure.

Projects of Physics:

  • The transition form factor of the meson.
  • Meson decays with WASA -at- COSY.
  • Detector Development for PANDA India collaboration with protons-antiprotons at FAIR.
  • Investigations on ferroelectric, magnetic & structural correlation in RMnO3 multiferroic thin films.
  • Holographic ramifications of this transition in D-brane configuration Space.
  • Analyzing gene co-expression networks under the random matrix theory framework.
  • Quantitative Substrate-Strain Induced Effect on Optical, Electrical & Magnetic Properties if Manganites.
  • Development of Fibre Laser-coupled Terahertz Time-Domain Spectroscopy for Studying Low-Energy.
  • Exploring the origin of multiferroicity and the effects of strain on single-layered and composite thin film oxides.
  • Heavy Flavours & Global Properties of QCD matter measured by ALICE Experiment at LHC.
  • Analyzing Evolution of Complex Systems using Coupled Dynamics on Network Models.
  • Systematic Study of Optical Properties of Semiconductor nanocrystals synthesized using ion implantation techniques.

Department of Humanities and Social Sciences:

Projects of Philosophy:

  • Explaining the Moral Compass: Away from the Dead End.
  • Multiculturalism in Contemporary India: A Study.

A project of Economics:

  • The Impact of Patent Policy on India’s Innovativeness & Technology Transfer.

A project of Psychology:

  • Sukhoi: A Design Initiative for a Transformative Community System.