Karnataka PGCET Syllabus 2022 – Get Complete Syllabus Here

Karnataka PGCET Syllabus 2022 has been provided below. Karnataka PGCET is standing for (Karnataka Post Graduate Common Entrance Test) are a state-level exam. It’s organized by the Karnataka Examination Authority (KEA). In order to get admission to MBA, MCA, M.E. / M.Tech / M.Arch courses through kea.

In order to get admission to MBA, MCA, M.E. / M.Tech / M.Arch courses through kea, candidates should appear for the Post Graduate Common Entrance test, which can be conducted by the Karnataka Examinations Authority, Bangalore. The Post Graduate Common Entrance Test is conducted in specified places, spread over Karnataka.

Admissions to the govt. seats shall be made in accordance with the Karnataka selection of candidates for Admission to Master of Business Administration and Master of Computer Application Courses Rules, 2005 and the Karnataka selection of candidates for Admission to Master of Technology (M.Tech) Courses Rules, 2005. An applicant will check this article to understand complete information regarding PGCET Karnataka 2022 Syllabus.

Karnataka PGCET 2022 Syllabus:

Karnataka Examinations Authority (KEA) will release the Karnataka PGCET 2022 Syllabus for the candidates who are appearing for the entrance exam. The S of Karnataka PGCET 2022 can carry topics and chapters from that queries are asked within the examination.

Therefore, it’s should for candidates to be versed with the Karnataka PGCET syllabus 2022 and refer it before beginning the preparation. The syllabus of Karnataka PGCET 2022 can differ from one course to another. The examination authority can prepare the question paper for Karnataka PGCET based on the prescribed syllabus.


Courses Topics
Chemical Engineering ·         Process Calculations

·         Fluid Mechanics

·         Mechanical Operations

·         Thermodynamics

·         Heat Transfer

·         Mass Transfer

·         Reaction Kinetics

·         Process Control

·         Pollution Control Engineering

·         Process Industries

Textile Technology ·         Textile Fibers

·         Yarn Manufacture: Ginning and Baling

·         Modern Yarn Production Methods

·         Fabric Manufacture

·         Chemical Processing of Textiles Fashion

·         Design and Garment Technology

Computer Science and Engineering ·         Engineering Mathematics

·         Data Structures and Algorithms

·         System Software

·         Operating Systems

·         Databases

·         Computer Networks

·         Web Technologies

Civil Engineering ·         Elements of Civil Engineering & Strength of Materials

·         Building Engineering Science

·         Surveying

·         Fluid Mechanics

·         Structures

·         Geo-Technical Engineering

·         Water Supply and Sanitary Engineering

·         Transportation Engineering

·         Hydrology

·         Irrigation

Polymer Science and Technology ·         Fluid Mechanics and Statics

·         Chemical Process Calculations

·         Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics

·         Heat and Mass Transfer

·         Polymer Science

·         Polymerization Kinetics

·         Processing Technology

·         Polymer Manufacturing

Environmental Engineering ·         Environmental Chemistry, Biology, and Ecology

·         Microbiology

·         Ecology

·         Water Supply and Treatment

·         Wastewater and Treatment

·         Solid and Hazardous Wastes Management

·         Atmospheric Pollution and Control

·         Transport Processes and Water Quality Assessment

·         Environmental Impact Assessment

Electrical Sciences ·         Engineering Mathematics

·         Electric Circuits and Fields

·         Analog and Digital Electronics

·         Control Systems

·         Microprocessors

Mechanical Science ·         Engineering Mathematics

·         Engineering Materials

·         Engineering Mechanics

·         Strength of Materials

·         Fluid Mechanics

·         Thermodynamics Theory of Machines

·         Design of Machine Elements

·         Production Engineering

·         Industrial Engineering and Management

Architecture ·         City Planning

·         Housing

·         Visual and Urban Design

·         History of Architecture

·         Development of Contemporary Architecture

·         Planning Theory

·         Techniques of Planning

Mathematics and Computer Science ·         Analytical Geometry of 2-d

·         Analytical Geometry of 3-d

·         Differential Calculus

·         Integral Calculus

·         Differential Equations

·         Probability

·         Statistics

·         Combinational Analysis

·         Linear and Non-Linear Equations

·         Set Theory

·         Relations

·         Number System

·         Logic

·         Algebraic Structures

·         Computer Science

·         “C” Computer Language

Biotechnology ·         Microbiology

·         Biochemistry

·         Molecular Biology and Genetics

·         Process Biotechnology

·         Chemical/ Bioprocess Engineering

·         Plant and Animal Biotechnology

·         Characteristics of Animal Cells Immunology

·         Recombinant DNA Technology Bioinformatics

·         Agricultural Biotechnology

·         Food Biotechnology

·         Environmental Biotechnology


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