Monsoon Season Essay (Rainy Season) in India for Students and Children’s

About Monsoon Season Essay in India: This is conjointly known as the Rainy season, the southwest monsoon season, the wet season and therefore the hot-wet season. The climatic conditions everywhere the country change with the onset of the monsoon winds. High heat, high humidness, in-depth clouding up and several other spells of moderate to significant rain with robust surface winds are the chief characteristics of this season.

Essay on Monsoon Season:

The monsoon season in the Republic of India brings on quite serious rain on the West Coast between June and September whereas the eastern coast observes rains somewhere between mid-October and December. The monsoon winds in winter principally blow from the northeastern region of Indian landmass carrying a somewhat quantity of wetness. With the Himalaya Mountains acting as a barrier to the cold air from passing onto the landmass, the winters within the country go comparatively dry.

The summer monsoons on the opposite hand reach India from the southwest. Wet winds carrying wetness from the ocean reach the region somewhere between June to September and cause serious rains at the side of them. This summer monsoon sometimes is among torrential rainstorms that cause some violent landslides sometimes that have the potential of sweeping away the complete cities or villages.

However, this summer monsoon is ye cordially welcomes in India regardless of its damaging potential. It’s as a result of concerning seventieth of the population of this agriculture-based mostly economy of the planet depends on these winds for irrigation. Furthermore, a substantial quantity of the complete electricity consumption in India is additionally generated by water power provided by the monsoon rains. Monsoon Season Essay…..


Importance of Monsoon (Rainy) Season:

Monsoon Season Essay: In India, we tend to get rain for around 3-4 months. The agriculture of our country chiefly depends upon water from rain. Throughout this season, the bottom water is replenished. The wells, lakes, ponds, and reservoirs are crammed with rainwater. While not rain-water, these lands would change into barren deserts.

Every year, we look forward to the monsoon forecast from the weather department. Our heart gets crammed with joy once we get the news of adequate monsoon.

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Rain is of huge worth to the cultivators. The best boon of the monsoon is the wealthy cultivation of crops. The tillers of land sow the seeds or plants as before long the rain makes the fields soft. Constant natural watering ends up in their fast growth. Throughout the amount of adequate monsoon, we get smart agricultural output.

But in cases of floods, the crops go underneath the water and are destroyed.

Problems during Monsoon Season:

Monsoon Season Essay: During monsoon season, individuals conjointly face several difficulties. However, significant down-pours choke the drains of the cities. The system in our country isn’t adequate to drain away from the rain-water fully. The ditches beside the roads begin overflowing.

Waterwork causes severe tie-up in most of the cities. Individuals aren’t able to move out as a result of water work.

The rivers and lakes overflow their banks, and lots of villages are flooded. The condition of arriving slum areas badly affects the lifetime of poor individuals.

Land transport and communication system is suspended in several places. In such conditions, tiny boats become the means that of transportation in villages.

Excessive rain is injurious to crops. The costs of food-stuffs go up throughout the time of year.


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