Pay Scale for Teachers of Primary, Secondary, CBSE, AICET after 7th Pay Commission

Pay Scale for Teachers of Primary, Secondary, CBSE, AICET after 7th Pay Commission

Get the detailed information about the pay scale and salary structure of KVS Post Graduate Teachers (PGTs)/ Trained Graduate Teachers (TGTs)/ Primary Teachers (PRTs) as per the 7th Pay Commission rules.

Pay Scale for Teachers: The seventh pay commission, launched within Sept 2015 are going to be helpful to over 47 lakh staff operating in Central Govt. and different public units and additionally teachers of faculties, schools, and universities. Additionally to the present, close to regarding 52 lakh retired pensioners can get a hiked pension structure and different advantages related to retirement. Not solely the earnings, different allowances also will be hiked beneath the new pay commission.

Teachers Salary Revision:

Pay Scale for Teachers: After this new pay commission, teachers altogether primary faculties, secondary and higher secondary faculties, schools and universities can have a hiked net pay of around 16 PF. Additionally to the present, the retired teachers can get a pension, twenty-four far more than that they’re receiving at the present. The yearly increment is going to be three you rather than the fundamental pay, which can be the same as earlier.


Present Salary of Teachers under Central Government:

Currently, suppose as an example the Trained Graduate academics those who are utilized within the primary and also the high schools have gotten their basic remuneration with pay scale of Rs. 9,300 to Rs. 34,800. Additionally to the present, they need a Grade pay of Rs. 4,600. This remuneration structure is in keeping with the sixth pay commission. So overall, their net wage per month was Rs. 17,140 at the time of connection.

There are other allowances conjointly that the teachers in primary colleges get, except for their pay. The revised pay commission has secure to switch the pay structures of the teachers at the side of different central government workers.

Salary of Teachers after the 7th Pay Commission get Implemented:

Pay Scale for Teachers: According to sources, once the implementation of this new pay commission is planned to induce purposeful from early 2016, the regular payment structures of the college lecturers can expertise a serious hike. Now, the projected wage of the trained grad school lecturers can become around Rs. 29,900 to Rs. 1,04,400 (Basic) at the side of grade pay of Rs. 13,800. This can create the entry net pay of the teachers around Rs. 51, 420. And therefore the different allowances will be step by step raised.

Other Benefits of 7th Pay Commission for Teachers:

Not solely the presently operating teachers used below the central government in pre-primary, primary, higher secondary faculties, etc., however additionally the retired teachers of the central government will get a revised pension structure and different pension advantages. A steep hike of twenty-four what’s imagined to be enforced within the pension structures. Additionally to the teachers, no teaching staff will get their pay structures revised below the new pay commission.

Teachers Salary Structure:

Category of Teachers Current Pay Band Revised salary under 7th pay comm
Trained Graduate Teacher (TGT Rs. 9,300 to Rs. 34,800 (Basic) plus Rs. 4,600 Grade pay Rs. 29,900 to Rs. 1,04,400 (Basic) along with grade pay of Rs. 13,800
Post Graduate Teachers (PGT)  Rs. 9300 to 34800 with Grade Pay 4800 Rs. 29,900 to 1,04,400 (Basic) along with grade pay of 14,400
JBT Teachers plus Rs. 4200 Grade Pay Rs. 9300 to 34800 (Basic) with Grade Pay of 12,600 Rs. 29,900 to Rs. 1,04,400 (Basic)

Primary Teachers Pay Scale:

Primary academics are people who teach from categories up to the fifth standard. They’re motor-assisted by the state governments and thus the payment of elementary school teachers differs in several components of the country. Unremarkably they need a pay band of Rs. 9300 to Rs. 34800 with gross pay of Rs. 4200.

However, still on a median, the payment of the first faculty teachers in the Republic of India is around Rs. 195,491 annually. It takes around twenty years for somebody during this position to move on to higher positions, like head or Principal.

High School Teachers Pay Scale:

Pay Scale for Teachers: Their salaries vary between Rs 112,937 and Rs. 494,464 annually. This could be subject to fluctuation relying upon the realm within which the teacher resides. The salaries for academics within the urban areas and metropolitan cities are a lot of compared to the salaries of these residing in remote areas. The highschool lecturers teach students between categories 5 to 10.

These academics are specialized in B.Ed and need to earn degrees when specializing in their various courses. Anybody from science, arts or commerce stream will pursue a B.Ed and teach in an exceeding highschool in their specialised subject.

PGT Qualified Teachers Pay Scale:

PGT stands for Post Graduate teachers and since the lecturers are postgraduate, their pay is on top of those of high school or primary school. It’s to be fitting to their ability level and conjointly the post they need to be applied for. The govt. includes an outlined pay scale for the PGT lecturers across many cities. Their gross financial gain lies inside a variety of Rs. 9300 to Rs. 34800 with grade pay of Rs. 4800. Punjab offers out the best salaries to the PGT lecturers(Rs. 10300 to Rs.34800+ with a Grade Pay of Rs. 4600). Supported the Grade pay prescribed by the govt., the earnings will vary anyplace between Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 40,000 – it varies in keeping with the state.

AICTE Professors Pay Scale:

Pay Scale for Teachers: The AICTE approved colleges’ Professors have a pay scale that ranges between Rs. 15600 to Rs. 39100. This is often solely the beginning pay for the person getting into as a professor within the institutes. His post is considered that as Assistant Professor’s and his Gross Pay is Rs. 6000.

The pay band of the professors that have already been teaching and have expertise was earlier Rs. 8000-13500. Currently, it will be modified from the pay band revision and their Gross Pay will currently be below Rs. 6000. The prof that incorporates teaching expertise of four years with a Ph.D. within the relevant course shall be allotted to a Gross Pay of Rs. 7000 and also the actual pay band are adjusted consequently.


KVS TGT/ PGT/ PRT Teachers Pay Scale & Salary Structure after 7th Pay Commission

Below is the Current Pay Scale and Salary Structure of KVS Teaching Staff after 7th Pay Commission:

KVS Staff Current Salary Structure



(in Rs.)




EPF Contribution

Principal (Group A)

78800 – 209200




As Per KVS Rules

Vice-Principal (Group A)

56100 – 177500




PGT’s (Group B)

Post Graduate Teachers

47600 – 151100




TGT’s (Group B)

Trained Graduate Teachers

44900 – 142400




Librarian (Group B)

44900 – 142400




PRT’s (Group B)

Primary Teachers

35400 – 112400




CBSE Teachers Pay Scale:

Basically the Pay band of the CBSE academics conjointly follows the rules as per the state. This implies that beneath a CBSE board the pay band shall be as:

Salary For Primary Teachers:

Pay band of Rs. 9300 to Rs. 34800 at the side of a Gross Pay of Rs. 4200. This implies that the first academics can be paid in line with this gross pay.

Salary For PGT Teachers:

The pay band that has already been prescribed that’s Rs. 9300 to Rs. 34800 are going to be applicable to the academics beneath PGT additionally.


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