Road Safety Essay for Children’s and Students in English

About Road Safety Essay: Road safety is a precaution to scale back the chance of road accidents and road aspect injury owing to the mistakes of individuals whereas driving on the road.

We cannot count the daily road aspect accidents and death of individuals owing to the driving mistakes and lack of road traffic rules followers. Everybody occurring the road has a risk of injury or death. Like pedestrians, motorists, cyclists, passengers, etc.

Essay on Road Safety:

Everyone has to be alert to the road traffic rules particularly youngsters and children who are at important road accident risks. In keeping with the statistics (World Health Organization, 2008), it’s found that almost all of the hospitalization cases and leading explanation for death are owing to road trauma.

Road accidents became quite common as a result of vehicle collisions and ignorance of correct road safety measures. The quantity of death is increasing as a result of the motorized vehicle collisions by the individuals ignoring road safety rules. All the roads are busier for the full day wherever vehicles are running in their high-speed.

Individuals within the present time are getting used to their personal transportation therefore there’s additional traffic on the roads than ever before. In such a condition, it wants individuals to follow traffic rules and road safety rules to observe safe driving in a careful manner. In order that the road accidents may be reduced.

Each and every individual should do defensive driving courses (under the steerage of approved teacher by any recognized driving school) before begin driving on the roads. It’s important for road safety functions. Everybody should apprehend the trick to handle serious things associated with vehicles (how to work vehicles) or themselves on the roads to avoid wasting numerous accidents and lives.


Road safety measures ought to be added within the faculty as a very important subject in order that students will get detail information at an early age before driving. Most of the road accidents cases happened due to improper information concerning operational vehicles and lack of correct road safety measures.

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Road Safety Rules for Children:

Parents ought to teach their kids to be additional attentive and appearance everyplace (left and right) before crossing the road street.
Children should cross the roads by holding their hands with their elders or friends.
They should ne’er run on the roads, mustn’t be in a hurry or leaving the oldster’s hand and be calm.
They need to be a lot of cautious on the road while not obtaining distracted by something.
They should be practiced by their oldsters to follow aspect walks solely or forever use the left side on the roads wherever sidewalks are unavailable.
They should be schooled to solely cross the roads at crossroads when seeing traffic signals for pedestrians.
They must bear in mind of the suggests that means of colors (red means stop, green suggests that go and yellow means that also stop), stoplight basics and importance of traffic signs on the roads.
They should use the rear aspect of the traveler seat whereas obtaining out of an automobile or bus.
Children ought to be schooled to not to play on the roads or alternative places out of enjoying zone.
They should wear a helmet and use all the measures whereas riding a bicycle on the roads by guaranteeing the correct functioning of brakes, horns, and steering.
They should not use earpieces or different music listening instruments whereas riding a bicycle on the road.
Parents might teach their youngsters in a higher manner by carrying seat-belts whereas driving an automobile or helmet whereas driving a motorbike anytime. Parents ought to follow all the road safety rules and road traffic rules whereas driving a vehicle to determine smart examples ahead of their youngsters as they’re 1st example within the lives of their youngsters.


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