TS EAMCET 2023 Syllabus (Released)– Get Complete Syllabus Here

TS EAMCET 2023 Syllabus has been reduced. Candidates should check the syllabus of TS EAMCET 2023 before starting with the preparation. The TS EAMCET syllabus was released by the admission authority of the examination, JNTU (Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University), Hyderabad. TS EAMCET 2023 syllabus helped the candidates understand the subjects, chapters, and important topics included from where the queries were likely to be framed while preparing the question paper of the TS EAMCET examination.

The syllabus of TS EAMCET 2023 comprised of subjects Physics, Chemistry, and mathematics and can be based on the standard syllabus of class 12th in general. TS EAMCET 2023 syllabus helped the candidates understand the exact syllabus which might ultimately boost up their preparation as they will prepare the important topics simply that are important from the examination point of view. Candidates will go through this text to understand the detailed TS EAMCET Syllabus 2023.

TS EAMCET 2023 Syllabus:

The syllabus of TS EAMCET 2023 as mentioned below is based on the syllabus and main topics as announced by the examination authority last year. As soon as the TS EAMCET syllabus for 2023 is going to be released, the same is going to be updated here. Since the syllabus of each category 12th and examination is similar, the candidate can easily prepare the important topics listed within the syllabus part which is able to ultimately be beneficial for both the examinations.

TS EAMCET Syllabus 2023: Download PDF Here

Syllabus for Engineering Stream Download PDF HERE
Syllabus for  Agriculture & Medicine Stream (AM) Download PDF HERE


Below we have given some major topics of Mathematics syllabus.


Types of functions – Definitions – Inverse functions and Theorems – Domain, Inverse of real valued functions, Range.

Vector Algebra:

Addition of Vectors: Vectors as a triad of real numbers – Classification of vectors – Addition of vectors – Scalar multiplication – Angle between two nonzero vectors – Linear combination of vectors – Component of a vector in three dimensions – Vector equations of line and plane including their Cartesian equivalent forms.

Product of Vectors: Scalar Product – Geometrical Interpretations – orthogonal projections – Properties of dot product, skew lines, shortest distance and their Cartesian equivalents. Plane through the line of intersection of two planes, condition for coplanarity of two lines, perpendicular distance of a point from a plane, angle between line and a plane.


Hyperbolic Functions, Inverse Trigonometric Functions, Trigonometric Ratios up to Transformations, Trigonometric Equations, Properties of Triangles


Random Variables and Probability Distributions, Probability, Measures of Dispersion.


Limits and Continuity, Applications of Derivatives, Definite Integrals, Differentiation, Integration, Differential equations


A pair of Straight Lines, The Straight Line, Circle, Plane, Hyperbola, Transformation of Axes, Ellipse, Parabola, Direction Cosines and Direction Ratios, Three-Dimensional Coordinates, System of circles.

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Physical World, Motion in a Straight Line, Motion in a Plane, Laws of Motion, Work, Energy and Power, Units and Measurements, Gravitation, Systems of Particles and Rotational Motion, Oscillations, Mechanical Properties of Solids, Thermal Properties of Matter, Thermodynamics, Ray Optics and Optical Instruments, Waves, Wave Optics, Electric Charges and Fields Communication Systems, Current Electricity, Moving Charges and Magnetism, Magnetism and Matter, Alternating Current, Kinetic Theory, Dual nature of Radiation and Matter, Atoms, Semiconductor Electronics, Nuclei, Electromagnetic Induction, Electrostatic Potential and Capacitance.


Stoichiometry, Hydrogen and its Compounds, States of Matter: Gases and Liquids, Atomic Structure, Thermodynamics, Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties, Chemical Equilibrium and Acids-Bases, Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure, The S-Block Elements, P- Block Elements group 13 (boron family), P-Block Elements group 14 (carbon family), Organic Chemistry – Some Basic Principles and Techniques, Hydrocarbons, Environmental Chemistry, Solid State, Solutions Electrochemistry and Chemical Kinetics, Surface Chemistry, D and F Block Elements & Coordination Compounds, Haloalkanes and Haloarenes, Organic Compounds containing C, H and O, Organic Compounds containing Nitrogen.


This section has been divided into two parts, i.e. Botany & Zoology. The detailed syllabus is given below:


Plant Systematics, Plant Physiology, Diversity in the Living World, Structural Organization in Plants- Morphology, Internal Organization of Plants, Cell Structure and Function,  Plant Ecology, Genetics, Microbes and Human Welfare, Reproduction in Plants, Molecular Biology.


Animal Diversity-II: Phylum: Chordata, Human Anatomy and Physiology-I, Structural Organization in Animals, Biology & Human Welfare, Type Study of Periplaneta Americana, Animal Diversity-I: Invertebrate Phyla, Ecology & Environment, Locomotion & Reproduction in Protozoa, Human Anatomy and Physiology-II, Human Anatomy and Physiology-IV, Human Anatomy and Physiology-III, Genetics, Human Reproduction.


TS EAMCET Exam Pattern 2023 :

Particulars Details
Mode of Examination Computer Based Test
Duration of Examination 180 minutes (3 Hours)
Type of Questions Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) or Objective Questions
Language English, Telugu, and Urdu
Total Number of Questions 160 Questions
Total Marks 160
Sections ·         Physics – 40 Questions

·         Chemistry –40 Questions

·         Mathematics – 80 Questions


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